Fix the Apple TV 4K Turns off by Itself with 7 Wonderful Ways

apple tv 4k turns off by itself


What does the error apple tv 4k turns off by itself mean?

To have an open idea about the error apple tv 4k turns off by itself, we must know some basics. One of the most frequent and undoubtedly more annoying problems that Apple TV users sometimes deal with is when their device keeps shutting off. Because Apple TV is such a vital entertainment device among most individuals, this is not a minor issue. This error can be related to software or hardware problems resulting in users’ inability to view video content properly. When they try, it shuts down suddenly automatically.

To find more about the error apple tv 4k turns off by itself, read the entire section.

These are some reasons why we get the error that apple tv 4k turns off by itself.

These are some reasons why we get the error that apple tv 4k turns off by itself.

Knowing the cause of the issue will make choosing the best remedy much more straightforward, and users won’t spend time on ineffective solutions. Check out these:

1.) Apple Tv not correctly configured: Sometimes, the issue pops up due to some restrictions like the timer set on the Apple TV device.

2.) Old iOS version: An obsolete version of the iOS device can cause this problem since needed files for proper function goes missing

3.) Problem with Apple TV: Apart from these problems, the device may have some technical issue that facilitates this apple tv 4k turns off by itself.

How to fix the apple tv 4k turns off by itself issue?

How to fix the apple tv 4k turns off by itself issue?

These methods can be employed to resolve the issue:

1.) Restart the Apple TV

To resolve the apple tv 4k turns off by itself issue, restart the Apple TV by following these steps:

  • Press the Menu and Home Screen keys on the Apple TV device simultaneously.
  • As soon as the Apple TV starts to flash, release the grip.
  • When users notice the Apple TV light flashing, it implies the device is rebooting and will do so automatically.

Users can also open the settings on their TV, then move to the option of the system and select restart on that; they can now see the fixed TV. Moreover, they can disconnect from the power supply and reconnect it after some time to start the TV again.

2.) Reset the device

Follow these steps to fix the issue:

  • Go to Settings on your Apple TV (Note: if users have a 4K or older model). 
  • Select System, then Reset. 
  • The Apple TV will repeatedly ask users whether they want to complete this reset; if they do, they should press the reset button twice.
  • Take caution not to disconnect the Apple TV while it is resetting.
  • Go to Settings on Apple TV 3rd Gen and older. Select General, then Reset.

However, this procedure will delete your Apple TV settings and accounts.

3.) Upgrade Apple TV firmware

  • One of the causes of Apple TV’s recurrent shutoffs is outdated firmware. As a result, upgrading the firmware will eradicate these system problems, allowing you to solve this problem.
  • Navigate to Settings, then to the system, and then to software updates to open up update Software; then select download and install.
  • Maintain a steady network connection and a power supply for the Apple TV while it is undergoing system upgrades. Following the update, it will resume.

4.) Unplug and replug the TV

Unplug and replug the TV

When users disconnect their Apple TV, it will turn off, and this solution may be helpful if the Apple TV keeps going off. To disconnect your Apple TV, follow the steps below:

  • To begin, remove the power cord from the Apple TV power socket.
  • Then, after a few seconds, put in the power cord again to turn it on.
  • Finally, see whether Apple TV continues to shut off.
  • It will resolve apple tv 4k turns off by itself

5.) iTunes used to recover Apple TV

Users might need to back up their information in preparation because using iTunes will result in the loss of Apple TV files.

First, users have to unplug the battery and HDMI wires from the TV, and before that, they have to activate the latest iTunes version on the PC. After that, connect one end of the USB-C cable to the Apple TV and one end to your PC or Laptop. Then, users must open iTunes on the device, choose the Apple TV source list, and finally click on restore to fix the problem. When the restoration procedure is finished, detach the Apple TV from the pc and turn it on.

6.) Look out for sleeper timer

Apple TV could be putting itself to sleep, and users may increase the time it waits before doing so. 

  • Open the Apple TV Settings application, navigate to General, and rest. 
  • Users may select Never to retain its activity at all moments from here or choose 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1, 5, or 10 hours.
  • It may fix the apple tv 4k turns off by itself issue.
  • After the sleep time is over, users must click the (sleep after) button after opening the general option; then, they can change the sleeper timer to never, which will switch it off.

7.) Contact Apple support

Even after applying all the other methods mentioned, the (apple tv 4k turns off by itself) issue persists; the user must contact Apple support via the contact information provided on the official website (

What is the Apple TV that won’t turn on error?

Checking the power supply is the initial thing to do if the Apple TV can’t even turn on. Examine the wire that connects to the rear of the Apple TV and ensure that it is firmly hooked into a socket, power strip, or spike protector. Also, ensure that the main strip or surge protector is turned on. Another possibility is that the Apple TV is powered on, but the video signal isn’t showing. Ensure the HDMI connection is secure and the TV’s feed is set to the proper source.

FAQs on apple tv 4k turns off by itself.

Why is Apple TV always shutting off while using my MacBook Pro?

Ensure AirPlay is switched on the Apple TV if mirroring stops working when users use AirPlay from a Macbook. Then, confirm that both devices are linked to the same network.

Why is the Apple TV constantly detaching from Wi-Fi?

There can be an interruption from all devices if the Apple TV continues to lose internet connectivity. Switch off the internet and try again. Users can check the Wi-Fi connection.

What can we do if any of these methods won’t work?

If none of these approaches work, pick an alternative, and contact Apple Support to repair it.

Final Statement

It’s annoying when your apple tv 4k turns off by itself, but it is not a chronic problem. You will find one of the methods mentioned above that is ideal for the situation and will assist users in solving the issue if they carefully weigh the options.

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