Rawr Messenger: Top 5 Important Things You Need to Know

Rawr Messenger

Why rawr messenger, right? Don’t worry, and we got it all covered up!

Imagine a life without messengers nowadays. Any work, calling, and messenger apps are crucial for anybody, whether a business person, non-business person, freelancer, job person, or almost every person. However, with the increasing competition in this industry of apps, many messenger applications are present, but we have come up with an application today in this article.


About Rawr Messenger

rawr messenger

It is one of the extraordinary messaging apps allowing you to create your own custom and personal three-dimensional (3D) avatar. It is one of the best ways to socialize with your friends and connect with them. This app was founded in 2015 in Finland, Helsinki. The company was able to rank its app in the successful list by fundraising, and many big companies had invested in Rawr.

It’s the first product from Futurefly, a Finnish studio. Investors include Arielle Zuckerberg (Sister of Mark Zuckerberg), Giphy backer Betaworks, Nokia chairman Risto Siilasmaa, and many more.

Operation of the Application

Rawr Messenger is an application drawn down to attract teenage people and people in their twenties. It is a fascinating combo of messaging and avatars (Xbox type) clearly designed for youngsters.

You can create your own avatar by customizing its shape, color, hairstyle, clothes, and many more. It is an application where ‘texts come to life through animation”. This app is fully encrypted and safe. It is completely free and was first released in the AppStore. Currently, it is not available in Playstore due to release issues. Don’t worry provided links below will help you to download for android. This app allows you to chat 1 on 1 with a person or in groups with many people at once as well.

rawr messenger ad

Rawr messenger has partners from many big brands like Chelsea FC, Youtube Stars, bands and clothing brands, and many more. It is a completely free application and can work on any network.

Links to download for android: https://rawr-messenger.en.uptodown.com/android, and https://apkpure.com/rawr-messenger-dab-your-chat/net.futurefly.chatapp;

You can download from any of the links above. Both are 100% safe.

Features of rawr messenger

Coming to its features, this article will provide you with the top 5 features of the application for almost all the doubts in your roaming head. Below are discussed features in the level of their importance.

1. Privacy : is rawr safe?

Foremost, for choosing any messenger or contact application, we all need to ensure the security of the user. But no worries here. Rawr uses the AES algorithm to secure all your data and provides the facility of end-to-end encryption. Moreover, it does not trade any of your information like your name, contact details, photos, and other types of data to anybody, unlike few other applications. The application servers do not store any of your chats for their benefit. Neither of any data is prone to danger while using rawr.

So using rawr messenger is fully safe and secure. There should be no doubt about your data being prone to dangers while using the app. Although user privacy being an important aspect of such an application, rawr passes the test with a good score.

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2. 3D avatars

Coming to the most awaited feature of this application, what makes it most unique among all the other messenger applications is its feature of 3D custom avatars.

The first thing the application asks you to do as soon as you launch it is to create your own personal avatar. There is a wide variety of customization available in the application. You can change your body type, shape, hairstyles, color, clothing essentials, and many more. This avatar will basically represent you who you are on rawr messenger.

Once done creating your own personal customized avatar, you can proceed to the app and start connecting with other users around the entire globe.

3. Avatar Animation

Another exciting and awesome feature of this app is the avatar animation. It is more like a text to animation feature. Whatever you want to do with the other person, you can make your avatar do it. It’s a simple text to animation feature which is incredible to be in a messenger application, and rawr has more than 200 animations and effects for your avatar.

Whatever you want your avatar to do, type the word or the action with a hashtag in starting. This will make your avatar perform whichever action you type. Believe it or not but this feature has made this application enter a completely new level.

4. Interface

Rawr, the messenger, has a very easy-to-use and user-friendly interface. It has a fun, simple, and sober interface that everybody can use and adapt to very easily.

You can access almost everything very easily in the app. Finding new friends, customizing your avatar, using animations, editing your profile, etc., is very handy. Rawr Messenger is designed in such a way that no person has any problem using it.

Installing the application is too not difficult. There are no complications in installing the app. Signing up on the servers is also using your phone number, which is probably not an issue for anybody.

5. Support and other features

Not much a popular feature, but unlike other apps, rawr has an incredible user-friendly support feature. Any problem, their support team is ever-ready to solve your issues.

Other common features include sharing photos and gif moments anywhere. You can talk one on one with someone or in a huge group and get connected to many people at the same time. Rawr Messenger works on all networks and all devices except for MacOS X. It finds you friends from your phone’s contacts (If permission is granted), and last but not least, the servers are very fast so that you can connect with the person in no time.

You can access the terms of usage of rawr messenger here http://futurefly.net/termsofuse/

Why Rawr and not other messengers

There are almost more than 50+ popular messenger applications, but few reasons why to choose rawr messenger to be added to your list are:

  • It’s privacy is a lot better compared to few applications. Many apps use your data to advertise products and market them. Many sell data to different companies so that the company can reach out to you to market their product or service. Rawr keeps your data secured.
  • Its 3D avator and animation feature. Hardly any messenger apps share the feature of such fluent 3D Avatar modeling and its animation. This app gives you the complete control overcustomisation and make your experince using the app very good.
  • User friendly and easy to access interface. Many messenger applications have a complex interface and very difficult to manage accesses. Rawr allows you to handle you connects very easily with people with fluency and also customer support at point.

These were few points on why you should consider using Rawr messenger compared to many other messenger applications. It is one of my personal favorites anyways.

FAQs related to Rawr Messenger

Does Rawr finds friends only from contacts or also new people from the entire world?

No, it helps you connect even with new people using the application.

What is the download size of the application?

The size of the application is approximately 45MBs.

Is this application supported on windows?

No, you cannot use this application on windows directly. However, you can use emulators for using android apps on windows,


Along with several applications on board, rawr has made its way to the successful list. Created by Ivcho Georgiev, this fun application is highly famous in teens and youngsters in their twenties. This app has an extremely different vibe allowing you to connect to millions of people in just one shot. All external links have been provided above, and let us know your thoughts. Adios.

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