Easily Fix Transport Endpoint is Not Connected

transport endpoint is not connected

Transport endpoint is not connected is an error message that comes up userspace filesystem framework (also known as FUSE). This is an error specific to the Linux operating system as FUSE is a part of the Linux kernel. libfuse is a userspace library, and fuse mount is a mount utility. Both are part of the kernel module ‘fuse. ko’. There can be many potential reasons for this error message, one of the most common reasons being the crashing of the file system. Another more common reason is a segmentation fault that causes programs to crash. In this article, we will explore some of the possible ways to avoid or resolve this error.


What is FUSE?

FUSE is short for Filesystem in USErspace. It is a free and open-source software interface that allows the non-privileged user to create their virtual file system on top of the system’s file system. The Fuse interface was initially only available for the UNIX-based operating systems. But now, it can also be used in macOS or Windows. Using fuse, users can create the file system of their choice without any admin privileges and without altering the kernel of the operating system.


SShfs stands for Secured Shell file system. It allows the user to access the file system remotely using an encrypted ssh connection. It will enable the users to retrieve data from the directories and files of the remote workstations or servers. But if there’s some error in the FUSE virtual file system of the remote server, then the person sitting at the receiver end can receive a transport endpoint that is not connected error message as the response. Sometimes it could also happen due to a bad sshfs configuration or improper requests etc.

Error message received as a response.
Error message received as a response.

If you’re facing this issue with your sshfs response, then first establish a secured sshfs connection with the remote server, then employ the solutions suggested below to get rid of the ‘Transport endpoint is not connected error message.

Solutions to Transport endpoint is not connected FUSE

The following are the solutions or tricks to work around the Transport endpoint is not connected. Some of these ways are pretty simple and handy, while others are rather complex.

Reboot the system

The simplest way to resolve the ‘Transport endpoint is not connected’ error on a local machine is to reboot your computer. Sometimes due to some arbitrary reasons, memory faults can occur, or an I/O error can be encountered during the loading of programs from storage to main memory, which can result in unexpected behavior, ultimately leading to ‘transport endpoint is not connected. Rebooting the system would empty the main working memory and then load the operating system as a whole again, which could resolve the issue without any hassle.

Remounting the File System

In Linux, the fusermount utility gives you the power to mount or unmount the FUSE file system. This way, you could resolve the ‘transport endpoint is not connected’ without even restarting your computer. All you have to do is unmount your virtual file system for a while and then mount it again. This could resolve the issue without having to restart the computer. Enter the commands shown in the image in the terminal emulator to unmount and mount the virtual fuse file system.

resolving transport endpoint is not connected
*_FS_ is the name of your virtual file system.

If, for whatever reason, this doesn’t work, try running the following command to unmount the file system.

Linux's umount utility to unmount the virtual file system.
Linux’s umount utility to unmount the virtual file system.

Gluster Transport endpoint is not connected

Gluster oracle’s distributed file system could aggregate data from multiple servers in single accessible userspace. The gluster client software interacts with many servers at the same time to retrieve data from various servers. But sometimes, due to conflicting port usage or firewall issues, the error message ‘Transport endpoint is not connected’ can appear. It can be resolved using the following gluster client commands.

gluster volume heal brick01 enable

This command would start a self-healing daemon process that synced the file system.

Socket.error [errno 107] Transport endpoint is not connected

OSError: [Errno 107] socket error Transport endpoint not connected and [Error 106] Transport endpoint is already connected, are two error that occurs while using the Socket python library. Socket library is used to create networking sockets in the application, and it can create both TCP and UDP sockets. If while creating the Socket, if the port is already is in use or has been initiated by another process, then a socket can not be created, and the Transport endpoint is not connected occurs.

How to fix Socket.error

Try the following ways to resolve the Socket. Error while using the Socket library in python.

  • Try using a different port number.
  • Update your python version to atleast Python 3.5.
  • Update the Socket library using pip install sockets.
  • Reboot the system.

Transport endpoint is not connected colab

Google colab is an online product by the Google research team. It allows the users to run their python code in the browsers, while google provides the necessary resources from its servers. This is an excellent tool for data analytics and machine learning modeling. It gives a jupyter notebook-like interface for user interactions. Google servers at the back end of the colab use the FUSE virtual file system for each of its users, which sometimes leads to the Transport endpoint not connecting error messages as a response. Try the following things to avoid this issue on google colab.

Restart the runtime option

Go to Runtime on the menu bar and select the restart runtime from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, press the CTRL + M.

Remount the drive

Run the following command in the colab shell to unmount and then remount the drive, which would resolve the issue.

!fusermount -u drive
!google-drive-ocamlfuse drive

FAQs on Transport Endpoint is Not Connected

What is UNIX?

Unix has become a Family of operating systems developed initially in Bell Labs in 1969.

What do you mean by segmentation fault?

A segmentation fault is reported when software or program tries to access the restricted portion of the memory space.

Is macOS based on UNIX?

macOS is based on a BSD codebase, a discontinued version of UNIX research.


FUSE is a pretty helpful feature initially implemented for the UNIX-based Operating system. It is now widely used by several system administrators to allow their users to create their virtual file system on top of the system’s file system without interfering with the underlying kernel operations of the operating system. But sometimes, due to some arbitrary reasons, errors like ‘ Transport endpoint is not connected’ can show up. Here, we provided you with the two most straightforward ways to resolve the issue.

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