3 Amazing Methods Can Solve The Wireshark No Interfaces Found Issue

wireshark no interfaces found


What do you mean by Wireshark, and how is it essential?

Before getting into this “Wireshark no interfaces found” issue user must know about Wireshark. Wireshark is a well-known open-source network collecting and analysis program that allows users to observe what’s happening in the network at a cellular level. This program will enable users to magnify the internet traffic and then filter and dig down into it, honing in on the source of issues and aiding with network analysis and, finally, data security.


  • Wireshark observes in live time to a data connection and then captures whole streams of data – potentially 10s of thousands of frames at a period.
  • Wireshark can use filters to slice and dice this unpredictable live data. Users can get only the data they need by using a filter. For more information regarding “Wireshark no interfaces found,” read the full article.

What do we mean by “Wireshark no interfaces found?”

If the application cannot detect any networks connected to the machine on which it is running during the initial scan, this will show the error “Wireshark no interfaces found.” It addresses the fact that it was unable to locate any networks. Several things might cause this problem. If Wireshark cannot detect any connections, users will be unable to proceed to the packet capture step.

What do we mean by "Wireshark no interfaces found?"

Why do we get the “Wireshark no interfaces found” alert?

In windows

When Wireshark cannot locate any connections, it reports that “Wireshark no interfaces found.” Likewise, the problem might be caused by a lack of access permissions, security software, or network card failures.

Users do not need to operate Wireshark with administrative network capabilities to give it access to system activities on Window panes. It’s because it is precisely like any other software that links to the network consisting of the device’s network activities; the system requires internet access and access to all regular users, not only the user.

One of the Wireshark packages of utilities requires administrator network capabilities. The winpcap runs on boot up during the setup process and is registered in the system to execute with administrative privileges. This installation phase necessitates system boot to solve “Wireshark no interfaces found.”

In Linux

While using Wireshark on Linux, people report a particular perspective. It appears that it must be executed using the sudo command. This operation completes the regular program with superuser network rights. It frequently resolves Wireshark’s difficulty reaching network operations on a Linux workstation. Again, Wireshark does not require root privileges to operate on Linux, but one component of the application suite does.

What is WinPcap, and how is it important?

WinPcap is a network packet utility included with Wireshark. It is a tool that allows users to get into low-level networks to circumvent network protocol stacks and perform virtual packet capture, sampling, and network testing. It may be used on any network, even VPNs. However, be extremely cautious because many people use WinPcap to steal data from devices.

Reasons for getting this error

1.) Firewall Errors

Firewalls prohibit other operations from connecting the devices, not applications on the computer, from entering the network; therefore, the firewall must not limit Wireshark’s free network connectivity.

Reasons for getting this error

2.) Miscellaneous Reasons

  • Putting any programs on the network card interaction might trigger the issue.
  • An issue with network accessibility is due to the data capture procedure, not Wireshark.

Use these 3 methods to fix “Wireshark no interfaces found”

1.) Admin Reinstallation

There may be an incompatibility between Wireshark and the device’s version. To resolve Wireshark compatibility issues, try these steps given below:

  • Get a newer version from the Wireshark webpage and remove the existing one altogether.
    Enter the download directory, right-click on the Wireshark configuration folder, and select ‘Residences.’
  • Select the ‘Compatibility’ option and choose the option next to launch this software in compatibility mode.
    Then choose ‘Windows 7’ out from the menu bar.
  • Select ‘Apply’ and then ‘OK.’
  • Choose “Run as Administrator” from the Wireshark menu.
  • Finish the setup process in the same method you used earlier.
  • Consider avoiding “WinPcap x.x.x” at installation time.
  • Wait till the whole process is complete with the Wireshark window.

2.) Setup WinPcap

WinPcap must be configured in the steps given below:

  • Grab the setup from winpcap.org and select the downloaded folder location.
  • Select ‘Characteristics’ from the context menu of the WinPcap setup logo.
  • Configure its compatibility mode to ‘Windows 7’.
  • Discover how to update compatibility parameters in method 1.
  • Choose the ‘WinPcap’ setup folder and choose Properties.
  • Choose “Run As Administrator” and confirm by clicking OK.
  • Finally, normally, reinstall it after utilizing the compatibility patch.
  • “Wireshark no interfaces found” discovered in Windows will be resolved.
Setup WinPcap

3.) Go for a trigger fix

Users still experiencing no user interfaces identified issues with Wireshark; the steps below may be of assistance:

  • Using Windows 10, search for “cmd.” on the desktop.
  • Choose “Run as Administrator” from the context menu when you pick the “command cmd.”
  • Windows will ask the administrator for permission. To offer, choose ‘Yes.’
  • Enter this code (sc inquiry npf) in the command run box and hit enter.
  • The code above will show whether or not the given service is operational. 
  • If the command somehow indicates that the service somehow doesn’t exist, insert this shortcode (sc stop npf).
  • Enter a short (sc start npf) command and click enter.
  • Finally, restart Wireshark and use the F5 button. It will resume regular operation.

FAQs on “Wireshark no interfaces found”

How safe is WinPcap?

WinPcap is a tool for capturing packets. It is not a virus; thus, installing it is risk-free. Nevertheless, be sure that you obtain the application from a trusted source.

Is it prohibited to use Wireshark when connected to a public wifi network?

It is not prohibited to use Wireshark anyplace, although Wireshark can aid some criminal acts.

Why do we get this problem Wireshark no interfaces found npcap?

It is WinPcap, the fundamental service that aids in the packet capture. Wireshark’s installation process will configure WinPcap for users.

What is Wireshark no interfaces found on windows servers 2012 r2 and 2008 r2?

When we talk about 2008 r2, the issue arises due to an older version of the program, and for 2012 r2 disrupting the internet is a problem.

What is Wireshark no interfaces found in VirtualBox?

This issue usually arises when the host-only adapter goes missing from the installation procedure of the virtual box.

Last Words

Now that we know about the error and found some fixes, we can quickly resolve the error. Remember that the issue has been addressed in the current updated version of Wireshark. However, the user must watch for rising issues like “Wireshark no interfaces found.”

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