What is msixvc? Best 4 ways to remove it


The Microsoft Installer for Xbox Virtual Console (msixvc) folder is found in the default drive. This usually holds data in GB, and it isn’t easy to delete it directly. If you wish to delete these files to save some space on your computer, you must know everything about this folder msixvc. We will also tell you how to install it if you change your thoughts on the folder.


What is msixvc, where is it found?

If you are playing many games based on Xbox, then you may find that the memory space taken by your computer is very high. The anti-virus software or the system may warn you of excessive memory usage and junk in the system.

msixvc folder

The folder msixvc is for managing the installation and proper loading of the games downloaded for playing on the Xbox and its consoles. This folder is found in C:\WindowsApps\MSIXVC. The abbreviation of msixvc is Microsoft Installer for Xbox Virtual Console.

Best 4 Ways to Delete msixvc

Change Permissions

  • You may not have the rights and permissions to open the folder of “WindowsApps”.
  • To gain te permission, you will have to provide the permission to this folder by the following steps.
  • Right click on the folder, click on properties, then Advanced.
  • In the advanced security settingswindow, click onthe Change text.
  • Enter your user name in the provided text box.
  • Click Ok, then Apply.
access denied to edit
Open properties
change the access

Enter safe mode:

You can delete selective files by entering in the safe mode:

  • Open the Run command by pressing Windows + R.
  • Type msconfig and press Enter.
  • Switch to the Boot tab.
  • Enable the Safe Boot option.
  • Hit Apply. Now restart your system.
  • Go the folder and then delete the folder named msixvc.
  • Deselect the option of Boot in the msconfig.
  • Restart your system .

Uninstall all games

If your system is lagging down, operates slowly, and restarts itself without warning, then you might have come across a solution or suggestion of lowering the memory space.

The files which are inside the msixvc are related to games that are on your device. On uninstalling the games, the individual files will also be removed.

Using Revo uninstaller:

reva uninstaller app

Download and install the Revo Uninstaller from the official link given below:


After downloading and installing it, open this application to uninstall games that you don’t need and also the leftover junk of it.

How to reinstall msixvc

If you have changed your mind about bringing back this folder, as this supports the Xbox games, then use the following steps:

  • Download the game in folder, which will create a new folder of msixvc in the respective location. Just delete the contents of the newly downloaded game and try whether your game s loading or not.
  • Or use the command line:
  • Add-AppPackage gamefile.msixvc
  • Try to restore your computer to a previous point or time.

How to Cleanup msixvc

You can remove or delete this folder once you go into the WindowsApp folder. For this, you will have to change the permission by moving into the settings of the folder.

Installing MSIXV-through Powershell:

 To install an MSIXV from Powershell, run the command: Add-AppPackage -path

In place of the App package, you will have to type the name of the package you wish to install.

In path, the path location, the destination should be mentioned.

What is MSIXVC support services:

These files do the activities on behalf of some other files for assistance and better optimization. It reduces the load strain of some software like MSIX folder in completing a few processes.

How to install MSIXVC support services:

To install MSIXVC support services, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the whole folder of the MSIXVC, which is inside a protected folder named WindowsApps. You will need to grant yourself access to edit it using the settings and properties.

Removing Msixvc 8bbf2763-a1c6-4f1b-96ca-b79dd5fda4ee

This file will not be removed even if you remove it from the associated game application.

To remove this file, you should check if it gives you editable access to the user or not.

Once you enable the access in the properties, you will be able to delete the whole folder, but with precaution.

FAQs on MSixvc:

Found a folder named-msixvc. Is it safe?

Yes, it is entirely safe. It is a by-product of Microsoft company and does not harm your system.
It just requires a lot of space. Sometimes till 10GB or 20 GB, based on the size of your game on your system downloaded for Xbox or through Windows store.

What to do when the msixvc folder takes a lot of space in the system?

This happens when you download a lot of game apps and software related to it in your system. This will lead to automatic shut down of your computer when the memory usage reaches more than 95% percent.

How to delete this folder?

You can delete this folder by using one of the following ways:
1. Change permissions for WindowsApps so that you can edit the folder to delete it.
2. Enter safe mode first, then fetch for that folder and choose to delete it.
3. Uninstalling games will also remove off the related files along with it.
4. Use Revo uninstaller.


Having a good working computer is more important than having a lot of games, memory space exceeding 95%.

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