Marmoset Toolbag vs Keyshot: The Best Comparison

Marmoset Toolbag vs Keyshot

Marmoset Toolbag and KeyShot are used for different purposes. Here are the details of Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot from a different perspective. A user will get enough information regarding both software after going through this topic.


What is Marmoset Toolbag software and why it is important?

Marmoset Toolbag is a user-friendly package. However, it is a powerful GPU that is powered by real-time rendering. A marmoset Toolbag software is used with other software to perform animation-based work seamlessly by game and video developers. The best part of this software is that the artist can see the 3D model on which they are working in real-time.

What is KeyShot software and what is its importance?

KeyShot is software that is used to design 3D rendering. It also has advantages like real-time tracing and a global illumination program used to develop 3D renderings. The user can create special effects and real-time rendering on their ordinary computers with the CPU-based architecture of this KeyShot software. The user does not need any powerful or expensive graphics cards. Creating animation and visual effects is easier with this KeyShot software.

Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot: Advantages

Marmoset Toolbag and KeyShot, both are useful tools. They both have their advantages. However, a brief discussion will justify which is more useful for which particular user. Here are the advantages of Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot as follows:

Marmoset Toolbag has the following advantages:

  1. The render of the Marmoset Toolbag is pretty cool, and it can be said up to the industry standard. The render can match the real-time look. Its UI interface is also considered good and user-friendly. It will take little time to catch a perfect render for you as compared to the other tools.
  2. In the Marmoset Toolbag, it is pretty easy to pop a model without facing any difficulty.
  3. WIth Marmoset Toolbag software, it is easy to create a design, and animation, and show real-time models easily.
  4. Its baking tools are also straightforward, and easy to use, yet they are powerful.
  5. To design a good presentation in a quick period, no other software can give better results than the Marmoset Toolbag. You can always have an idea of your design before completing each step.
  6. With a little effort, Marmoset Toolbag can give good results. It already has some good features. Still, it is improving with new updates.
  7. It gives the user a 1-month free trial, and after that, the user has to pay a subscription fee of around 12 dollars per month. Therefore, it is easy and not too costly for the user.
  8. You can feel the benefit of this software if you have a PC with a graphics card. Apart from that, Marmoset Toolbag has a better and robust lighting engine. You can change the lighting easily.

The advantages of KeyShot software are as follows:

  1. The KeyShot is easy to learn. KeyShot has a rendering that is easy to use, efficient, and of the best quality. With this rendering, you can get a realistic approach to your project.
  2. The KeyShot has different programs for every designer. From beginner to advanced according to their capabilities.
  3. This KeyShot is good for animation. Lighting is also preferably good in it.
  4. It is great for saving time. You can get your desired results by spending a little time. The best part of this tool is you do not have to compromise on the quality. 
  5. Before finishing your whole work, you can get a visualization of your results.
  6. KeyShot is best when it comes to the environment, materials, animation, etc.

Here in comparison to Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot, KeyShot is the winner as it offers more features to the user.

Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot: Disadvantages

When we compare Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot, there are some issues in each. Here those are discussed as follows:

Disadvantages of Marmoset Toolbag:

Although the Marmoset Toolbag has some eye-catching advantages within a budget price range, it has some drawbacks. Those are As follows: 

  1. There are some issues with Marmoset Toolbag due to its rendering transparency. Similar other software provides better transparencies as compared to the Marmoset Toolbag.
  2. A Marmoset Toolbag Does not work with UDIMs. Therefore, if you are working with UDIMs, you have to set up the requirements before starting your work.
  3. The animation tool in Marmoset Toolbag is a little complicated. Therefore, the beginners might face some issues with it at the earlier stages. 
  4. The render of the Marmoset Toolbag is GPU-based. Therefore, you need a better graphics card with a minimum memory of 2GB on your PC.
  5. The lighting engine is disturbing for some users. There is no auto-reload of some applications here.
  6. The regular price is higher if we compare it with the offer price. The offer price is pretty low. However, it is not available all the time of the year.
  7. Its interface is neither easily accessible nor easy to use.
  8. In the Marmoset Toolbag, some small icons are hard to find. There are some hidden features too.

The disadvantages of the KeyShot tool:

  1. Its interface is good. Still, there is room for improvements without compromising any quality as its quality is still unmatched.
  2. KeyShot is costlier. The price of KeyShot starts from around 995 dollars and is available up to 3995 dollars per user. On top of that, KeyShot does not offer a trial version at all.
  3. KeyShot needs some timely updates on some of its features. It will better the user experience.

Here in Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot comparison, KeyShot is the clear winner as it has fewer issues.

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FAQs on Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot

Q: Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot; which one is costlier? 

Ans: KeyShot costs more than Marmoset Toolbag.

Q: Which tool takes more time to create a design?

Ans: Both tools are pretty fast. However, KeyShot is faster than Marmoset Toolbag.

Q: Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot; which one is more user-friendly?

Ans: Both are user-friendly. However, it is up to the individual user which one to prefer more.


If we consider Marmoset Toolbag vs KeyShot, then it is true that Marmoset Toolbag falls far behind. However, the cost is another fact that should be kept in mind. KeyShot might offer attractive features. However, it is also much costlier than Marmoset Toolbag.

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