Resolve Error Code E4301 Using These 4 Exciting Methods

error code e4301


Do you know what this error code e4301 means while using the application or website? is like a virtual identification platform where users can prove their legal identity with the help of online documents to access different services provided. As a beneficial platform, it can sometimes run into errors like error code e4301 related to an identity verification issue.

It usually pops up on the device when users try to verify credentials like name, home address, or contact number, which was changed recently. It is because sometimes fails to scrutinize all the details that users have provided, which can be incorrect also. Therefore, it becomes essential for the user to find a solution that is provided in this section.

What are the reasons to look out which forces this error code e4301?

What are the reasons to look out which forces this error code e4301?

This portion provides you with some causes which help this error to show up:

1.) Incorrect information

Providing incorrect information is one of the mistakes that users make that results in this error. Even if the user has authentic information and is still causing problems, they can confirm that their provided documents or the details have expired. For instance, if users provide details of an expired driving license, they might get this error code e4301. Sometimes users upload a pre-verified document that is not needed which causes this problem.

2.) Server problems

Most of the time, the platform (application) has several servers supporting its function to work appropriately and typically handle many customers simultaneously. Still, sometimes it crashes for multiple reasons, which causes errors like this, making the correct verification of the information provided impossible. Furthermore, an internet connectivity problem also pushes these servers to crash, resulting in the website or the application facing disruptions.

3.) Selection of the wrong category

It is the 2nd most common reason why users get this error; the platform specifically asks for the documents which should be uploaded in the correct section of the user account. It displays a list of documents and a place to upload them. Still, sometimes, the users may upload an incorrect document in the wrong section of their account, which complicates the whole process resulting in this error.

4.) Choosing the correct format

Apart from the reasons mentioned earlier, users must be aware that whatever information they provide should be in the format or file format recommended by the platform. It can be in PDF or JPG format or as per the required document, and if the demanded formatting is not present, it will give rise to the error code e4301. In addition, as per the platform’s recommendation, users do not upload the details correctly. They only upload the partial, not a complete document But don’t worry; we can employ some methods to resolve it.

Do you want to fix this? Let us employ some methods to do it

Do you want to fix this? Let us employ some methods to do it

1.) Retry or change the verification method

Whenever you get this error code e4301 while verifying, the best thing to do is to reload your website or restart the application on your phone and provide it again; if that does not work, users can shift to a new method of verification like (Virtual in-person) where a video conferencing with trusted referee would be enough.

They can also meet a representative to prove their identity using government documents. In both these methods, users must visit the (contact sales) section on the official website for support.

2.) Ensure the entered details are correct

Now uploading authentic documents that are not expired or expiring soon is mandatory; with that, the platform will verify if the information that users have provided matches those details. Moreover, always consider uploading the document to the particular section of your account with the correct formatting so that this error code e4301 does not pop out. Also, never upload any unclear documents, especially in the case of images.

3.) Restart the application

Restarting the application on your device may fix this, as sometimes platform servers are not good, which results in this error. Therefore restarting it and typing in all the information to sign back into your account may fix the error code e4301 once you try to upload the documents again.

4.) Contact the support team

Finally, users must contact the customer support team for any solution for this error if the issue persists. Users can visit the ( website to call-in somebody for help. Maybe reading the FAQs on the website can solve your problem.

What error do we get while using apart from error code e4301?

resolve error code e4301

If we talk about error 114, a technical error arises due to a problematic document on your operating system. If the documents you upload have a very long name or have saved a temporary copy of the document, it creates an issue while opening it (error 114). To remedy this, rename it with a title that is less than 20 characters in length.

FAQs on error code e4301

What exactly is a video conference with an Trusted Referee?

A trained identification professional engaged by to confirm the identification is known as a Trusted Referee.

How much is the price of using is free for all users, and there is no charge to use any of the platform’s services.

Can we have a different account to verify our documents?

According to the platform’s policies, users cannot have more than one account to utilize any services.

What does the “I can’t sign into my account” error means?

Users might not be able to sign into their account, and some of the reasons that cause it are mismatched information or account suspension. However, to resolve it, users must contact the support team.

Final words

This article has discussed some approaches by which any users of who want to verify their documents through this platform and run into an error code e4301 can resolve it. The root causes of this error are present in this portion which will help you to understand this error more precisely.

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