RAM SS vs DS: Which is the Best for Windows 10, 11


RAM SS Vs DS ram? Still confused about what these are and how these can affect your computer’s performance. No problem. We will explain everything about ram ss vs ds in detail.


What is a RAM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is a memory device that can store data in itself. It is found inside the Central Processing Unit (CPU) for desktop computers, while it is inside the system for laptops.

When stored in RAM, the data and information for various files, images, or documents can be accessed faster than those stored in the ROM (Read Only Memory) as this will only let you read but not edit. While in RAM’s case, you can edit the contents and also save them. It is volatile in nature.

Now, we will explain RAM ss vs ds individually.

Single Sided RAM

It is short for Single-sided RAM. In this type of RAM, there are only 64 bits that can be held at a time. One side of the RAM stick will have all eight chips, which are in black. Each of these chips can hold 8 bits.

single sided ram
ram ss vs ds

There are a few RAM with eight chips on one side along with 8 bits on the other side. But still holds just 64 bits instead of 128 bits. This is because the whole 16 chips have a capacity of 4 bits instead of 8 bits.


double sided ram

This is short for Double-sided RAM. In this, both sides of the RAM stick have chips on them. There are eight chips on one side and again eight chips on the other. These lead to giving them a capacity of 128 bits for speed.

double sided ram image

Now we will contrast the features for RAM ss vs ds.

Compare ram ss vs ds

Single-sided RamDouble-sided Ram
These are usually of 64 bits.These are 128 bits.
They are also named: Rank 1 RAM.Are also called: Rank 2 RAM.
It can overclock higher than double-sided.It sometimes overclocks lesser than ss RAM.
Has eight chips on it. (Rarely 16).Should have 16 chips.
Works efficiently and steadily with Memory Controller.Is more stressful for the memory controllers.
The RAM modules have the word “1R” on them. The RAM modules have the word “2R” on them.
Do not need to switch banks.Needs to switch banks.

In-Depth Analysis RAM SS vs DS

If we take ss RAM first, the computer can gain access to all of it at a single time. This helps in viewing all of its memory at once.

But for ds RAM, the chips embedded in it are divided into two, known as banks. The computer is capable of seeing only one side of it at a time, not both.

When the system is reading the first half of the bank, it will not have any access to the other side of the bank. Similarly, the same happens when the system is reading the second half of the banks.

By keeping this in mind, single-sided RAMs are better than double-sided RAMs. The double-sided memory utilizes PINs 33 & 45 on the motherboard.

The double-sided RAM can provide low performance, so high-end systems may not have this even though the difference between these is nearly negligible. You will also be required to choose many other essential things to increase the performance of your system, like a good CL, memory size, etc.

You can check the type of side/rank your RAM stick has from the label stuck on top of it.


How many sides can there be in RAM?

There are two types of RAM when classified based on its sides:
1. ss Ram (single-sided RAM)
2. ds Ram (Double-sided RAM).

How many types of ranks are available in RAMs

Three types of ranks can be noticed in the computers:
1. Single Rank
2. Double Rank.
3. Quad Rank.

Which is better for Windows 10 Build: ram ss vs ds

If you are using your system for everyday use like school or office work, it is preferable to buy the cheapest one from the two. As the slight changes made from these two are minimal and can be disregarded.

For Ryzen or Intel users, which is better from SS Ram and DS Ram?

Single-sided rams have just one group of chips on them. This reduces the time taken by the controller for processing a task. So, a single-sided Ram is better than a ds ram if you use your system for heavy applications.
If not so, you can opt for the cheaper one from these two Rams. There is no difference in performance changes on switching to other types of RAM when using the system for regular uses only.


We hope that you got to know much about ram ss vs ds. You can call out to us by using the comment box available at the bottom of the page.

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