CL18 Vs CL16: Choose the Best

cl18 vs cl16

Wondering which one to buy, cl18 vs cl16? What does this CL do, and is just CL alone enough to better your systems’ performance? All your doubts and queries will be cleared in this post.


What is CL:

CL stands for CAS Latency. At the same time, the word CAS is also short for Column Address Strobe. So what does this do?

Column Address Strobe Latency provides the amount of delay in clock cycle time (in nanoseconds) when the RAM tries to access data from the computer’s memory column. So the less the value of the CL, the better will be the speed.

Nanoseconds are used for specifying the time for asynchronous DRAM. While in synchronous DRAM, clock cycles is the term measured in.

If you are building up your PC or a complete system, you may think of which CL is better to install on your computer. CL is not the only piece of equipment that boosts up your computer.

cl18 vs cl16
cl18 vs cl16

Is just cl important:

No, along with a good CL, you will also require a high DRAM processor. The higher the value of the DRAM, the more will be the speed and performance of your system. Having a good quality DRAM is more important than having a good CL.

cl18 vs cl16 image
image for cl18 vs cl16

What is RAM:

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a piece of vital equipment in your CPU that helps in data transfer. It aids in receiving and sending instructions and information throughout your system.

The speed of the RAM device is measured in MHz (MegaHertz). If there are two RAM devices of 3200MHz and 3600 MHz, you should opt for the 3600MHz if you have a high budget even though you can get the 3200MHz RAM for a low cost and will not have much difference in speed and will also not produce any glitches.

If you are in the gaming profession, it is recommended to get the RAM of the high processor to play games that use much memory and cycles.

RAM image

cl18 vs cl16:

Comparing cl18 vs cl16, there is not much significant difference in the gameplay and the videos shown on your monitor. We will now compare the various features between cl18 vs cl16:

GPU usage percentageNearly identical or a bit higher than cl18. Almost same or a bit lower than cl16
GPU temperatureIs same or a degree or two lesser than cl18About same as cl16, sometimes a degree higher than cl16.
VRAM usageIt is higher than cl18Is lesser than cl16
CPU usage percentageIt is the same as cl18It is the same as cl16
RAM usageMuch higher than cl18Much lesser than cl18
FPS rateSame as cl18Same as cl16
LagsNo laggingNo lagging

If you have a high budget and your profession is game streaming, it is recommended to use CL of low value.

If you are building a computer for everyday use, then cl18 is best as there will not be any difference in your system performance in your system, and will also reduce your expenses.

single cas latency
CAS latency image

What else can I do to boost the speed device:

  • Upgrade to an SSD Drive:
  • Add more RAMs
  • Update Drivers.
  • Run system scan.
  • Download software and applications from trusted websites only.

Is cl18 better than cl16?

CL16 is better than cl18 when you wish to reduce a slight lag for your processor. If your budget is low, cl18 is preferred, as there is not a big difference in computer speed when both are compared.

Which CAS Latency is good for ryzen?

CAS Latency (cl) of 14 is better than any other cl when you are in a gaming profession, or you do a lot of work on your computer and need no laggings in it.

cl18 vs cl16: Performance during the game “Enlisted”

The below table shows the difference in various processes when cl18 or cl16 is used:

Process CL16 CL18
CPU usage81%80%
CPU Cycle4025 MHz3975 MHz
GPU usage96%97%
GPU Core Temp52 Degrees Celsius53 Degrees Celsius
VRAM Usage2848 MB2659 MB
Avg FPS167161
0.1% Low92 FPS91 FPS
1% Low31 FPS32 FPS

FAQs Related to CL18 Vs CL16

Which CAS Latency is better for intel?

If you are an Intel user, you should probably opt for low cl. They provide better optimization. If you can not afford that much for optimization and performance, and you will use your system for small works, then you can choose a cheap one.

Where can I buy a good RAM with cl18 inbuilt?

You can buy it easily on the official webpage of Amazon by using this link:

Where can I buy a good RAM with cl16 inbuilt?

You can buy it easily on the official webpage of Amazon by using this link:

Winding up:

Hope you got to know much about cl18 vs cl16, and also which one is best suited. You can comment down below if you still have some doubts.

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