[SOLVED] Event Id 1001: Clarifications and Solutions For This Error!

[SOLVED] Event Id 1001

Tired of seeing this error of EVENT ID 1001? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

Imagine if you could use your Windows without any kind of error lifetime? Almost like an impossible wish. Well, Windows being Windows, keeps on giving us issues that we are tired of solving. Today we are going to discuss an error with the component Event Id 1001. This error is not very new but not very old as well. So without any delay, let’s get started.


What is Event Id 1001

Now, most people experience errors of Black Screen of death (BSOD), eventual crashes, driver failures, etc. But many people notice a mysterious error named Event Id 1001, probably next to the cause of the error. Now, this may not be treated as a very fatal error but if not treated soon, this may turn out to be fatal.

Event Id 1001

The symbolic name for this even id is WER_EL_BUCKET_LOG. The code 1001 is like a universal code in case of a windows error. It represents almost all the main errors like application crashes, lagging systems, generic reports, etc. Now these errors, are always logged into the application event log. You can always check the activity there.

Now, let’s look at the main causes for this error.

What causes Event Id 1001 error?

Now to determine the exact and specific error for this problem to occur on your system, it is no less than doing an education under technology for 3 years. Basically, it is extremely brainy to determine the exact cause of the problem. However, the following are the few causes that cause this error under certain components:

Event Id 1001 error
  • Hardware failure- When your main drives are corrupted or filled with malware, this error is very likely to occur.
  • Application errors- Many times the new applications that are installed, are not installed correctly, and along with them some malware is also installed, resulting in this issue.
  • Blue screen death errors, popularly known as BSOD is also a major reason for this event id. Now there are many different problems under this component for example, errors in registry editor, BIOS screen errors, driver failures, etc.
  • Common root causes like over heating, over CPU usage. over RAM usage, running high end programs in low end system configuration etc.
  • You are trying to run an application along with too many other applications running

Now, there may be many other issues but these are the most common ones.

Fix for applications not opening or crashing- Event ID 1001

Now many times what happens is when you try to open a heavy application that does not support your system specifications, an error with the code Event ID 1001 occurs. Now, this usually happens, because your system configuration does not support the requirements of the application or the application was not installed correctly.

There are only two ways actually, for this problem to be fixed.

Solution 1:

Perform an antivirus scan in the directory where you have saved your application. Also, perform a scan in the directories where you have kept these files. Resolve the issues if found any. If you find any suspicious files, delete them and see if the problem still persists.

Solution 2:

Uninstall the application and delete all the directories and files. Now reinstall the application and this time make sure you scan it before installing with your antivirus. Now see if the problem still persists.

If the problem still persists, then surely, the application is not supported in your low-end system or due to some other configurations.

FIX BugCheck error with Event Id 1001

Now, many times, the computer just freezes and it asks you to hard reboot it. It sometimes freezes again after logging in into windows and reboots itself. I know, very annoying right? When you check the event viewer you find this error of Even Id 1001. Thus follow the following steps to fix it.

Solution 1- Run CHKDSK

  • In the search bar, near the start button, type cmd and oprn thr command prompt.
  • Now in there type this command- chkdsk C: /f

Here you can replace ‘C’ with the drive name you have Windows stored in. Suppose it is stored in drive d then you can replace the letter. Also, the code /f stands for a fix. This code will fix the issue and delete the files if involved any.

This tool will also fix any other errors if found. Furthermore, Reboot your PC for the results. This fixes the error of Event Id 1001 most of the time. If not, move on further.

Solution 2- Update your drivers.

Now, this error may also be caused by driver failure or outdated drivers. This is one of the most annoying reasons for this issue to occur. To fix this, follow the steps below.

  • In the search bar, near the start button, type device manager and open the application.
  • Now in there you will find a huge list of devices.
device manager

Now we don’t know which device actually has an error, or which device is causing the error. So to fix it you have to do the following steps for all the devices present in this list. It may be a very long and boring procedure, but it is good for the system’s health and will increase the performance of the system even more.

  • Right click on the selected device,
  • Choose the option to Update Driver
  • Now choose the option for Automatically scan for updated drivers
  • Install the updated driver

Repeat the above process for all the devices, and this will surely fix your problem.

Fix for Event Id 1001 error- CCM Client Support, DNS Error, DHCP error, Ace Client Error, Etc.

Now there can be many different reasons and causes for this error. Some types of errors include DNS not responding, CCM Client support error, DHCP error, etc. Now all these errors regarding the Event Id 1001 have probably the same fix.

Event Id 1001 error

Thus try the above solutions, and if they don’t work you can try out these.

Solution 3- Disable Windows Defender Sample Submission

Now, this may be the ultimate fix for this solution. You may be facing this error due to many security solutions running together on your device. Follow the steps below for the fix.

  • Before installing the new programs, go to settings.
  • Then head over to Windows and Security.
  • After that, go to Windows Security portal.
  • In there go to the Virus and threat protection tab from the left panel
  • Now turn off the Cloud Delivered Protection and Automatic Sample Submission before installing
Windows virus protection

You can enable them back after installation.

FAQs Related to Event Id 1001

Can I use a third-party tool for cleaning up my files?

Yes, absolutely. But make sure they are trusted and safe.

Does troubleshooting from the Advanced options menu help in the event id 1001 error?

Yes, it helps but not every time. The above solutions can help you every time.

Is it necessary to restart after all the solutions?

No, it is not mandatory, but it makes you a step to surety

Winding up

Event Id 1001 can occur due to a long list of errors and their codes. However, the solutions provided above work out most of the time. If still, they don’t turn out to be useful for you, then you can try to run applications in compatibility mode. Do let us know your thoughts. Adios!

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