[FIXED] BCCode 9f: Major Blue Screen Solutions

BCCode 9f

Tired of getting BCCode 9f blue screen errors? Don’t worry, we got you covered entirely.

You know windows being windows, is sometimes irritable. It got so many things to look into for its functioning, like all the drivers, hundreds of system files, input and output commands, etc. If even one thing faces a small problem, it gives out a huge problem as an output. Today we are going to discuss a problem popularly known as Blue screen BCCode 9f. So without any delays, let’s get along.


What is BCCode 9f?

Now everybody, at least once in their lifetime, has experienced blue screen errors on their computers. BCCode 9f is a type of bluescreen error that occurs on their Microsoft Windows. It is basically under a bigger component of blue screen errors called the Black Screen of Death (BSOD).

BCCode 9f

Like in the above picture, you can see a code after the word ‘STOP0X0000001A. Similarly, this error of the group BSOD consists of various numerical codes like this. These codes basically represent the component of your system that is responsible for this error to occur. Now unless you are a professional software developer with an education of more than 7 years in this field, it is impossible to identify the cause of the error.

Causes of BCCode 9f blue screen error

Now there are no specific reasons for this coding error to occur. But usually, the BSOD blue screen errors occur due to the following reasons and causes:

  • Foremost reasons are malware attacks

Maybe malware or a virus has entered into your system and has destroyed some configurations in your system files connectivity causing this error to pop up

  • Improper driver configurations

This error also occurs when your drivers are corrupted, or outdated. Even when the driver updates are not installed correctly, this error is common.

  • Over heating and Over using of the components.

Now if you use your device too much and if the specs are very low, then this error is very likely to appear.

Other causes include:

  • Bugs and glitches
  • Issues with respect to power supply
  • Ruuning your hardware beyond the specs
  • Improper installation of softwares, apps, etc

Is BCCode 9f fatal? Is there anything to worry about?

Now, this is a double-sided answer. Blue screen errors are not just of one type. Like those codes, there can be many different codes. And without taking into consideration the fatality of the cause, we cannot come up with a specific judgment

However, the solutions provided in this article have worked for almost all the users and since those solutions are not very complex, the error of BCCode 9f does not seem impossible to solve. But there are users that due to very fatal reasons faced this error.

Thus, its error may be fatal but at rare times like when you download a fully corrupt software filled with viruses or more. Therefore, always scan your device regularly using your antivirus.

Solutions for BCCode 9f error

Since defining the specific cause of the issue is almost impossible in this case, we have no other option than to try different fixes that may work. The solutions provided below do work most of the time, but again there may be exceptions.

Perform SFC Scan

By performing a full scan of the device, if there are any corrupt files that are causing this issue or making the issue grow bigger, this scan can stop and fix the problem. However, this fix works only 50 percent of the time, still, try it! Follow the steps below.

  • In the search bar, type cmd and hit Enter
  • Once the command prompt is opened, after your system name and configuration, type the command sfc/scannow
  • Now hit enter and wait.
  • Once the results are out, resolve the issues and you are good to go.

Now, this fix for BCCode 9f may not work every time but it will surely help.

Restore Windows to last checkpoint

Now, this issue can also be fixed by restoring your windows to the last time when your device was working fine. To do this follow the steps below.

  • Go to control panel and in the search box type recovery
  • Now select recvovery and then select Open System Restore
  • Now in the pop up select Next.
restore windows to last checkpoint
  • Now you will see a list of items. Form there select the point you want to restore your device to. Then hit the button Scan for affected programs
System restore

Now when you restore to the selected checkpoint, there is a list of programs and items that will be deleted. Click Close>Next>Finish

After this, your device will restore to the point when it was working fine, and you are good to go.

Update and fix your hardware drivers

Now, this may be the main cause for this problem of BCCode 9f to occur. Follow the steps below to fix it.

  • Press WIN+R and in the run command box, type devmgmt.msc
  • Now device manager window will pop up on the screen.
  • Now there are so many devices in that list. You cannot update the drivers for all the devices as it will take you a huge amount of time.
  • Thus, from that list, select the ones which you have a suspect on, and to update the driver- just right click on the selected device, and click on Update driver option
  • Now in the further pop up box, select the option for Automatically search for driver software and wait.
device manager

Now keep doing the same procedure, for all the devices selected and see if the problem persists. Don’t forget to restart your device after updating the drivers to see the results.

Fix registry editor for BCCode 9f

Many don’t understand the concept of the registry editor. It is basically a huge database consisting of all the settings and configurations of all your programs, devices, services, etc. If there is even a single problem in your registry editor then it may result in the BSOD BCCode 9f.

Following are the steps to fix it

  • Foremost go to Settings>Update&Security> and then click Advanced Startup
  • Then click on restart noe and your device will restart.
  • Now when you restart, you will see the following.
reboot option menu
  • From here select Troubleshoot
  • Now you will see an Advanced Option menu. From there click Automated Repair
  • You will be asked to login. After that it will take some time for your device to fix it. However, it will be fixed.

This solution fixes the problem of BCCode 9f most of the time. However, if the problem is an exception then we can’t help it.

Other fixes for blue screen BCCode 9f

Now there are many other fixes to fix this issue, out of which few are listed below.

  • Try running a hardware scan on your centrak drive. You can do this by going to your PC and then select the drive, say C drive. Now right click to open properties. Then go to Tools tab and click on Optimize. Now you can defragment your drive and hopefully it will fix the issue.
defragmentation of drives
  • Another way you can fix is by disabling BIOS Advanced Power management. For this you will ahve to open the BIOS setup during startup and head iver to CMOS setup. You will have to use arrow and enter keys to navigate and select. Once disabled you can save the changes using the F10 button.
  • Chekc the general health of your device adn make sure all the devices, programs and services, are working fine.
  • The BCCode 9f error can also be solved using your antivirus. Just perform all the scans available in your antivirus software and you are good to go.
  • If you have external devices connected, disconnect them and the problem should have been solved.

How to restore data lost during the fix of BCCode 9f

Now when you fix issues regarding BSOD, many times your data is lost. People get annoyed by this event and thus you can fix it easily. For this, you have to use an external application of which I prefer the best Recoverit. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to this website: https://recoverit.wondershare.net/buy/recoverit-data-recovery.html and download the program of Recoverit by Wondershare
  • Then prepare an empty storage device and connect it to your PC.
  • Now launch the program you downloaded,
  • Click on System Crashed Data Recovery module
  • Thereafter create a bootable media drive in order to extract from the crashed PC. Select a mode and create a bootable drive with the use of Create button.
  • Now click on Format button to erase everything on the storage device.
  • Now restart your device, and go to the bios screen. In there change the option of booting to boot from USB/CD/DVD.
  • Now start your device and start the recovery process with recoverit.
recover data from bluescreen bccode 9f-step 10

FAQs Related to BCCode 9f

Can I try these solutions for other BSOD BCCode 9f issues? Or is it only for this particular code?

Yes, you can try these solutions for all the BSOD problems.

Will resetting the PC completely add up to the solution for BCCode 9f?

Yes absolutely. This method also stands a chance to fix the error.

Can I use other third-party tools to fix the BCCode 9f error?

Yes, you can use them, but it is recommended you do not.

Final Thoughts

Even though BCCode 9f error is a bit rare, it can be highly dangerous for your device’s health and your data. The solutions provided above are fully safe and can be carried out anytime the problem appears. Keep checking your files using antivirus, and it becomes unlikely of you to face this kind of problem. Do let us know your thoughts. Adios!

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