Fix Zoom Error 100000502 With These 6 Excellent Methods

zoom error 100000502


What does this zoom error 100000502 mean when we are on the zoom platform?

Zoom is an online video conferencing tool that allows 100 people to join a single video call simultaneously, which is quite beneficial; yet, sometimes, errors like 100000502 can arise due to a Zoom service issue. This Zoom service issue is because of the scheduled maintenance, which includes various updates like meetings connectors or Zoom Rooms (including Zoom Room Controllers). Until this is not implied on this Zoom platform, users will get zoom error 100000502.

The major problem with this error is that users can’t even attend any planned meeting. However, this error code is not continuous and only occurs if there is a problem with the particular network performed by the program. Therefore, let us know more about zoom error 100000502.

Let us look at some reasons causing this zoom error 100000502

get rid of the zoom error 100000502

1.) Excessive buildup of corrupt app data

A damaged device’s data is untrustworthy; it can compromise personal data, applications, and files, among other things. It can potentially render the device inoperable at the most inconvenient times. It can have multiple reasons, maybe an unprecedented download or corrupted installation; however, it badly affects several other applications like Zoom, due to which video conferencing for the users will not be possible.

2.) Slow internet access

Numerous factors might impact internet speeds, and a particular bottleneck can cause the overall structure to lag. Slow internet speeds can disrupt video and its transmission, which can ruin a conference on the app and aggravate everyone in it. Now, the current servers might face a problem that can push this zoom error 100000502.

3.) Old application version

Applications are often updated to add new features, upgrade existing ones, solve known flaws, and ensure security. Nevertheless, without updates, it can occasionally create fatal problems, leading the application or the device to collapse. With this, a compatibility problem also arises since an old zoom version does not align with current aspects of the device, increasing freezing and crashing.

4.) Disturbance from antivirus/firewall

Disturbance from antivirus/firewall

The firewall should be the first defense against outside attacks regarding safeguarding essential data and other network facilities from exploitation. But sometimes extra security becomes a problem in some cases like certain restrictions will prevent functions of any application like zoom or extensions of this application will not be allowed. On top of that, 3rd party antiviruses can make any application on your device unstable, which causes internal glitches resulting in errors like zoom error 100000502.

5.) Restart the device

Restarting is a common fix for all types of issues

  • Hit the Windows button and click the Power option afterward.
  • Lastly, choose Restart from the menu and try relaunching the Zoom application after the device has restarted to see whether this resolves the issue.

6.) Contact support

Finally, if none of these methods work properly ans the issue persists, users can always contact the zoom support team by visiting the official website ( to resolve the zoom error 100000502.

These are some methods to fix zoom error 100000502

Use these below-mentioned methods:

1.) Update the zoom application

  • Error 100000502 might occur whenever the Zoom pc application is out of date. As a result, the first thing users should do is upgrade it to the most recent version.
  • Launch Zoom. In the window’s upper right corner, select the profile icon.
  • Choose Check for Updates. The update will be downloaded and installed by Zoom immediately.

2.) Include Zoom in the list of windows defender firewall restrictions

  • To launch Run, press the Windows+R keys together.
  • Enter firewall.CPL in the Run dialogue box and press OK.
  • Enable a program or function to get via Windows Defender Firewall.
  • Choosing Change settings will bring up the Allowed Applications and Features pane.
  • Locate Zoom Video Conference by selecting.
  • Verify that Zoom Video Conference has the Private and Public boxes selected.
  • If they’re not selected, select both and press OK.

3.) Delete Zoom cache

Delete Zoom cache to fix 100000502
  • Launch the Zoom app and select the display picture.
  • Choose the Options menu.
  • In the left pane, select Zoom Applications.
  • Select the Clear option.
  • For verification, press the Clear button.
  • The customer experience is improved by cache and other app data; however, they are only helpful if they are clean.
  • Therefore, zoom error 100000502 can be resolved.

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4.) Deactivate proxy server

Zoom may be unable to link to its servers if users use a custom proxy server.

  • Configuring the proxy server might help to address the problem.
  • To open Run, press the Windows+R keys together.
  • Enter inetcpl.CPL in the Run dialogue box and press OK.
  • Go to the Connections tab.
  • Select LAN configuration.
  • Unmark for the LAN, and use a proxy server.
  • Mark click OK once the settings are detected immediately.

5.) Stop all Zoom programs and restart them

  • To launch Task Manager, use Ctrl+Shift+Esc.
  • Select all Zoom activities in the Tasks tab, right-click each, and select End job.
  • Restart Zoom again to remove this zoom error 100000502.

Why do my zoom meetings freezes or crash sometimes?

Stuttering and freezing are frequent signs of an issue with the internet connection. Move to a location with a more profound connection on a smartphone to see if this works. Keep your PC’s Ethernet connection connected, if at all possible. Otherwise, come near the network router and connect through 5GHz.

What does the error 5003 indicate?

Zoom error code 5003 is a bug that only appears in the Zoom desktop program. It prevents people from connecting to the conference but does not prevent them from ever using the conference platform in a browser or as a smartphone application. The primary culprit indicates a problem with connecting the network to the Zoom services. The immediate solution for this issue is to switch off the web and relaunch it to get a boost.

FAQs on zoom error 100000502

What does this error code 500 is related to?

The call number is temporarily offline; kindly verify the number to call and return later is the alert users get while using zoom.

What is a significant limitation of the Zoom application?

Zoombombing is a recent concept on the internet that involves unwelcome persons disrupting a conference call. Usually, someone unrelated to the conversation may engage in noisy or unpleasant conduct to disrupt it for amusement.

How to rectify a zoom camera that isn’t functioning?

If Zoom does not recognize the camera, the webcam is not enabled in zoom. By updating app permissions and version user can rectify it.

Last Words

The Zoom app is troubled by various error codes that appear from time to time on Windows PCs or smartphones. Users can see that updating Zoom to the most recent version would fix the error with the zoom error 100000502.

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