Easily Fix Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera

security policy prevents use of camera

Many users nowadays come across the problem of getting an error named ‘Security Policy prevents use of Camera,’ which leads to trouble using the camera. This is an annoying problem because it prevents you from using the camera app. This notice comes whenever you open the camera app. It just sucks because, you know, what’s a phone without a camera!!?

Hence, to address this issue, we at toolspond today are gonna provide you with a complete and comprehensive guide about this error. Also, we will enlighten you on the fixes that might come in handy if you are experiencing this error.


Security Policy prevents use of camera – the cause

The security policy prevents use of camera notifications restricting users from using the camera app and can display on your Samsung smartphone for various reasons.

  • The camera app or the phone’s settings have been configured incorrectly. This is one of the primary causes of the current problem. On a Samsung or any Android device, the security notification is more likely to appear if the camera or phone settings are incorrect.
  • Incompatibility with a third-party application. Several third-party programs are incredibly beneficial. However, some of these may cause issues with your phone’s camera. The camera will not launch in this scenario, and you will receive the security policy notice.
  • The phone’s sensors have been turned off. When you activate the camera app, if the phone’s sensors are disabled, you’ll get a security policy notification because the camera sensor is disabled.

Getting the error? – Here’s how to fix Fix Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera

Getting the error? - Here's how to fix it

Although this error generally occurs in the android phones, particularly the SAMSUNG android phones have been infamous for giving this security policy prevents use of camera error. While the potential causes have been explained already, it’s a matter of fact that there could be some added reasons also.

This problem has been reported by a large number of Samsung users. And we understand how aggravating it is when you just want to capture a moment with your camera, and all you see is this mistake.

The Samsung Galaxy series – S21, S20, and S10 – are known to be affected by this problem. Samsung’s A-series includes the A51, A50, A12, A11, A10, A21, A21, A22, A31, A32, A52, and F41, as well as the M-series, which includes the M10, M12, M30, M20, and more.

However, below we are going to discuss the fixes you might use whenever you encounter the error quoting ‘security policy prevents use of camera’.

Restart Your phone

Let’s start from the easy first, try restarting your phone. In most cases, the problem is simply a glitch that may be quickly resolved by restarting the smartphone. Restarting your Samsung mobile will likely resolve the problem.

In most cases, a faulty dictionary on the SD card where the photographs and videos are stored is the root of the problem. It is, therefore, preferable to restart the smartphone after removing the SD card and SIM card. This shall remove the security policy prevents use of camera error.

Enable Safe Mode

Safe mode is a particular feature of the Windows operating system that most users are already aware of. Safe mode is a diagnostic mode that only allows necessary system programs and services to function when the computer boots up. All you have to do is to follow the following steps:

To begin, press and hold power off button on your Android phone’s left or right side. Then, on your screen, press and hold power off button. After that, you’ll notice a safe mode button, which you should click. Your phone will display a “Safe mode” label that will appear in the bottom-left corner of the screen. You’ll also notice that downloaded app icons are greyed out, suggesting that they’re disabled. This means that the outsourced apps have been disabled for the time being, allowing only the standard firmware. Opening the camera in the safe mode can effectively remove the security policy prevents use of camera error.

Now, open the camera application. If everything is working fine and there are no messages on the screen, it means that there are some malicious apps that are interrupting the standard working of the phone. Hence, restart the android phone in regular mode. To repair this, you’ll need to adjust the device’s settings or uninstall harmful third-party programs. This shall remove the security policy prevents use of camera error.

Configure the sensors properly

Phone sensors play a determining role in the smooth functioning of the phone. The sensors on the phone are crucial. You will be confronted with a security policy prevents use of camera errors on your android mobile if you have turned them off or if they are not correctly configured.

Developer Options should be enabled.

Developer Options should be enabled.

To begin, go to the Settings app and tap “About phone,” then tap the “Build number” entry seven times, and a message stating that you are a developer will appear. If prompted, enter your PIN to gain access to a new settings menu named “Developer options.”

Now, from the Settings app, go to “System,” then “Advanced,” and finally “Developer options.” Select “Quick settings developer tiles” after scrolling down a little bit. When you swipe down from the top of any page and enable the toggle next to “Sensors Off,” you’ll see a new toggle in your Quick Settings.

Configure the sensors properly

Your compass, proximity sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and any other sensors will be turned off if you hit this “Sensors Off” button. Because Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS have their toggles, they are unaffected. It’s worth noting that while your sensors are switched off, any functionality that relies on them will be broken. Make double sure that the sensors off option are unchecked.

This shall effectively eliminate the security policy prevents use of camera errors.

FAQs on Security Policy Prevents Use of Camera

Why is my phone’s camera turned off?

Check the camera app’s permissions.
If the issue “camera not working on Android” occurs, review the apps to which you previously provided Permission and revoke the access. To see apps on your Android device that have Camera Permissions – APPS & NOTIFICATIONS > APP PERMISSIONS > SETTINGS > APP PERMISSIONS > CAMERA should be selected.

Why can’t I use my Samsung phone’s camera?

The phone should be restarted. If restarting the camera app doesn’t work, go to Settings > Applications > Application management > Camera app and clear the cache and data. Then press Force Stop and pick Clear Data and Clear Cache from the Storage menu.

What is the procedure for disabling security policy?

Open Settings to check what could be controlling your phone. To learn more about biometrics and security, go to Biometrics and Security. Select Other security settings from the drop-down menu.
Select Device admin applications from the drop-down menu. A list of apps that may be controlling your phone may be found here. By sliding the switch to the left, you can try to disable the ones that are now active.

Will resetting the phone resolve the security policy preventing use of the camera?

Yes, if all the other options fail, you can factory reset the phone and can get rid of this, security policy prevents the use of camera error.

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