Carrier Hub: What is it? 5 Important Problems Fixed!

Carrier Hub

Got this app named Carrier Hub? I know you’re confused. Don’t worry. We got you covered.

Now in many devices, this app named Carrier Hub comes installed by default. Especially on the T-Devices. It is also available to download separately from the app libraries. But the majority don’t know what it is. In this article, we will discuss this app, and also there are many problems that users face along with this application. So we will try to solve them as well. So hop along!


About Carrier Hub

In simple words, Carrier Hub is a freeware application that allows many different features, in the most popular include Voice over Wi-Fi. In most devices, it is pre-installed as a system application or in a service format. But recently, it has started appearing on online stores like the play store. Currently, two applications are available on the Google Play store: Carrier Hub by Sprint and Carrier Hub Magenta by T-mobile USA. Earlier, both these apps were slightly different, but now both offer the same features since Sprint and T-mobile merged on 1st April.

Carriers hub

You can download the application form here:

It’s working?

According to the description of this application on the play store, This application assists Sprint/T-mobiles’s Network engineering for customer-reported service concerns.

It operates and allows its features on devices operating on a T-mobile network. The service size or the application size is only around 7.10 MB. It even allows you to secure your Wi-Fi and protects your network for your privacy. It uses many of your system tools like Bluetooth settings, network connectivity, full access over the wi-fi settings, cache data of deleted apps, sync settings, etc., to give you the best performance.

You need to give permissions for Storage, Location, Phone calls, Network Communication, System Tools, and Development tools.


Now Carrier Hub is not just a simple app where we can fix any error by reinstalling or forcibly stopping the app from functioning, etc. There are literally a handful of problems that users face, out of which we will discuss the common ones below.

MCM client requests are processing

MCM stands for Mobile Content Management. It is one of the most common issues users face when installing the app externally on their phones. This issue arises in a notification for the users as soon as they restart their phone or device. What happens is that the phone tries to connect to cell towers. This annoying notification should disappear once they are connected.

MCM client requests are processing

Most of the time, especially while traveling, this notification keeps on appearing and disappearing. The main reason for this is that the phone is trying to connect to the area network, but due to continuous changes in location, it has to undergo this procedure. Now, if the connection is fully down, you will not be able to use any of the services like the text, call, or data service (even if the connection is down for maintenance).

The only way you can fix this is by going to a very nice location where the phone can instantly connect to the cell towers. If not possible, you have to contact your T-mobile service for further assistance. Till now, no such solution has been found that can fix this easily.

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Black Screen/White Screen

Now in many situations, when you open Carrier hub, you experience a black or white screen for few seconds, and then the app closes without any pop-up. You can fix this in the following ways.

  1. You can try for a hard reboot on your phone, not just a normal reboot. Press and hold the power button+home button at the same time for upto 10 seconds (it also maybe power button+vol down button for few devices). Now release both the buttons once shut off. Then hold the power button again to restart your phone. Now try to open the app and it may wok fine.
  2. For the next step, you can try reinstalling the spp or the service. Many a times it doesn’t work for some devices but works for some. So you can try your luck.

App not working properly or loading error.

When you open the Carrier Hub, you often face an unlimited black or a white screen as a loading screen, but it doesn’t close. This is usually a loading error. Also, many times, whilst using the app, the application crashes and closes by default. Following are few ways to fix that.

  1. Many times it just maybe a temporary issue. You can close the app from the background. And open after some time again. This ususally works for many users.
  2. You can try the same hard reboot option as mentioned in the above component of the article.
  3. If this does not work out for you, then you can wait for your phone to drain battery or you can drain it yourself by constantly using your apps, and let is shut down normally by being in out of power. Then you can charge your phone and try again to see if the problem still persists.

Screen Freeze problem, Ping Problem and connection error

Many times, this error of connection issue, Ping problem, and the carrier hub app users report even screen freeze problems. Often when the app is running in the background, the screen of the device suddenly freezes or gives you many ping problems. The following are a few reasons and fixes for that.

  1. The carrier hub app is oftenly under maintenance and it may be the reason why the app servers are down resulting is issues like connection error and ping problem.
  2. Reset your wi-fi router. Maybe your connection is actually poor. If you are using mobile data then you can turn on airplane mode and turn it off again for the sim network reset.
  3. Maybe there are too many people using the appluation at the same time resulting in a lot of trafiic over the server, The only fix to this is to wait a few minutes and try again.

Carrier Hub app is not updating in the device

Many times, the Carrier Hub installed externally is supposed to update but does not update automatically. It shows that an update is available, but the app never gets updates and doesn’t solve the issue. Here are few steps to solve your issue.

  1. Maybe your ping is too high or the net is not working properly. What happens is few apps dont require data connection to update to new version if the files are already downloaded. But carrier hub requires data connection even after the files are downloaded. It is advised to check your internet connection. Furthermore, update your app after 12 minutes, when the files have been downloaded into the system.
  2. Also, make it sure that you have ample amount o fstorage space to install the updates. The size may be shown low, but for 2-5 seconds the files are decompressed taking a huge amount of space into consideration. Thus always make sure you have enough amount of space for the installation of updates of carrier hub.

FAQs Related to Carrier Hub

When I try to install the carrier hub, it shows not installed? Any particular fix for it?

It is showing an error because you already have the service installed on your device. Head over to the application settings in your device settings. You can find it with the name of Carrier services or so.

The app is not being updated on my one plus t where the application was already installed when I bought it from the store?

You can try the same fixes mentioned above for the externally installed application. You can also go for the hard rebooting of the phone or uninstall the application using USB debugging, fixed.

Will it affect my device functions if I uninstall the Carrier hub app or the entire service?

It won’t affect your device that vastly, as it also uses other network management services. But the service of wi-fi calling that modern phones usually have will not work for you if it is a T-mobile network device.

Final Thoughts

It is advised never to uninstall the carrier hub application or the service for the good functioning of your device. Never fidget too much with the service or the app out of curiosity. If you are a technology fan, you may be curious to try out new options. But never try on to any option or feature if you don’t have a single pinch of knowledge about it. It may result in the crashing of your network system of the device and may affect your device drastically. The major problems and their fixes have been provided in the above components. Do let us know your thoughts below. Adios!

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