Opera GX Vs Chrome: The Better Browser In 2022?

opera gx vs chrome

The fascinating Opera GX Vs Chrome Browser battle between the two highest-ranking browsers amongst different aspects helps you choose better for your device. More than 3 billion users arise with the question of what to choose when it comes to search engines.

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What to look for in a Browser?

The preference is given to one with higher speed and diversified results from high-end research and developments worldwide. One needs a browser that offers them a secure platform with varied information to collect and download further. It can be trusted with verified results, and that resides a fair amount of goodwill and a simplified database for the user to operate.

Opera GX Vs Chrome Browser: Review & Comparison

When playing games, you don’t want to squander any of your system resources. When playing games, Google Chrome generally eradicates an enormous amount of system resources. It is typically best to keep your browser open to avoid wasting those precious resources. Look over to know the winner of Opera GX Vs Chrome.

Opera GX offers you with…

  • Opera GX is the best browser for users who often surf the internet to optimize their gaming experience and social media presence.
  • The various customization options offered by Opera GX make it a better substitute for Google Chrome.
  • Opera GX has superior privacy features and control over resource usage.
  • The customization options offered by Opera GX are unlike anything already available in other Chromium-based browsers.
  • It has the built-in snap-shot aspect allowing you to either capture full-screen or the selected portion.
Opera GX
Opera GX

Click Here to Download – Opera GX | Gaming Browser

Opera GX: Cross-Platf
Opera GX: Cross-Platform Compatibility

Chrome has to offer you with…

  • Chrome has a very clean interface, which is optimized to take advantage of the screen space available.
  • One of the most notable features of Chrome is its ability to turn off the address bar and borders.
  • The browser also added a few new features that make it more stable with various classic-version sites.
  • It can also run smoothly with many obscure scripting languages including HTML5 and security protocols.
  • Google is also working on new features and security enhancements that will keep you up-to-date.
Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Click Here to Download – Google Chrome | Standard Browser

Download Chrome

Major Opera GX Vs Chrome Overview:

Here is an overview of the Opera GX Vs Chrome battle that will help you find the best browser between the two:

Ram Usage

Even though Opera GX doesn’t have any resource limitations, it still uses more power than Chrome, but Opera GX uses a one-fourth part of RAM less than Chrome. If you set the memory limit to 1 GB, Opera GX will consume around 1.6 GB of RAM.


Since both browsers are built on the same core, it is no surprise that they are fast.

Undoubtedly, Google Chrome is one step ahead in terms of the speed test.

Below you can find the Benchmark Test (Speedometer) for both the browsers.

Google Chrome Benchmark Test
Google Chrome Benchmark Test
Opera GX Benchmark Test
Opera GX Benchmark Test

Add Ons

In terms of Add Ons, it’s a win-win situation for Opera GX as it comes with various and unique features of all time that a browser can come up with. One of its major Add-On features is GX Control, where you can Hot Tab Killer, Network Limiter, RAM Limiter, and CPU limiter in the same tab. Then comes GX Cleaner, allowing you to clean cache, cookies, tabs, browsing history, downloads, and sidebar icons.

Opera GX
Opera GX

UI & Design

The Opera GX browser is miles ahead of Chrome in terms of UI. It features an on-screen design element UI. Aside from predefined colors, Opera also supports wallpaper customization. With its gaming-themed theme and integrated Razer Chroma, Opera GX is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to play with RGBs.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Favourites & Features: Opera GX Vs Chrome (Explained)

Here are a few features, pros, and cons about your conspicuous Opera GX Vs Chrome Browser Battle:

Favourites of the GX

  • Opera GX includes a RAM limiter with a default upper hand that helps you create a balance between the amount of memory storage and your experience would be satisfying.
  • This browser helps you with gaming software making it easier for you to process the load and make your experience efficient.
  • It also has a CPU limiter that prevents the machine from consuming too much processing power and limits the amount of processing that can be utilised by the Opera GX.
  • It is essentially used for heavy game streamings parallelly connected to other platforms and framing the stream in the foreground to help users focus on the gaming with no stress creation within the body of the device used.
Additional Features of Opera GX 

Additional Features of Opera GX 

  • Inclusive of in-browser sound effects for better gaming experience adding to the customized theme-based options to build your style and own it with personal aesthetics.
  • It could also be used while being connected to social platforms to help you socialize with your friends while gaming.
  • Lastly, it has an inbuilt feature for blocking ads to smoothen your gaming experience.

Special Features Served Within Chrome

  • Chrome browser has built-in support for flawless syncing all your settings and bookmarks across all devices.
  • Despite having this feature, Google’s extension store is the best place to go for Chrome browser extras.
  • You can enjoy the older version of Chrome by enabling chrome compatibility mode on your PC.
Google Chrome Web Store
Google Chrome Web Store
Chrome Extensions
Chrome Extensions

A Few of the Google Chrome Drawbacks

As observed, Google chrome is preferred by users slightly more than other browsers such as Opera GX. The broader audience base results in a high number of promoters, leading to advertisements and inconvenience to the users to use it. This could be a vicious cycle of browsing selection for better speed, security, and multiple results that are easy to use and less convenient.

Alternatives to Opera GX vs Chrome

Mozilla Firefox has proven to be one of the best browsers in 2021. If you’re not impressed by either of the given options, you could provide Firefox a chance to fulfill your needs. 

Microsoft Edge has also been a recently popularized platform for search engines worldwide as it offers you high speed and powerful security.

Vivaldi could also be an option while looking for browsers as it offers you high customization and is super versatile as a search engine helping you with a personalized framework.

FAQs Related to Opera GX Vs Chrome: The Better Browser In 2022?

Why is the Opera GX Vs Chrome browser battle so popular?

The demand is raised by the gaming users and students seeking standard editions of browsers worldwide, leading to one of the most exciting browser battles: Opera GX Vs Chrome in 2022.

Is Opera GX available on Linux?

Sadly no, it’s not. The company has only decided to make its windows, mac, android, and iOS platforms compatible. But you can’t conclude the winner of Opera GX Vs Chrome that easily.

What to know about Opera GX Vs Chrome extensions?

Opera GX Vs Chrome extensions aren’t that controversial. Chrome is the best in terms of extension availability.


Opera GX vs Google Chrome concludes that, for relatively frequent use in corporate life or research and development, Google Chrome serves you with results as per your standards. In contrast, a gamer’s life would be easier with Opera GX with a very realistic experience due to the specific in-built features.

The winner is: Opera GX | Gaming Browser

Opera GX Vs Chrome: The Winner is Opera GX
The Winner: Opera GX

Opera GX features a variety of new tools that will appeal to gamers. Although the beta version of Opera GX is already in early access, the team behind it wants to hear what you think about the latest version of the browser.

I hope you find this post about Opera GX Vs Chrome helpful.

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