Box vs OneDrive: Choose the Best Cloud Storage

Box vs OneDrive

Box vs OneDrive is the comparison between two of the leading cloud storage systems in the world. Both Box and OneDrive are doing well in the case of storing and protecting the files of millions of users from all over the world. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the files ae they are secured enough.

Cloud storage has a lot of advantages. The user can store, modify, and share files from anywhere in the world with the help of these two virtual storage spaces. Both OneDrive and Box have positive sides as well as some drawbacks.

In this article, we will compare Box vs OneDrive based on their advantages and disadvantages. Those are as follows:


Box storage At a Glance


The Box is a cloud storage space. Here the user can store their files virtually. The user can access those files anytime, anywhere, and using any device. It is easy to work with the files that are stored in a cloud storage space like Box.

As those files do not have any physical existence, the user should not have any problem handling those.

Storing files in a virtual storage like Box is always secured enough. The files are always safe and protected. Only the user who stored the files in the account can get access by logging into the same account.

Box has more advantages as it is integrated with File Explorer(for Windows OS) and Finder(for macOS). It also fits well with Adobe Creative Cloud, G Suite, and many more. 

Why is the Box more efficient in between Box vs Onedrive comparison?

There are many reasons to consider the Box as better storage space in between Box vs OneDrive. Those are as follows. 

  1. More Storage space:
    In Box, the user can store files up to 10GB for free. However, in OneDrive, the free storage space limit is up to 5 GB. Therefore, Box is a winner here. However, in both cases, the storage can be extended by paying some money.
  2. Easy file management:
    File management is very easy here. In Box, the file management system works the same way as PC. A user can set up the folders in Box as per their requirements. If the user wants to move any file from one folder to another, it will be easier in Box than in OneDrive.
  3. Security of cloud storage:
    As mentioned by a lot of users, Box is more secure than OneDrive. Therefore, the files stored in Box are always safer than files stored in OneDrive. If the user is accessing any public network, then the stored files are safer in Box rather than OneDrive.
  4. Mobile Application issue: Both Box and OneDrive provide mobile applications to use the storage space using mobile. However, some users faced a few issues with the OneDrive mobile app. Whereas, the Box mobile app works perfectly fine.
  5. Synchronization of multiple accounts: The user can synchronize multiple Box accounts(personal, business, etc.) at the same time from the same device.
    However, the user can not use more than one OneDrive account from the same device at the same time. This could cause a lot of problems for the user who wants to work with multiple storage accounts.

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OneDrive at a Glance


OneDrive is a virtual storage space where the user can store anything. Microsoft offers OneDrive service. It is one of the most secure places to store files virtually.

The user can use the stored files from anywhere by signing into the OneDrive account. But, of course, if you have an internet connection in your system, then you don’t have to worry.

You can share those files from anywhere with the Microsoft 365 services. If the user has a Windows OS device, it will be more beneficial for the user to have a OneDrive account.

Why OneDrive is more efficient in between Box vs OneDrive comparison?

In between Box vs OneDrive comparison, OneDrive has a lot of advantages. Those are as follows:

  1. Easy to use: OneDrive is easy to use for everyone. In OneDrive, the user can store, edit, download, and share files easily.
    As the OneDrive is easily integrated with the Microsoft 365 services(such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.), the user can enjoy more benefits.
    Everything here is similar to Box. However, only the file preview is a little more difficult in Box than OneDrive.
  2. Easy accessibility: The user can access the OneDrive from anywhere. If the user has an internet connection, there will be no problem editing, uploading, downloading, and even sharing files. However, the edit and upload options are a bit complicated. Editing a file offline is easier in OneDrive than the Box.
  3. Fast synchronization: OneDrive can synchronize with any device very fast with ease. If the user uploads any file to his OneDrive account, it will be shown to his device instantly within seconds. The result will be the same if it is done in the opposite direction.
  4. Smooth and user-friendly interface: The OneDrive has a user-friendly interface. A lot of users have mentioned that the interface of Box is not so great as the OneDrive. However, OneDrive is faster than Box in almost every aspect.
  5. More popularity in the industry: OneDrive is more popular in the industry than Box. OneDrive is more accepted by users from all over the world. However, Box has less acceptance by users. 

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In this article, both sides of Box and OneDrive are discussed. OneDrive has the best features between Box vs OneDrive. Although, Box has some important features too. Therefore, OneDrive is the better option in this Box vs OneDrive comparison.


Box vs OneDrive, which one provides more security to the stored files?

As reported by the users, Box provides more security to the stored files.

Which one has more free storage space between Box vs OneDrive?

OneDrive has free storage space up to 5GB. At the same time, Box has 10Gb of free storage space. Therefore, Box provides more free storage space to the user.

Box vs OneDrive, which one has a more user-friendly interface?

OneDrive has a more user-friendly interface between these two. It is simple, works smoothly, and easy to handle at the same time.

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