Cannot Execute Binary File 7 Easy Ways to Fix it

cannot execute binary file

Stuck with an annoying error of “Cannot execute binary file“? Then don’t worry. We will provide you with all the working ways which will help you in fixing the problem.

We will also discuss why did the error occurred and similar queries related to it.


What is a Binary file

Binary means two. The two characters: 1, 0 are repeatedly used to store information and data. The text formats which use this binary format are known are binary format. A format can be changed to decimal, ASCII, BCD, or hexadecimal. We type in the ASCII format, but the computer interprets it in binary format.

A file that is written in binary format is known as a Binary file. The extension is “.bin“. These files can be executed in Linux by the syntax: “./file.bin

How to resolve cannot execute binary file

Try using one of the following methods and check if the nuisance of binary file unable to execute is rectified or not:

Install GCC and Gfortran library

For Linux Operating Systems, type the below code in the PowerShell:

sudo apt-get install gfortran
install-gfotran cannot execute binary file

For installing g++, GCC, and a few more libraries, use the following code:

sudo apt install build-essential

Check if the error is fixed.

Unmatched Architecture

Open the settings of your computer and check if your system is 32 bit or 64 bit.

Now execute this code to check the architecture format of the specific binary file:

file filename

Try downloading the 32 bt binary file from the internet, if available.

Download WienHQ for Ubuntu / MacOS

If you are trying to execute a binary file made through and for Windows Operating Systems, it may not work directly in your Unix systems. You will have to download a package that can transform an unmodified Windows binary to Unix usable ones.

Use the below link to download the WineHQ

Provide the permission

One more reason for cannot execute a binary file is that the permission is not granted. To fix this, type the below in the PowerShell:

chmod +x filename

Using the sh command

Try the below syntax:

chmod +x filename.bin

sh filename.bin

Using dos2unix command

In Powershell, use the command:

dos2unix filename.bin

Check if it works out or not.

Uncompress the file

Check if the below line aids in executing the file:

xz -d ./filename
chmod +x ./filename 

If your file is in a zipped format, try unzipping the compressed format and executing it as usual.

Remember to place the path address along with the name of the file.

What is cannot execute binary file

If you download a binary file from the internet and try to execute it in PowerShell, sometimes you may encounter an error known as “Cannot execute binary file.

The Linux Operating System failed to execute (run or open) the specified file you mentioned in the previous line due to technical issues. A few reasons as to why this error has occurred are provided below.

Causes for cannot execute binary file

There can be broadly two reasons for a binary file to show “Cannot execute binary file” error:

  1. The file is an exe file and is compile only for Windows.
  2. The bit architecture of your system and the bin file does not match.

Fix: Cygwin cannot execute binary file

You can use Shell commands in Windows after downloading and installing the Cygwin application.

If you have executed:
C:\cygwin\bin\filename.exe -h always /bin/bash -l ls

Try this syntax:
C:\cygwin\bin\filename.exe -h always /bin/bash -l -c ls


If still, it didn’t work, try uninstalling and reinstalling all the necessary files of Cygwin again.

Java- Cannot execute binary file

If the Shell or Cmd Prompt window displays an “Exec format error” error, it wants to say that the current version is not compatible with your system.

If you are using AMD/ Intel processes, install the Linux/x64 build from here.

If you are using ARM type of processors: install the Linux-aarch64 build from here.


FAQs on cannot execute binary file

How to execute a binary file in Powershell?

Open Powershell.
type the below syntax:
In place of the filename, you have to type the address and path along with the file’s name.

How to rectify “Cannot execute binary file”?

1. Install the latest version of GCC and Gfortran library.
2. Check if the architecture bit is the same or not.
3. Download WienHQ.
4. Uncompress the file.

Fix: Bash cannot execute binary files.

The Bash (Bourne Again Shell) is a SHELL command interpreter. If you try to execute a binary file (.bin) using Bash, which can not be read due to improper settings or unzipped file, it will display an error of Bash cannot execute the binary file.

Raspberry Pi cannot execute binary files.

Make sure that you have downloaded the correct version and file for your OS.
Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software:

Winding up

We hope that the above solutions might have helped rectify your issue, and your file got executed.

You can ping us anytime to ask us any of your doubts using the comment section available at the end of the page.

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