6 BrightEdge Competitors and Their Pros and Cons

BrightEdge Competitors

BrightEdge is a leader in marketing content, there are a lot of BrightEdge competitors in the market. Some of the close BrightEdge competitors are Moz Pro, Raven Tools, Conductor Searchlight, Siteimprove, Ahrefs, and many more.

BrightEdge is one of the best in the world when it comes to enhancing the marketing of content. BrightEdge is a Software as a service (or SaaS) by which it builds the SEO platform and ensures to generate of organic traffic. Here is a discussion about the BrightEdge competitors is as follows.




SEMRush is a software that is one of the BrightEdge competitors. It offers solutions for the contents in many ways. SEMrush helps in SEO, social media content, content related to competitive research, and many more.


  • SEMRush is one of the best when it comes to search engine results. No other tools can provide you the Google Search Engine Results at a budget price range.
  • For startups and freelancers, it offers 119.99 dollars per month. At this price range, no other BrightEdge competitors offer this much data.
  • SEMRush has a lot of beta tools integrated, which are equally helpful.


  • SEMRush provides data for one search engine, which is Google.
  • Apart from that, it has a plan that is for one account. If you want to use it for multiple accounts, then this will be expensive.

Moz Pro



  • Moz Pro is user-friendly as compared to other similar tools. It is used to improve the Search Engine Optimization of content.
  • Moz Pro is also considered as one of the BrightEdge competitors by many experts.  It allows you to identify safe and trustworthy websites by giving you domain authority.
  • The backlink analysis is also easy and effective in this tool.
  • It analyzes different types of data that work well in this tool too. It also has a plan starting from only 99 dollars per month, which is cool.


  • Although it is a good tool for Search Engine Optimization, it is still not the best tool for SEO.
  • Moz Pro has tough keyword tracking restrictions that are pretty difficult to work with.



  • Ahrefs is also another BrightEdge competitor due to its advanced features. There is neither any complacent nor difficulty while registering or working with it.
  • It also checks homepages, which is another positive side.
  • Ahrefs suggests suitable keywords for a certain topic, and it can adjust the keyword according to the content. As a result, the SEO standard of your article will be increased. It provides a lot of backlinks to the user.


  • You cannot search more than 30 times a day. That is a setback for this tool.
  • The technical analysis and the keyword analysis are not that good.
  • If you choose the advanced plans, more than one user can handle the same account. This is another upset for the budget users.

Conductor Searchlight


  • Conductor Searchlight is another useful tool to improve content quality with the help of their content intelligent platform.
  • They have improved keyword search, which helps increase traffic.
  • They have a Google Chrome extension, which is helpful for some analysis.
  • They also have a customizable dashboard where they demonstrate content creation and marketing processes.


  • It would be better if Conductor Searchlight has a better technical analysis part.
  • There are too many features in it. It might take a lot of time to get it covered.
  • Beginners will struggle with it unless an expert does not guide them.

Raven Tools 


  • Raven Tools is another all-around performer and one of the BrightEdge competitors. It plays an important role in creating content related to SEO, marketing, PPC, and many more.
  • Raven Tools help monitor your clients’ requirements and keep a close eye on client’s needs.
  • It has the ability to quickly solve your requirements of engaging and interactive reports with ease. It can create reports for the client very fast.
  • There is the availability of data from multiple sources, and it is actually easy.


  • There might be some backend errors in this tool. 
  • The system has a lot of issues regarding connections to third-party software. Have to reach out to support to fix backend errors consistently.
  • They have a site optimization that can be a bit complicated for the users.
  • Their chrome extension is not that smooth.



  • gShift helps in developing engaging content for a particular client, especially on their client requirements.
  • gShift works in an efficient way to improve the engagement of content on the web.
  • gShift also allows a user to work on the keywords and track them by the search engine, device, and location. This can improve how to rank up your keyword.
  • gShift also tracks Google’s local map to give the user better insight into the customers and their requirements.
  • With gShift, you can create clean and professional reports according to the business-standard.


  • The admin part is a bit confusing here.
  • There are some minor bugs like exporting pdf capabilities for the custom dashboard is the downside of it.
  • The ability to add social networking sites such as Pinterest is missing here.

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There are a lot of BrightEdge competitors in the market. However, they are always different in a different aspects. One thing that is important is that all those apps are useful to develop and increase the reach of content. All those BrightEdge competitors that offer similar kinds of services have different plans. Therefore, it will be the users’ choice to choose any of them according to their requirements.

FAQs on BrightEdge Competitors

Which of the above-mentioned tool is easy to use?

Most of the tools required some experience to work on efficiently. If you are a beginner, you might not be too comfortable with either one. However, Moz Pro is easier to use as experienced by a lot of users.

Which tool is comparatively cheaper here?

Moz Pro has some different plans for different types of users. Therefore, it can be considered as a budget user among the BrightEdge competitors.

Is BrightEdge better than all of them or not?

It will depend upon the user. A particular user can prefer some particular features. Therefore, for any particular user, BrightEdge might be a better tool. For some others, it might not. A user can choose any of the BrightEdge competitors as per them.

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