[Fixed] Only Half of the RAM is usable? | 6 Ways to Increase RAM to its Best

Only Half of the RAM is usable

Is your system lagging and operates slow. After checking the settings or from the task manager, you found that half of the RAM is usable? Then you need to know what RAM is, what it does, how to increase the RAM to full, how to rectify half of the ram is usable and how to keep the performance of your computer at the height of it by fixing: only half of the RAM is functional.


What is a RAM:

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a part of the computer located inside the CPU (Central Processing Unit). As the name implies, it is a memory unit that aids in storing information, data, codes, and result. This can perform read and write operations.

It is a volatile type of memory. Meaning, when entering data in the RAM, suddenly, when there is a power cut, or the device is turned off, all those entered and typed data will be deleted forever.

RAM image

What does RAM do:

When you are starting up an application or a program, it gets loaded in your RAM first. Even though the application or program is stored in the main memory, this application’s data is transferred to RAM, and then it gets loaded. This is capable of holding more than one process and application in it.

How RAM Affects Performance:

The more RAM placed in your computer, the more processes you can run in your system. RAM does not increase the speed of an application but can create lagging when it is in overload. This overload happens when a lot of processes are running in your system and are stored in RAM.

How to check the RAM performance:

  • Open the Task Manager.
  • To do this, press “Ctrl+Shift+Esc”.
  • Switch to the performance tab.
  • At the left pane, the Memory heading will show the maximum RAM memory vailable in your PC, and how much is in use currently.

Factors that lead to: Only half of the RAM is usable.

There are quite a few factors that can cause only half of the RAM to be usable and leading to slowing your system.

  • 32-bit system.
  • Memory limitation enabled in the system configuration.
  • Incorrect ClearPageFileAtShutdown
  • Improper connection of RAM or other CPU devices.
  • Incompatible or broken dimms.
  • iGPU

How to rectify half of the RAM is usable:

1. 32-bit system:

If your system has a 32-bit processor, the maximum RAM GB it can support is 4 GB. Whether you install more than that, like 8 GB or 6 GB, it will always show only 4 GB as the maximum allowed memory.

You may face this issue of half of the RAM is used when your operating system is less than 64 bit. You can check yours by:

  • Type “System Information” in the search panel of the Task bar.
  • Click on the application.
  • Check for “System Type” at the right side of the window.
  • This will provide information whether your device is 32 bit or 64 bit.
  • If your device is 32-bit, you will need to upgrade it to 64 bit with the help of a technician.
half of the RAM is usable
Fix half of the RAM is usable

2. Incorrect value for ClearPageFileAtShutdown:

  • Press: Windows Key + R.
  • In the Run command, type: Regedit
  • It may ask you to give admin access, click on yes.
  • Now, in the left panel, navigate through: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> System -> Current Control Set -> Control -> Session Manager -> Memory Management.
  • Double click on the file “Clear Page File At Shut Down”.
  • Change the “Value Data” to 1.
  • Select OK.
Registry Editor

3. Memory lmitation enabled in the system configuration:

  • Open System Configuration.
  • Choose the Boot panel from the top.
  • Deselect the checkbox next to Maximum Memory.
  • Click OK.
Change Memory limitation value

4. Improper connection of RAM or devices in the CPU:

The RAM sticks might not have been appropriately inserted on the DIMM slots. If you do not have any prior experience building a CPU, then take it to a technician.

The RAM sticks might have got damaged or are inserted in some other slots. Try fixing these issues.

5. Incompatible or broken DIMMs:

A damaged pin can also lead to a “half of the RAM is usable” error. These faults can only be fixed by replacing that equipment with a new and better one.

Also, check the DIMMs if they are in a good state or not. DIMMs are the ones that connect the RAM slots with the motherboard.

6. iGPU:

These are used for better video qualities in the system and are cheap.

If this equipment is outdated or gets damaged, it will hang your computer while doing high-end processes. This can also lead to half of the RAM is usable issues.

FAQs on Half of the RAM is usable

What is a RAM?

It is a vital part of the computer system, placed inside the CPU. This helps to provide fast access to data and improves the processing speed.

How to keep the performance of computers high?

Uninstall the unrequired software from the task manager.
Delete the files and folders, which are huge.
Quit those applications which are not in use.
Do not open too many tabs in your web browsers.

Winding Up:

Nowadays, it is essential to have a high-performance system to complete the required tasks quickly and in no time. When only half of the RAM is usable, the system won’t perform to its full potential. The various methods discussed above might have been helpful to you in fixing this issue of half of the RAM is usable.

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