Best Ways To Resolve CPU Package Temp Overheating

CPU Package Temp


What is CPU Package temp

The CPU (Central Processing Unit) is a vital and pivotal unit in computer systems. No matter what type of computer or laptop you have, nor the type of OS (e.g. Windows Operating System, Linux, Mac, etc.), Having a healthy CPU is indispensable for a good working computer system. So how can we keep the CPU in a good state? What causes the high temperature of CPU ( CPU package temp ) and how to rectify it? We have provided the intel on this in-depth. Read below to know more.

The package temperature is the thermal reading of the CPU. It simply means the temperature of the heart of your system (i.e. CPU). These readings of temperature are noted down by a sensor (A device that detects the physical or chemical attributes and properties of the object attached to it).

What spawns CPU package temp to high

Heavy load

Using heavy applications on systems that have low processors will result in heavy usage of CPU and GPU (Graphics Processing Unit). It is recommended to have a minimum quad processor inside your computers. But lesser than that will get over-heated due to overload when heavy applications run (e.g. Games, photoshops, anti-virus, etc.)


Clocking refers to the speed by which the CPU can take and send data and information. This quickness or speed can be calculated in MHz (megahertz, or millions of pulses per second) or GHz.

There is a recommended clock speed for every CPU or GPU, but pushing this value above this range of recommended speed for better performance is termed as over-clocking.

This situation can lead to an unstable state in your device along with more heat output.

Improper Airflow

It is required to have a minimum of two fans for your system, in which one will be for the CPU and GPU, while the other one will be the external fan. Just one fan may not be able to cool your CPU down, while no fans operating will lead to over-heating, and then suddenly shut down.

If your internal fan for CPU and GPU is stopped, then you have to take your system to a technician to repair it.

Dust at Internal fan

When there are dust particles settled at your internal fans, then the fan will not be able to provide cool air to the processor. So be sure to clean the fans to make them dust-free and to reduce CPU package temp.

Thermal Paste

It is a paste in grey-silvery color gell applied to the processor. When this paste is worn out, the processor won’t be able to transfer its heat to the cooling system.

How to find out the temperature:

There are a few applications that you can download from chrome and install on your device. A few notable apps are:

  1. HWMonitor
  2. Solar Winds CPU Load Monitor
  3. Open Hardware Monitor
  4. Core temp
  5. Atera
  6. SpeedFan
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How to reduce CPU package temp:

Based on different scenarios, the solution to this varies. Some of the ways to reduce this CPU package temp are:

Reduce Load

There might be many background apps and software running without your notice, you can uninstall it in the control panel, or end the specific task in the task manager. You can open task manager by pressing: Ctrl+Shift+Esc

Reduce Load CPU package temp

System Scan

Do a thorough system scan to check for suspicious malware or worms that may be causing abnormalities in the system. After the scan, the anti-virus itself will prompt to remove off these menaces. Few trusted anti-virus apps are Avast, McAfee, Kaspersky, etc.

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Reduce Clocking Rate

Over usage of CPU and GPU and increasing their speed or rates will lead to overclocking. This will result in a sudden shutdown or restart of your system. Make sure that this is low. If it is not low, you can change it manually. This can drastically help to reduce the value of CPU package temp.

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  1. Turn off and then on the computer to launch the BIOS settings panel (UEFI).
  2. Search for the CPU frequency option. It will be below the “Advanced” panel.
  3. Change the value to a lower number available.
  4. Save and exit by pressing F10.

Check Airflow and Remove Dust From Fan

The heat of the CPU may increase if there is no proper airflow within the system. If the internal fan of the GPU and CPU is not working or is not in proper condition, you can repair the fan or replace it with a new one. Also, check that there is no dust or sand settled on the fans. This will not give the adequate temperature required by the CPU.

Apply New Thermal Paste

The old thermal paste might have worn out. This paste is usually attached to the processors. You can open the system from the core and apply the new thermal pastes on it, or any alternative pastes. Or you can approach a technician from any good servicing company to repair it.

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Change the Processor to a Better one

Your system may have dual-core or inadequate numbers of cores required for the processor. You can buy a new one which may be quad-core and octa-core, and if it is supported in your system, you can attach it to your device.

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CPU Package Temp Vs. CPU Temp

CPU package tempCPU temp
1. CPU package temperature provides the real temperature of the cores and processors.1. This value is always lesser than the CPU package temperature and is not accurate.
2. The values are read by a sensor that is placed much near the core. 2. This sensor is placed on the motherboard and takes temperature values of the computer and is a bit away from the cores.

CPU package temperature provides the real temperature of the cores, processors, as the values are read by a sensor that is placed much near to the core.

But there is one more sensor that is placed on the motherboard and takes temperature values of the computer and is a bit away from the cores. This value is always lesser than the CPU package temperature.

CPU package temp is higher than core

The temperature rises due to heavy usage of memory, improper airflow, and many conditions. But when the temperature is higher than the core and goes beyond its peak level (90 or 100 degrees Celsius) then your computer will either slow down or will shut down automatically.

FAQs Related to CPU Package Temp Overheating

Is monitoring the CPU package temp important?

Yes, knowing the status of your computer’s CPU and GPU temperature will be helpful in finding the reasons and causes for overheating and resolving it. This will help in reducing the value of CPU package temp.

What is the idle temperature for CPU package temp?

A good range for this will be between seventy and eighty degrees in celsius, while for Fahrenheit, it is 150 to 180 degrees.

Can I check the CPU temp in my task manager?

Yes, for doing this, follow these steps:
1. Open task manager from taskbar or press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc
2. Choose the performance tab.
3. The temperature values of your CPU and GPU can be found at the right pane.

CPU package temp is higher than core

The temperature should be normal as it is with other ordinary computers. But if it is high and above the peak, then you may need to go to the settings and select the fan speed to the highest. Sometimes the temperature is shown falsely as too high even though the computer is cool and not used more, due to malfunctions in software.

Winding Up

We hope that you got to know more about the processors and CPU package temp. You can use the below comment down below if you have any questions.

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