How Can ServiceBench Help in Managing Service Application?


In this highly competitive world, a company’s success depends on its service to its customers. Timely, cheap, and efficient are the key tenets of any service provider.

To deliver the best service possible and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to leverage the latest technology and application. ServiceBench promises to deliver that and much more.

Read on to find out more about ServiceBench, the perfect tool for both service providers and administrators.


What is ServiceBench?

ServiceBench is a service management tool for both service providers and administrators. It enables service providers to manage their field agents and customers. It allows the service administrators to track all the repair life cycle aspects from claims to invoicing.

ServiceBench helps you handle scheduling, communications, service management, parts, claims, and analytics from a single interface. It is the ideal application for streamlining the entire service workflow, enhancing productivity, and decreasing costs.

It is a highly scalable global solution for all your customer service problems. It has both a desktop application and a mobile app.


Service management: You can run your entire business on ServiceBench as it makes it easy to manage both the service provider network and customer communications in one place.

Scheduling: Select available techs, schedule their appointment, and manage them in real-time by tracking their progress.

Communication: Ensures proper communication between customers and service providers.

Parts: Improves ordering and tracking of parts required for service. Simplifies the inventory management process with the help of real-time status updates. It also helps reduce cost and quicken turn times for parts.

Claims: Handle customer claims better with automated processing and real-time adjudication. You can also customize and configure your own rules and manage exceptions better.

Analytics: Leverage past data to increase future productivity. Studying and analyzing technicians’ performance data, parts usage data, and financial data to make better decisions.

Service administrator benefits

You can manage the end-to-end network and ensure the daily tasks like handling new technicians and repairing customer’s products are running smoothly.

The complex network of W2 technicians, contracted networks, and independent service providers can be easily controlled with ServiceBench. Regularly communicate with your customers during the repair life cycle.

You can control the parts network, track service status, and onboard new technicians and partners.

Search, locate, and identify the right technicians to provide the service based on their rate, their coverage area, and their experience with the brand. You can also view the historical performance of the technician before selecting them.

Use data analytics to gain insight on how to improve the performance of your network. With tools like predictive modeling, predict parts, time of service, and costs. You can also forecast failure, detect fraud, and identify cost reductions and service expenses by leveraging the power of data available with ServiceBench.

Service provider benefits

Service providers use the ServiceBench Business Management System to connect service providers with their field agents and customers. Service providers have to handle scheduling, parts ordering, claims, and reporting as a part of their job.

Optimize everything the entire workflow from the first customer contact to the processing payment.

Maximize efficiency with better routing and optimization. You can handle zip codes with easy charts and drag-and-drop tools.

Save time needed for sourcing parts by integrating distributors and technicians and enable easy sharing of key updates about requirements. Decrease costs by tracking the location and quantity of parts available on hand and by determining the parts you need to order. Ensure parts arrive on time for the jobs to avoid repeat visits.

Approve claims in real-time by connecting with your OEM partners on ServiceBench to verify warranty coverage.

Monitor network health to identify issues and detect opportunities. With easy-to-read dashboards and data reports, you can use them to get a comprehensive business view.

Utilize the mobile app to get notifications and updates regarding jobs in progress. It can help you elevate the customer experience by being accessible from anywhere.

Advantages of Service bench

  1. Suitable for any size and type of company.
  2. Cloud-based solutions that can be securely accessed from anywhere at any time.
  3. Extremely easy to implement, learn and use due to its intuitive design.
  4. Eliminate manual work of every kind, like processing complaints, invoices, scheduling, assigning technicians, etc.
  5. Free seamless software updates every month to stay ahead.
  6. Customizable to your every business needs.
  7. Great training and support included with licenses.
  8. The entire service history of customers and technicians is available easily.

Getting started with ServiceBench

Service administrators have to request a free demo before buying the subscription plan. You need to submit company information before accessing it. They will guide you to the best configuration of the application for your business.

ServiceBench free demo

ServiceBench has a free trial. Please create an account and fill in contact information to access it. You can test to see if the application suits your needs.

ServiceBench free trial

The paid subscription plan starts at $119/mo. It varies based on the number of users.

The ServiceBench dashboard displays the daily schedule and daily jobs with routes. The navigation bar has “Jobs“, “Parts“, “Claims“, “Registrations“, and “Reports section. The Business Management System platform is easy to navigate and very user-friendly.

ServiceBench dashboard

You can check out ServiceBench user videos to get a more detailed introduction to the platform.

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FAQs on ServiceBench

What is ServiceBench?

ServiceBench is a service management tool for both service providers and administrators.

Is it available in every country?

No, currently it is only available in US and Canada

Can I switch from a different BMS software?

Yes, you can switch. ServiceBench will easily import your customer data, historical job data, etc.

In the end…

ServiceBench is an excellent tool for service providers and administrators everywhere to offer unparalleled service experience to their customers. Providing everything you need to manage an end-to-end service network gives you a solid advantage over competitors. It is fairly simple for your technicians, staff, etc., to learn and use the platform. You can try it out and customize it to your business needs.

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