Best 3 Ways to Perform PSU stress test

psu stress test

Did your computer just auto-shutdown? On checking the issue, you found that the Power supply is not proper? PSU stress test helps to know if there is a fault in the PSU or not.

We will now discuss in full detail what PSU is, ways for PSU stress test, and how to prevent the auto-shutdown.


What is a PSU

A Power Supply Unit (PSU) is a hardware component placed inside the CPU and distributes voltage supply to every other computing device in DC (Direct Current).

A minimum of one PSU is enough and necessary for a sound working system.

power supply unit

What does a PSU do

It takes in the Alternating current (AC) from the mains and converts the AC to DC. Only DC can be used by the hardware components of the computer, not AC.

PSU also helps regulate the DC voltage supply so that only a required amount of voltage is given. This is important for the smooth flow of the computer.

There are many ways to test if the PSU is in good condition or not. This test is known as the PSU stress test.

Ways to perform PSU stress test

The infamous Kernel-Power 41 event log may appear in your windows event viewer when the system automatically shuts down and restarts. To check if the problem is with Power Supply Unit (PSU), do the following:

Use OCCT software:

  • Download the official OCCT software by using the below link:
  • Click on the required version and download it.
  • After the downloading completes, install it by clicking on the download complete icon.
  • The Application will start now.
  • Use the test button to test the capabilities of your system.
  • After stopping the test, see if the generated values for you computer’s voltage, temperatures, clockcycles are upto the level are required only.
PSU stress test

The alternatives to OCCT Personal software for PSU stress test are:

  • Heavy Load
  • Prime95
  • GtkStressTesting
  • LinX
  • System Stability Tester

Use HDTune or Prime95 or Furmark:

You can test the total capacity of your system’s PSU for a few minutes or hours by using any one or all the three software given below:

  • For HDTune, go to this link and download it.
  • Download and install Prime95, by mving to this link.
  • To download and install Furmark, open this link. You can choose the respective latest version available in it.
  • After running the apps, check whether the performance is upto the capabilities or not.
  • If ot, you may have to alter the clockcycles count in the BIOS.
  • If this also didn’t help, and the problem is only wit the PSU, then replace thePSU with a new one.
  • If the problem of auto restarting still exists, then it an issue with the RAM sticks or the Processors like Core processor or GPU.

Use voltage measures to check the output voltage of the PSU:

  • You can buy one voltage detecting device from the internet by using this link.
  • To buy from Amazon, check this link.
  • The various voltages that will go out from the PSU are 12.5V, 3.3V, 5V.
  • Open up your PC CPU and test whether your PSU outputs are correct or not.
power supply tester

How to prevent this from happening again?

  1. Use a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply). This will keep providing current to your system during a power blackout, powercut and even during fluctuating power supply.
  2. Do not overclock your computer.
  3. Check that the cable connections are proper.

What are the tools helpful in performing a PSU stress test?

  • OCCT Personal
  • Heavy Load
  • Prime95
  • GtkStressTesting
  • LinX
  • System Stability Tester
  • Power supply testing equipments

PSU stress test burns out coil whine

To reduce the load on your coil whine, turn ON the FastSync in Nvidia. If the problem persists, buy a new one and replace it.

Is Passmark electronic a valuable device in testing PSU stress test?

Yes, the Passmark PSU stress test can observe and read the values like current, power, slew rate, main voltage rails, power sequencing, and it comes along with a user’s guide. It will be beneficial in knowing the functionalities of the PSU, whether it is in a good state or not.

FAQs on PSU stress test

What is a PSU?

PSU stands for Power Supply Unit. As the name indicates, this will receive power from the mains and distribute it throughout the system. Any improper flow of current in or out of this will lead to errors and sudden shutdown of the system.

How to stop Kernel-Power 41 event log?

Check if the power supply output from the PSU is sound or not.
Use applications like OCCT Personal or Prime to check the errors.
Check the RAM stick placement order in your motherboard.

How to check the PSU stress test?

To check the PSU stress test, do:
1. Install the OCTT software.
2. Run it for a few hours.
3. Check if the performance is low or not.

What if your PSU doesn’t have enough power during a stress test

After the PSU stress test using some electronic types of equipment to check the voltage output supply of the PSU, if the PSU doesn’t have enough power required and is not up to the needed capacity, you will have to replace the PSU with a better one.

PSU makes noise during the stress test

The coil whine causes the absurd sound created during the PSU stress test. It s the electricity’s sound rushing and resonating in the components of a computer. This happens during the overclocking of the PSU.


It is essential to have an uninterrupted working system for fast completion of the task and work. You can use the comment box below for any queries.

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