Positive and Negative Sides of Threatlocker


Threatlocker is an application that provides security to your system. Attacks can happen to your computer at any time. If you are dealing with highly protected data, then the security level of your computer should be high enough. This software provides the required safety to your system.

 Securing the computer that you are using is necessary. If your computer is secured enough, then you do not have to worry much. Everything that is on your computer will be safe if your computer. Private data will also be protected with Threatlocker installed in your system. This software comes with three types of services. Those are Threatlocker Application Control, Threatlocker Storage Control, and Threatlocker Elevation Control.


Why Threatlocker is important to every single computer?


Cyber attacks are a common trouble for everyone nowadays. Attacks can happen in different forms. It can be in the form of malware, data theft, or remote access attacks are in common. Ransomware attacks are growing every day and making life hard for antivirus developers. Application whitelisting is the most important part of the Threatlocker.

There is a lot of high-quality antivirus in this world. They are used to protect your computer from malware in your system. However, this software allows the trusted applications to run on the servers along with the endpoints. For some of the malware, viruses, and ransomware that can not be defended with an antivirus, application whitelisting will be ideal in that case.

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threatlocker advantages

Most of the users who used this app have praised it a lot for its security and malware protection capabilities. There are a lot of advantages of this software. Those are as follows:

  1. Easy user interface: Threatlocker is very easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface. Its features are also easily understandable, and it is getting updated over time. Its admin, as well as client section, is easy to understand.
  2. Overall control: This software has total control over all the applications of your computer. As a result, everything that is under process on your computer will be safe.
  3. Block unknown apps: Threatlocker also helps in blocking unknown or new applications at the very beginning. It will not allow anything until you are not used to this app. If you have installed an app and it is not on the whitelist, it will be blocked.
  4. Endpoint security: This software provides endpoint security to the system you are working with. It will help you to deal with the attacks of malware and other ransomware.
  5. Proper Security with Ringfencing: Threatlocker provides a guard-like firewall so that damaging your system will be difficult. Ringfencing is a built-in feature of this software.
  6. User-friendly policy: This software has a policy that will suggest the users with proper guidance to avoid threats or attacks from any corner. It is also easy to add more software to the policy.
  7. Customer support: This software also gives suitable feedback to the users about the users’ concerns. Therefore the customer support is also satisfactory. However, some improvements must be there so that users will get better service.


threatlocker disadvantages

Although this software has a lot of advantages, it has some disadvantages too. However, the list of disadvantages is not that long. Those are as follows:

  1. Some of the useful apps are not working: Due to their whitelisting and ringfencing, some useful apps will not work. As a result, it will be difficult for the user to get out of this issue. To make this issue fix, such apps should be recognized first.
  2. Not a replacement for Antivirus: Threatlocker is build to protect your system over Antivirus. This is because it adds some extra amount of security even after the antivirus. However, it can not be the replacement of the antivirus due to its working and policy. Many users used it with antivirus and got good results.
  3. Sometimes there is no prompt after blocking an unknown app: Usually, when an app is blocked, there will be a prompt afterward about this blocking. However, in the case of this software, it is observed by many users that there will be no prompt at times. It is also an issue here. However, they are trying to fix it soon. 
  4. Control all over the PC: Due to its superior control all over the PC, it will be difficult for the users at the beginning. However, the user will get used to it after using it for few days.

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Threatlocker provides some of the best security out there. Antivirus works up to a certain zone. However, this software works up to a few more levels when it comes to security. With amazing features like whitelisting and ring-fencing, it provides ultimate security to the system. Endpoint security is also a part of this application. The overall service provided by Threatlocker is outstanding. It is beneficially claimed by most of the users.

Q: What are some of the important services Threat locker provides?

Ans: Threatlocker provides some of the best services in this industry. It provides security to government organizations, different business enterprises, health sectors, banking and finance sectors, and many more.

Q: How good is the services of Threatlocker in terms of customer support?

Ans: This software organization has good customer support for the users. On a scale of 1 to 10, their customer service is 7.5 rated on an average. However, some users asked to improve this service just like their other services.

Q: What is the main difference between an antivirus and Threatlocker?

Ans: The basic difference between an antivirus and a Threatlocker is in their level of security. A Threatlocker provides more security to the system with end-point security. An antivirus provides only security up to a certain point where attacks came from main files with malware.

Q: What are the key features of the Threatlocker software?

Ans: Threatlocker has some of the cool features to secure your system from malware attacks. However, endpoint security, ringfencing, and whitelisting are the three key features of this software to ensure proper security to the system.

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