3 Remarkable Features of Google Calendar on the Apple Watch

google calendar on the apple watch


How beneficial is google calendar for the users?

Users must know about google calender before “google calendar on the apple watch.” A free web calendar called Google Calendar enables users to keep track of information and start sharing them with loved ones, mates, or fellow employees. It also allows the user to set alerts and keep records of daily routines. Starting doesn’t require a manual. Choose a day and begin inputting activities. It depends on users’ preferences; they can view the calendar by day, a couple of days, or weeks.


  • Your meetings may occasionally involve sensitive topics. Setting the event to “Private” will give users the required privacy while having more private sessions.
  • Google Calendar can assist users in accomplishing this by allowing them to adhere files directly to the occasion for invitees to access and review.
  • Weather predictions are one Google Calendar component that has vanished in recent years. But don’t worry; users can restore it.
  • To know more about the “google calendar on the apple watch” issue go through the full article.
How beneficial is google calendar for the users?

Google Calendar on the apple watch

The Apple Watch is a famous wearable device with unique tools. Apple Watch enables users to track their heart rate, play music, cast alarms, answer calls, and do various other things. As a result of technical limitations, it does not support Google Calendar. However, users can integrate google calendar on the apple watch and organize all their Google Calendar entries directly from their Smartwatch.


1.) Notify Events: Google Calendar on the apple watch is an application for calendars with many attributes. If users get an email about an event in the future or a meeting, the device will immediately deliver it to the user and notify them instantaneously.

2.) Weather Reporting: The most straightforward calendar application for the apple smart watch is this google calendar. It is one of the efficient types of application. The application’s most vital point is the 3-day forecast, which provides the weather forecast. Users can enjoy their trip or holiday without difficulty with something like this. If users already have an account, they can connect it to receive the premium advantages.

3.) Easy to Use: Although syncing google calendar on the apple watch is time-taking, it eases the functions. Users do not have to look for any manual to complete the work. Notifications for specific events are predominantly activated without uncertainty.

How to set up google calendar on the apple watch?

Getting to know google calendar on the apple watch:

  • On the iOS device, open the ‘Settings application.
  • Go to the last portion and select the ‘Passwords & Accounts’ tab. 
  • It displays a list of your iPhone’s accounts. 
  • On the subsequent screen, click the ‘Add Account’ and choose ‘Google.’
  • Presently, tap ‘Continue’ in the pop-up and insert the mail ID.
  • After which, on the subsequent screen, insert the Passcode.
  • To sync the smartphone with the Google application, choose the appropriate choice.
  • Post, Contact details, Planner, and Messages will be synced by default. If not, enable the click for the desired app.
  • Now, on the apple device, launch the Calendar application.
  • Users’ adjustments to Google calendar entries will be visible in their iPhone calendar application.
How to set up google calendar on the apple watch?

Why sometimes do we get google calendar on the apple watch not working properly?

There is currently no google’s Official Calendar application for iPhones, particularly smartphones. However, by syncing the google calendar on the apple watch, we can easily enjoy the features. Sometimes it shows google calendar not working correctly, and the reasons for that are older versions, connection problems, and much more.

Google Calendar vs. Apple Calendar

Google CalendarApple Calendar
More details are displayed about agendas on Google Calendar.Fewer details are displayed about agendas on Google calendar relatively
Video conferencing can be added with native Google Meet integrationNo features like Video conferencing are included in it
Exclusive features like Add-ons are present in itOnly basic features of a calendar are present in it

How to solve this issue of google calendar on the apple watch not working properly?

1.) Go for updates

Perhaps the remedy is as simple as ensuring users have set up the most recent Apple Watch upgrade. To do it, follow these steps:

  • Startup Watch from the Home screen of the apple device.
  • First, from the bottom of the tabs, select My Watch.
  • Select “General” from the menu.
  • Select Software Update.

2.) Toggle Calenders off/on

Because all of the calendar information is communicated via iCloud to mobile devices, unless the Apple Watch is not correctly syncing the calendar, users can attempt to toggle calendars from iCloud to resolve the problem.

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Just at the beginning of the screen, click the iCloud banner.
  • Select iCloud.
  • Toggle the Calendars On/Off Switch to the off position.
  • On my iPhone, users must press the “Keep” button.
  • To reactivate the calendar, click the On/Off Switch.

3.) Restart Apple Watch Sync Info

If the calendar isn’t connecting, users can use a setup within the Watch application to restart the link. After users complete the installation, the contacts and google calendar on the Smartwatch would be erased and removed by the latest iCloud sync from the apple device.

  • Launch the Watch application, and select the My Watch option.
  • Choose General and then  Reset.
  • Click the Reset Sync Data button.
  • The entire data might take a while to re-sync to the Smartwatch.

4.) Unpair Device

When users face these problems with the Smartwatch calendar not linking, attempt unpairing it from the apple device and then linking it again when it’s finished. To ensure that nothing disastrous happens while you’re doing this, I strongly advise syncing the Smartwatch first. This way, users can still recover the watch if something goes wrong.

Fix google calendar on the apple watch

FAQs on google calendar on the apple watch

Which is better, Google or Apple calendar?

Google Calendar is quicker in response than Apple; the former is more available on different platforms.

How much does Google Calendar cost on Apple Watch?

Yes, the Google Calendar application is entirely free. One can download it to their iPhone, sync it with the watch, and enjoy it.

Is it possible to put Google Calendar on the Apple Watch?

No, Google Calendar does not work with the Apple Watch. Usually, syncing the phone with watches is the only possible way.

What calendar does the apple watch use by default?

A pre-installed version of the Apple calendar is present inside the device for the users to mark up their schedules and agendas.


When users link their Google account to the device, the Google Calendar activities will easily connect with the iPhone’s Apple Calendar. It is the quickest way to get all Google Calendar application notifications on their Apple Watch. If they need to organize or reserve a private meeting, Google Calendar would then safeguard their confidentiality by hiding the hours and dates from the public spotlight.

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