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Why We Started Tools Pond?

6 Main Reasons to start Tools Pond

Internet is Biased

We are not ?

A long time back, we are searching for a Good Hosting company online. While searching, we found out that most of the reviews available on websites and YouTube videos are 90% biased or paid. From that time, this thing stuck hard in our mind that we will someday start a website where we will suggest completely unbiased tools to our readers.

In-depth Tutorials

Use tools better

Along with the tool's inclination, we also discovered that the websites are not giving in-depth tutorials on how to use software or online service. They are just trying to sell the product and get the commission. So we are trying to fill that gap by reviewing the product step by step and providing a complete how-to guide of the particular product.

No Cons Available

Positive and Negative

Everything on this planet has pros and cons, whether it's human, non-living things, or an online tool. But most of the websites are just writing about the positive sides of a product.

They are leaving the bad aspects aside because they are paid for that. But we at tools pond are trying our best to write both sides of a coin.

Money is Not Everything

Readers are everything

You can fool your readers once but not always. 

By recommending only paid and biased products, visitors can buy a tool online from your recommendation. But if the product is terrible, then he will never trust you.

Paid and Researched


If we need to write a paid review in the worst condition, we guarantee you that we will mention in bold that this post is sponsored. But we will make sure the product is good enough for you. Not like other websites that do mostly paid articles and never let you know.


Key to success

We at tools pond pledge that we will remain transparent throughout the life cycle of this website. We will do original research and write about a product only after using it on our own. Not like other websites that just read other reviews and spin the article.

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Who are we?

We are a team of avid readers and tech lovers. We found out that the problem with most of the websites is that they haven't used the tool they are reviewing. So we found out this gap and started our much-awaited website tools pond to help our readers choose the best online tools.

We hope you enjoy Tools Pond as much as we want writing articles for you. If you have any questions, comments, or tool reviews, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Team Tools Pond

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