vs GoToMeeting: A comparison between 2 best video meeting software vs GoToMeeting vs GoToMeeting are two of the best video meeting software out there. These two software are helpful for people who need to attend video conferences and meetings daily. Here in this article, we are going to discuss these two similar types of articles. We will take the advantages and disadvantages into consideration here in this discussion of vs GoToMeeting.

If you are using zoom as your primary video meeting software you must read our in-depth comparison article on zoom vs.


What is is a software used for video meeting purposes. It is easy to attend quick meetings, conferences, webinars on this software. There is no such trouble of login or set-up here on this software. Many people from different places can connect for a video conversation here on this software. It is one of the best video meeting software out there. software has some positive sides as well as a few negative points too.

Cost of pricing comes with four different plans. Lite, Pro, Business, and Free are those plans. 

  • Lite: There are some basic features with up to 5 participants. The user needs to pay around 24 dollars a month for this plan. 
  • Pro: All the features of the Lite plan are available here. Besides, up to 50 participants can join here in a meeting with this plan. The user needs to pay a sum of 29 dollars per month for this plan.
  • Business: Some additional features along with all the features of the Business plan are available here. The user needs to pay around 39 dollars per month for this plan. 
  • Free: As the name suggests, it is a free plan with a screen sharing and call facility.

What is GoToMeeting?


GoToMeeting is also the software used for video meetings and virtual conversations. It comes at the top of the list with very few similar software that offers virtual meetups. Professionals from different fields use it for a video meeting with employees, colleagues, team members, seniors, or any other person from their home. GoToMeeting made the life of the professionals with its amazing features. Employees can connect with their team whenever they want with this software.

Cost of GoToMeeting

gototmeeting pricing

There are four plans in GoToMeeting. Professionals, Enterprise, Business, and Free plans are those plans. Each of them comes with a different price tag and benefits.

  • Professional Plans: GoToMeeting Professional plan comes with features like screen sharing, HD video calling, and participants up to 150. It costs around 12 dollars per month.
  • Enterprise Plans: GoToMeeting comes with some added features with the Professional plan. It allows up to 250 participants every time. GoToMeeting costs around 16 dollars per month.
  • Business Plan. It has the best features of all three plans. The Business plan allows up to 300 participants every time. However, for the price, the user needs to contact them. 
  • Free Plan: GoToMeeting free plan has some basic features like calling and screen sharing.

Advantages of software over GoToMeeting software has a lot of advantages over GoToMeeting. For this, many users have expressed their interest in software over other software. To make the vs GoToMeeting comparison fair, we need to put some advantages of here. Those are as follows:

  • Internet stability: works well even the internet connectivity is not that strong. A user with poor internet can attend the meeting on software. However, for GoToMeeting, it is hard to communicate when the internet connectivity is poor. 
  • System configuration: Join .me works almost the same for most of the systems out there. However, for GoToMeeting, your system configuration plays an important role. If your system is better, then your video meeting experience would be better.
  • Cheaper: is comparatively cheaper than GoToMeeting. If we compare every plan, then there is a clear price difference between the two plans.
  • User-friendly UI: has a user-friendly UI over GoToMeeting. However, none of them are ready to go for the absolute beginners. 

Advantages of GoToMeeting software over

There are some advantages of GoToMeeting over too. If we want to make a fair comparison of vs GoToMeeting, we need to write down some advantages of GoToMeetings too. Those are as follows:

  • Features: GoToMeeting offers more features over If we consider similar paid plans, GoToMeeting has many features like web audio, Google calendar plugin, Office 365 plugin, personal meeting room, etc. 
  • The number of participants: In GoToMeeting, the upper limit of the number of participants is far more than in every plan. It makes a huge difference in the comparison of vs GoToMeeting.
  • Lagging issue: There are more lagging issues in over GoToMeeting. Many users also faced lagging issues on due to some error on the host system. However, on GoToMeeting, these kinds of issues are less.
  • A drop in video and audio quality: Some users reported that on, a sudden drop of either video or audio quality is observed during a video meeting. However, it is not that noticeable on GoToMeeting.


In this comparison of vs GoToMeeting, there is some difference in features, pricing, performance, and flexibility. If we consider all the positive and negative sides of both software, then it is clear that GoToMeeting is a step ahead of However, this is not for every single user. Anyone can pick any of them as per their requirements. For some people, can be a better one due to its cost.

Q: In between vs GoToMeeting, which software provides cheaper plans?

Ans: comes with cheaper plans between these two software. However, GoToMeeting offers some discounts on the standard plans every time.

Q: Which software offers more number of participants in between vs GoToMeeting?

Ans: GoToMeeting offers a lot more participants than If we compare the number of participants in vs GoToMeeting, GoToMeeting allows more participants for a similar plan.

Q: In between vs GoToMeeting, which software offers more features to the customers?

Ans: In the comparison of vs GoToMeeting, GoToMeeting offers more features like HD video, web audio, unlimited time of the meeting, Google calendar plugin, etc., to the customer over

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