Brain Sensei PMP Course Review: 5 Reasons Why It is the Best

Brain Sensei PMP Course

Are you looking to earn a Project Management Professional Certificate? Do you need PMP training?

If the answer to both those questions is yes, you have come to the right place. A lot of effort goes into earning the PMP Certification, and you need a training program to achieve your goal. Brain Sensei offers one of the best training programs in the world.

Here, we discuss and review the Brain Sensei PMP Course in detail to determine why it’s the best.


What is the PMP?

Project Management Professional is the world’s leading project management certification. What does it mean to have one? Well, it means you have both project management skills and experience and have demonstrated project management knowledge for people who are managing projects. It is accepted worldwide and can provide a massive boost to the careers of project leaders.

PMP Eligibility Requirements:

To apply for the PMP exam, you need either,

  • A four-year degree, 36 months leading projects, and 35 hours of project management education, or
  • A high school diploma or equivalent, 60 months leading projects, and 35 hours of project management education or CAPM Certification.

The PMP exam lasts for 4 hours and covers a wide range of knowledge areas. The exam is considered to be challenging and it is generally recommended to take some prep course before attempting it.

Introduction to Brain Sensei

Brain Sensei PMP Course

Brain Sensei is a story-based eLearning course that helps you earn your PMP Certification. The course is extremely unique as they use storytelling to make the course more interactive, fun, and effective. Using the story of a female samurai in feudal Japan. It mimics real projects so that you learn real-life concepts that will serve your career.

They have helped project managers in companies like Disney, Apple, Microsoft, etc. with their video learning platform. This online self-paced course offers everything you need to pass the exam and earn the certification.

What does the Brain Sensei PMP Course offer?

The Brain Sensei PMP course covers predictive and adaptive project management practices. The course comprises of the following,

  • 9 interactive story-based learning modules, which includes video explanations, interactive learning, and self-assessment quizzes.
  • 4 full practice exams with 800 questions that simulate the exam environment as closely as possible.
  • 35 contact hours/professional development units (PDUs) that are required to take the PMP exam (Based on PMBOK® Guide 6th Edition).
  • Summary of key knowledge points for each process and multiple self-assessments in each module to track your progress
  • Base knowledge assessments with discoverability questions to reveal the blind spots holding you back.
  • Facebook support group to handle your queries and follow up emails with tips, tricks, and reminders.

Why Brain Sensei PMP Course is the best?

Highly Interactive and Engaging

Storytelling-based content

The course uses an animated story of a samurai in feudal Japan who is on a mission to PMP certified to teach you project management concepts while entertaining you. They have 13 exciting storyline challenges to complete. They built lessons using Articulate Storylines, an award-winning tool for creating the best eLearning courses. It is also highly interactive with self-assessment options, drag and drop features, etc. This makes it more memorable and helps you retain what you have learned.

Comprehensive Course Material

The course covers all the PMP topics extensively with 9 learning modules. The modules of the Brain Sensei PMP Program include:

  • Project Management Overview
  • Initiating Projects
  • Planning Projects
  • Executing Projects
  • Monitoring & Controlling Projects
  • Closing Projects
  • PMP Exam Prep

Their training course is in line with PMI PMBOK.

Pass Guarantee

They offer a 100% guarantee on you passing your exam with their Brain Sensei PMP course. If you complete the 35-hour Complete PMP Exam Prep course and fail the exam within one calendar year from the date of course purchase, Brain Sensei will provide another 90 days of access to the Prep course at no charge. You will be provided with another 90 days of access if you fail a second time. But if you fail a third time, your money will be refunded.


The cost is reasonable at $499.99 for such a unique video-based learning course. You are provided access to the course for six months. You can receive a full refund in the first seven days after you purchased the course, so long as you did not start more than one practice exam. Since there is also a refund guarantee, it is virtually risk-free.

Practice Questions

Self-assessment tests

There are built-in self-assessments for you to test your knowledge. You have quizzes and tests at the end of each module to track and assess your progress. In addition, you get 4 practice exams to test your exam readiness and identify any gaps in learning. You need to score 80% or more in the self-assessment and practice exams.

Additional Advantages

  • You can take mobile optimised classes on your phone or tablet.
  • Speedy customer support and a thorough resource page to solve your problem.
  • The practise questions in the Brain Sensei PMP course are psychometrically validated.

Getting Started with Brain Sensei PMP Course

The course is priced at $499.99 for six months. Fill in your contact information to buy the course. You can pay through a credit card or debit card. A free trial is also available, which will give you full access to the first module.

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FAQs on Brain Sensei PMP Course

What is the Brain Sensei PMP course?

Brain Sensei is a story-based eLearning course that helps you earn your PMP Certification.

What’s the best link to get the Brain Sensei PMP course at the Cheapest Rate?

Are there any alternatives to the Brain Sensei PMP course?

There are quite a few courses including those offered by Simplilearn, Udemy, PM PrepCast, etc.

In the End…

Brain Sensei PMP course offers a non-traditional learning method that is unlike any other program on the market. Its fun, interactive, and animated lessons set in feudal Japan provide an alternative to preparing for the PMP exam. You can use the free trial to see if this unique course suits your needs.

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