Facing “No Location Found iPhone”? Use These 4 Terrific fixes

no location found iPhone


Salient Features of “Location” Services

Even though this article talks about the error “no location found iPhone,” a user should know about location services provided on their iPhones. On every iphone, location services are one of the most frequently utilized functions. The usage of geodata in apps and services has just recently become commonplace, despite location-based tools being widely accessible for over 20 years.

The component of your iOS device continuously monitors your position in front of the background to provide you with various benefits. Weather data and GPS & Maps are two examples. Typically, this entails the user activating the location-based app services and agreeing to a request allowing the service to access the device’s geolocation. In this case, this system is prone to several errors, possibly due to a crash or a wrong network. However, issues “no location found iPhone” can easily be fixed. So, it would be best if you went through this whole section.

What is this red flag “no location found iPhone” on an iOS smartphone?

Generally, the message “no location found iPhone” pops on the phone screen when a user tries to locate anybody. No location detected indicates that their position has not been discovered despite their GPS’s repeated attempts. No site available denotes that while their geolocation isn’t now accessible, it may do so quickly if they locate a signal. We will be discussing some reasons that facilitate this issue.

What is this red flag "no location found iPhone" on an iOS smartphone?

Don’t confuse “no location found iPhone” and “location not available.”

“location not available,”“no location found iPhone”
Even though the user shared the location
but still, the receiver can’t see it
It indicates that a user and the receiver 
cannot share their location.
The GPS has it but is not available
for a short time
The GPS is still trying to locate it
iPhone’s internal operation might
cause the problem for GPS
The receiver might not have
signed on “FindMyFriend.”

Are there specific reasons for this problem “no location found iPhone”?

1. Inactive Internet

For any web-supported software or application to work, the user must have a stable, high-speed internet connection. It can be a cable network or Wi-fi; in both cases, the MyFriends Application will only work if the internet is as per recommendations.

2. Inactive Location App

The second mistake a user can make is overseeing the application’s activation. Although we all are aware of activating the app when needed, sometimes we make a silly mistake. Consequently, the red flag pops up, and other functions are cut short.

3. Disruptions with the Search

The application could occasionally have trouble detecting the precise location. It may occur if the user is in a remote place with poor GPS reception or a barrier blocks GPS signals. If that’s the situation, consider leaving the area or walking elsewhere to see if it would assist the application locate you.

4. Problems with MyFriends App

After the user has each of the remedies listed above and the “No Location Found” notice is still occurring, there could also be an issue with the Find My Friends application. The best strategy in this situation is to uninstall and install the program from the Apple Store.

Problems with MyFriends App

5.) Incorrect Time and Dates

Data setting problems can have a much more significant impact than minor application errors because dates and precise updates picture any updates on geolocation. So, the user who is not accurate with the device’s date settings might run into this issue.

4 Ways by which this “no location found iPhone” can be Fixed

1.) Activate the GPS

As we all know how vital component is GPS of the location services. So the user must follow these steps to activate it:

  • Click on Settings and check that the GPS is turned on and operational.
  • Users must choose the Privacy tab after accessing the settings.
  • Once under Privacy Settings, users must select the “Location Services” option to allow GPS.
  • Users must choose Location Services to activate the mobile device’s GPS location after turning it on.
  • Resolving the “no location found iPhone” problem in the “Find My app” will help repair it.

2.) Correct the Date Settings

The Settings application on the iPhone updates the time and date. Take the following steps to confirm them:

  • Access the phone settings initially  and select the general settings icon
  • Next, click on Date & Time.
  • Next, users must ensure that the choice to Set Automatically is selected. If not, switch it on before setting the appropriate time zone for your location.
  • Consider accessing location services once more after making the necessary changes to the iPhone’s date settings. 
  • There shouldn’t be any more “no location found iPhone” errors. 

3.) Switch on “share my location” on the Phone

Solving this problem by following these instructions is easy:

  • You must first access the  settings and  need to check the mobile account
  • Several sets will show up on display, and then the “Find My” App feature 
  • You must then select the “Share My Location” tab.
  • It will enable the location feature on your iPhone, and additionally, you may view your location with the “Find My” app.
  • Consider utilizing the app that gave you difficulties after making sure Share My Location is enabled.
  • Now, it will pinpoint the position.

4.) Fix Find My App

All users have to shut and restart the Find My iPhone application. It will force the application to update its location information, enabling it to locate the iPhone. Rebooting the device can be good if that doesn’t work. It will also allow that application to update its location data. If the “no location found iPhone” error exists, go for the application update.

Fix Find My App

FAQs on the “no location found iPhone”

Are there any other easy methods to fix this issue?

There is 1 method which is resetting the location and privacy. Users must click on settings to visit the option “Transfer or Reset iPhone” and tap on reset. Then, on “Reset Location & Privacy.”

How to share your location with anybody?

The iPhone user must deactivate the precise location on the settings and may share their location via chat or MyFriends App.

Does the MyFriends application have a fee?

The user must pay a small amount to enjoy the app’s features. It comes to around 99 cents (70 Rs).

What if iphone maps are not following the location?

The maps might have problems when users choose the wrong options for Map data or how the iPhone may utilize it. For this, a user must turn on the “Location services” in the settings and activate the internet connection. If the problem persists, switch off the device and then repeat.


The iOS device’s location service¬†constantly tracks the location of the background so that it may provide you with various advantages.¬†However, this feature can also have several issues that could disrupt its function. This write-up has discussed 4 types of fixes that can resolve the issue.

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