vs Zoom: A Debate Between 2 Best Video Sharing Tools vs Zoom vs Zoom is a debate between two screen-sharing tools. We can say that the overview of those two tools is kind of similar. Both are equally useful in the case of video conferences, meetings, and similar kinds of stuff. Hence, there is a detailed discussion between vs Zoom is needed. These are as follows.

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All about is a screen-sharing tool by which we can connect with people from different regions. has some exciting features that are beneficial for the user. In the professional field, its usefulness is eye-catching. Though it has lots of positive aspects, there are still some points at which it falls behind. Here is a detailed discussion about the positive and negative sides of this app to judge between vs Zoom tools. 


  • Smooth operation: Communication is the basic part of the tool. has one of the best video conferencing. It is very smooth throughout, and navigating is also easy here.
  • Great audio experience: allows the user to connect with the people outside of their region. It has one of the best audio conference systems as compared to any other software out there. Hence, audio experience in it while video meeting or conferencing is satisfactory for the user.
  • Easy screen sharing: In this tool, screen sharing is also easy. It also allows the user with a useful feature like the recording. It is useful for the people who are in business meetings. People who are not attending the meeting can see the recording later. 
  • Availability of audio-only option: The audio-only option is also available for those who do not need the video. They can turn off the video there. 
  • User-friendly UI: has a UI that has user-friendly and easy to work with. For beginners, this UI is easy to learn and implement those learnings.
  • Option for customized emails: There are options in tools to send people customized emails along with calendar attachments to make it more professional and easier at the same time.
  • Customer support: has quick responsive Customer Support. They are easily connectable by phone call.
  • Easy joining: There is no trouble in joining on The user does not need to download the plugin if he does not wish the other users to share their screen. It is also easier to convert the report to MS Excel.


  • Difficulty in the installation: In, there is no proper guide to installation. If the user is not aware of the proper installation, there might be some issues working with it.
  • Not for beginners: It is not that much user-friendly for absolute beginners. If any user is working with it on their mobile, then the quality of the video and audio drops at times.
  • Lagging issue: Without a proper internet connection, it might not work perfectly. After that, more the number of users, there will e more lagging issues with it.
  • It is a bit expensive. 
  • Technical issues: The recording process in could be easier. Technical issues might be there if some user trying to join at the same time.
  • Difficulty in screen sharing: If the host has a problem with its system or has a network error, then the entire screen sharing process will have issues.

All about Zoom


Zoom has also had a great impact on the video conference-based world. Virtual meetups, screen sharing, video conferencing, and many more become a lot easier with Zoom. Just like, Zoom has a positive side as well as some least improved sides. Here it is important to discuss its either side to end the debate between vs Zoom.


  • Easy for multiple users: Zoom is easy to use, and multiple members can participate here too. Virtual meetings are easier here with Zoom. Interactive features like ‘raise a hand’ and more are there. As a result, meetings will never be boring.
  • Screen sharing: The Zoom is a reliable tool to organize video conferences. Joining in a meeting hosted by a user is easy, along with a screen sharing option. 
  • Easy recordings: Zoom allows the user to record the video sessions smoothly. The user can record and store it either on their device or in the cloud easily. Even beginners can use this tool with ease.
  • Quality is the factor: Zoom works perfectly with almost every device. There is no compromise in either video or audio quality in Zoom. Zoom has a pretty easier interface.
  • Control: All the tools in Zoom are useful and easier to control. The most important of them are webcam, mic, earphone, etc. 
  • Security: Zoom is a secured platform. Users need to use individual IDs and passwords to use them. An online chat option is also available here. There is more number of participants can be added to a meeting.
  • Work with slow internet: Zoom is also able to work with low-speed internet. Not more tools allow this feature.
  • Reconnecting automatically is also available in it if there is a certain interruption of video chat. 


  • Zoom is not cheap.
  • Some users faced audio and video issues while on Zoom meetings.
  • Security: However, it is still secured after some recent issues questioning its security.
  • Lagging issues: While downloading in the cloud, there will be some lag at times. 
  • Popping up issues: Zoom has a chat option that has not too many features. Popping up with some issues is also a problem here in Zoom. Zoom has a backend issue. The server went down at times. It causes lot f issues.
  • Quick response team: Customer service is not that quick responsive here in the Zoom app. 
  • Limited participants: Zoom allows a total of 100 participants maximum. In the premium package, the number of participants is more. The maximum duration of 40 minutes meeting can be arranged here in Zoom for free.


In this vs Zoom debate, Zoom has some advantages over on some occasions. Those are interactive features, compatibility with devices, working on poor internet, etc. However, is ahead in terms of ease UI interface, responsive customer support, etc. Therefore the contest between vs Zoom is close. Zoom edges ahead here from Now the user will be the judge to choose the best between vs Zoom.

Q: vs Zoom, which has better responsive customer service?

Ans: has a quick response customer support team in the comparison between vs zoom. Users can easily connect with the team by phone call.

Q: vs Zoom, which has an easier interface?

Ans: has a lot easier interface.

Q: vs Zoom, which one has better video and audio quality?

Ans: The Zoom has better video and audio quality.

Q: vs Zoom, which tool has more security issues?

Ans: The Zoom has more security issues.

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