Is it Possible to Emergency Override iPhone Charging?

Emergency Override iPhone Charging

Emergency Override iPhone Charging: Iphones have this very promising tech byte that can be used in a situation of emergency, and how can we at toolspond not talk about it. Hence today’s topic of discussion will be all about Emergency Override iPhone Charging.


Meaning of Emergency Override iPhone Charging

The iPhones released after the iPhone 7 have a certain level of water resistance. The iPhone is configured to automatically suspend charging until the lightning ports dry out as a fail-safe system to avert risks. But what if something unexpected happens? Don’t worry. IPhone has an emergency charging override capability that allows you to charge your iPhone right away.

The whole warning goes like this: “In the Lightning connector, liquid has been detected.” Disconnect the connector to enable it to dry. Now is not the time to charge your iPhone.”

The liquid detection alert on the iPhone can be bypassed using the emergency charging override feature. When you enable this function, your iPhone will charge whether or not its components are still wet. However, you do so at your own risk, and Apple does not recommend it. Of course, even if you’re using a wireless charger, we don’t recommend using Emergency Override iphone charging to charge your iPhone.

When to use Emergency Override iPhone Charging

When to use Emergency Override iPhone Charging

According to their IP certifications, the iPhone 7 and later models have varying levels of water resistance at various depths (you might want to see if your iPhone is water-resistant or not). The iPhone 12 and 13 series have proven to be the most water-resistant to date, at depths of up to 6 meters. It’s not uncommon to see people taking underwater shots with their iPhones.Some even make use of the water-resistance function by pouring water directly on their smartphone.

If you plug your iPhone into a lightning cable after it has been exposed to water, you may receive a warning that says “Charging Not Available.”This indicates that your iPhone has detected the presence of liquid in one of its components. However, this notice comes with the option of using the Emergency Override iPhone charging. Your iPhone will charge when you click this. That is exactly what the Emergency Override accomplishes. If you choose this option, the trapped water will react with the incoming voltage, perhaps causing short-circuiting or other electrical issues.

Downsides of using Emergency Override iPhone Charging

Can my phone be bricked?
Of course, using Emergency Override means forcing your iPhone to charge even if it’s wet. Even though Apple includes it, it does not encourage utilizing it because it may cause damage to your iPhone. It has the capacity to kill your iPhone. So, to summarise, Emergency Override iPhone charging can cause damage to your iPhone.

Instead of using a power line, you can use a wireless charger to charge your iPhone in an emergency. Because it does not require a direct connection to an electrical source, this method is safer. Only utilize this treatment if you are in a life-threatening situation. You can avoid using wireless charging if you can wait for your iPhone to dry naturally.

Alternatives to Emergency Override iPhone charging

From the drop-down menu, choose Emergency Override.

By selecting this option, you will be able to charge your iPhone despite the automated charging feature being disabled. If you need to charge your phone in an emergency, this is the option to use. This will begin charging, but it may also cause damage to your iPhone. Only use this option if you are in a dire situation as Emergency Override iPhone charging is nothing but a failsafe mechanism not to be used consistently.

Use the Wireless Charging option

Even if the Lightning connector is wet, you can still charge your iPhone using a wireless charger in an emergency since wireless charging is unaffected by moisture. This option, however, is only available if your smartphone supports wireless charging and you have a wireless charger. iPhone 8 and higher all have wireless charging features.

Wait for sometime

If you are not in a hurry, unplug the charging cord and wait, then unplug your device until you are certain that both the cable and the port are dry. The water will gradually evaporate, and you will be able to charge your iPhone once more. It may take a few hours for this to totally dry.

How to undo Emergency Override iPhone charging

If you select the Emergency Override option on your iPhone when a liquid alert appears, there are a few things you may do to avoid further damage. As quickly as possible, disconnect your iPhone from the power source. You might wish to restart the iPhone at this point.

Allow it to dry for a while. To absorb moisture from your iPhone, avoid using any drying products or an air blower. Charge the iPhone once again when it has dried up. If the liquid warning no longer appears, your phone is dry. Avoid using the Emergency Override option if the alert persists after drying. Apple may be contacted.

FAQs on Emergency Override iPhone Charging

When I plugged in my phone charger for a second, it said emergency override. What exactly does that imply?

This is to inform you that there could be water in your charging port, causing damage to your iPhone. If you are in an emergency, though, you will be able to continue charging. I would advise you to remove the lightning cord.

What to do if my iPhone is wet

Do the following if your iPhone is wet:
Remove all cards from the system.
Turn your smartphone off.
Charge your device only when necessary (you may be able to charge wirelessly).
Use a blow dryer or other comparable appliance sparingly.
If there is a case, remove it.

What tends to happen if you need to charge your phone in an emergency?

It’ll get around the liquid detection and let you try to charge it. This is to inform you that there could be water in your charging port, causing damage to your iPhone. If you are in an emergency, you will be able to continue charging. I would advise you to remove the lightning cord.

Is it appropriate to override the iPhone in an emergency?

If you connect your iPhone to a Lightning cable or accessory, you can bypass the liquid detection and charge your iPhone in an emergency. You can still charge your iPhone with a wireless charger if you have one.

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