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After two years of writing articles about writing reviews, suggesting tools to improve your life, and solving all tech-related problems, we’re proud to share our free ebook containing the 10 Secrets to select the best online tool.

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Why to Trust  Tools Pond?

Proven Effectiveness

Most of the reviews available on websites and YouTube videos are 90% biased or paid. From that time, this thing stuck hard in our mind that we will someday start a website where we will suggest completely unbiased tools to our readers.

Over 30,000 Readers

Our Readers are our strength. The audience is a source of stories, tips, feedback, ideas, and enlightenment. Crucially, they offer moral and financial support for our work. Our target is to reach 1Million+ global audience by the end of 2022.

Reliable Research

We at tools pond pledge that we will remain transparent throughout the life cycle of this website. We will do original research and write about a product only after using it on our own.


“I was really struggling with problem in my windows OS which was negatively affecting me and my project. I started by asking my friends and family what they’ve tried, and someone recommended to read article of tools pond. After a little more research, I decided to go with the one on one service of tools pond and I’m glad I did! My friend was absolutely right, tools pond team has done wonders for me and I’m never going back. If you’re facing similar issues, I highly recommend giving tools pond a try.”

John K. Brewer

2038 Pretty View Lane
Oakland, CA 94612

“I visited tools pond and downloaded the free eBook 10 Secrets to select the best online tool.. The book was great, it helped me to choose the product step by step and how to do the research thoroughly. I’d highly recommend them to anyone.”

Judy G. Aragon

860 Late Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK 73102

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