BullGuard Vs Bitdefender: Comparing 2 Best Antivirus

BullGuard Vs Bitdefender

BullGuard vs Bitdefender is a head-to-head comparison between two antiviruses. Those are used to protect the device of the user. Here in this article, we will look at the features of these two antivirus. We will also compare them based on every single aspect. 


 What is BullGuard and how does it help the user to protect their devices?

BullGuard is a common name for antivirus and system protection software. It is a reliable tool in the case of mobile protection and almost every other platform. The best part of this antivirus is that it provides cross-platform support from malware and other threats. Moreover, BullGuard comes with a wide range of features within an affordable price tag.

Why is BullGuard the better choice in the comparison of BullGuard vs Bitdefender?

BullGuard has some of the advanced features which make it clear ahead of Bitdefender. In the comparison between BullGuard vs Bitdefender, we will look at the facts that make this antivirus a better option. Those are as follows: 

  1. Fast and effective: Bullguard shows a fast response on most of the devices. Due to the lightweight configuration, this antivirus does not cause any effect on the system of the user. For people who want protection in their system with antivirus that offers moderate to good quality antivirus, BullGuard is for them. It is also easy to use. The different scanning options are easier to schedule and perform. 
  2. Works on most of the devices: Bullguard antivirus works efficiently on most of the devices. Mobile devices are also on the list of devices where this antivirus runs smoothly. Even the systems with previous versions of Windows(Windows Vista, Windows XP) can run smoothly with this antivirus.
  3. Security and Protection: Although this antivirus is for average users, there is not much lag in terms of performance. When it comes to protection and security, BullGuard does its job well. On the other hand, it is also a reliable antivirus. 
  4. Cost-effective: The BullGuard antivirus comes with a price tag of 29.99 dollars, and the internet security comes with a price tag of 59.99 dollars. BullGuard Premium Protection plan comes with a price tag of 99.99 dollars, and the mobile security comes with a price tag of 19.99 dollars. Here all these plans come with a duration of 1 year and with 30-days of a free trial. Therefore, Bullguard is an affordable antivirus for budget-oriented users.
  5. Customer Support: BullGuard offers customer support to the user for 24 hours every single day. The user gets this support in 12 different languages. In addition, there is email and chat support available.

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Where does the BullGuard need to upgrade their game?

BullGuard is known for its cost-effectiveness, reliability, security, and many other things. Still, they need some upgrade of their standard at a certain point. Those are as follows:

  1. BullGuard provides moderate to good security and protection. However, they can block the known malware. For unknown malware, it shows some drop in performance. BullGuard can block treats just like some of the top-rated antivirus. However, it is not consistent as compared to that antivirus.
  2. BullGuard offers efficient performance when it is operating on a device with Windows OS. However, for android and macOS, it is not that efficient.  
  3. Download, installation, and set-up procedures could be more user-friendly.
  4. The absence of voice support is another issue faced by many users.

All about Bitdefender

Bitdefender is a common name when it comes to antivirus all over the world. It is rated as one of the best antiviruses. With some of the top-notch security features and internet security, this antivirus finds its place among the best. 

Why is Bitdefender one of the best antivirus?


There are a lot of reasons to consider it as one of the best antiviruses in the world. Those are as follows: 

  1. Security: Security is the first sign of a top-quality antivirus. Bitdefender is the best in terms of securing the system of the user. It provides a premium level of security to any system without slowing it down. From providing ransomware protection to webcam and mic protection, anti-theft protection to system optimization, Bitdefender has all. In addition, the user can perform any scan faster at a scheduled time. 
  2. Works on multiple devices: Bitdefender antivirus works on the system with Windows, macOS, and android. Without affecting the system, Bitdefender performs its task smoothly. Bitdefender also has a mobile app that protects the mobile phone.
  3. One-click optimizer: Bitdefender has an option called ‘one-click optimizer.’ It allows the user to clear up unnecessary files from their system with a single click. Such files are temporary system files, junk files, recycle bin files, browser history, and many more. 
  4. Web browser safety: Bitdefender allows the user to protect their system from cyber attackers. As a result, no hackers can use your system remotely. The user can store countless passwords with it. When the user makes payments online with cards or UPI, the SafePay feature of Bitdefender shields your system from attackers.
  5. Customer support: Bitdefender provides high-quality and responsive 24×7 customer support. In addition, they provide chat support, voice support, and knowledge-based support. 

Where does the Bitdefender need some improvement?

Bitdefender needs some improvement at some points. Those are mentioned below.

  1. Bitdefender is a little bit costly. The starting price plan is 40 dollars for 1 year of use. Even its competitors have cheaper plans. Therefore, the price must be a little lower. 
  2. The reports from the third-party tests are not that impressive in front of its price tag. 

BullGuard vs Bitdefender FAQ

Here are a few questions we hear often when comparing BullGuard vs Bitdefender.

Q: In between BullGuard vs Bitdefender, which antivirus provides more protection to the system?

Ans: Bitdefender provides more protection in between BullGuard vs Bitdefender.

Q: Which antivirus is cheaper in between BullGuard vs Bitdefender?

Ans: Bitdefender is cheaper in between BullGuard vs Bitdefender.

Q: In between BullGuard vs Bitdefender which provides better customer support?

Ans: Most of the users voted Bitdefender for better customer service in between BullGuard vs Bitdefender.


In this comparison between BullGuard vs Bitdefender, Bitdefender wins the race for its features and protection. Although it is costlier, its premium level security still takes it to the top between BullGuard vs Bitdefender. 

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