Postmates Vs Doordash: Which is Best For You?

Postmates Vs Doordash

Postmates vs DoorDash comparison is between two similar types of shipping services. Here both these services are well known by the user in their areas. Here is a point-wise comparison between these two services as follows. 


Why is Postmates a Good Option for Doorstep Delivery?


Postmates is a system that provides a delivery facility to the customer. They provide different types of delivery at your doorstep. It delivers food items, and rather it delivers grocery items, medicines and healthcare items, electronic products from the local stores.

Postmates comes with charges, including delivery charges. It also includes a service charge with it. However, these charges can be varied based on the type of services and location. The user can ask for delivery using the Postmates app. 

Why has Postmates Considered the Best Option Between Postmates vs DoorDash?

Postmates works great for the user to make doorstep delivery. There are many reasons to take the Postmates service as the best between oPostmates vs DoorDash. Those are as follows:

  1. A long list of restaurants and other stores: Postmates has a long list of restaurants from the user’s local area. Here, the user can avoid going to the same restaurants or stores daily. Rather, the user can keep ordering food or any other items through Postmates.
    In DoorDash, the list of restaurants is not that long in comparison with Postmates vs DoorDash. On the other hand, in Postmates, the food category is also divided. Such as veg and non-veg food come separately. 
  2. Special offers: Postmates offer delivery services for the restaurants and stores that do not provide delivery services. Postmates ships order to the home or the office as per the user.
    Apart from that, the user gets a free delivery service on special days as a discount offer. A free delivery may be obtained for orders above a certain price.
    However, those are not available in DoorDash. Therefore, in terms of special offers, Postmates is the better option than Postmates vs DoorDash.
  3. Customer support: Postmates offers good customer support from their team. Any user facing any issues can get support from their team based on their problem.
    Here, the user gets personalized support, support via email or telephone. In DoorDash, customer support is not that good. Hence, Postmates is a better service provider in terms of customer support in between Postmates vs DoorDash. 

Doordash Services At a Glance


DoorDash is mainly a food delivery service that helps to order foods from their favorite restaurants and some selected grocery stores within the locality. It neither belongs to any restaurant nor belongs to any food chain.

However, it works as a freelancing service with those restaurants to deliver food at the doorstep for every individual. Any individual can order food via the DoorDash application and get desired services in hundreds of cities all over the USA. 

DoorDash is a paid service that comes with a delivery charge and service charge. There are a lot of freelance delivery people, known as Dashers, who work with DoorDash. It works in the same way as booking a Uber cab.

When a customer has placed a delivery on the app, the nearest delivery person gets a notification to pick up the order and deliver it to the customer. DoorDash service is available in hundreds of cities all over the USA.

Reasons to use DoorDash as the First-choice Delivery App

In Postmates vs DoorDash comparison, DoorDash provides a lot of advantages to the user. Those are as follows:

  1. On-time delivery: DoorDash is aware of the services of the customer. They deliver the orders to the customer on time in most cases. Postmate offers a standard delivery service. However, DoorDash is more effective in terms of on-time delivery.
  2. Availability: There is a wide range of availability of DoorDash service over Postmates. DoorDash provides its service in around 1000 cities in the USA. However, for Postmates, the availability of the service in around 150 cities all over the USA. Hence, DoorDash is also the winner here in the Postmates vs DoorDash comparison. 
  3. User satisfaction: Doordash does a decent job in providing satisfactory services around the country. It has a proper technique of shipping the products, and they are doing a decent job in improving the client relationship and increasing the trust of their user.
    However, the level of customer satisfaction is not that high in Postmates. DoorDash is also ahead here in between Postmates vs DoorDash comparison.
  4. Easy to use the application: This platform is easy to use. The beginners and new users do not face any problem using this application. In comparison to Postmates vs Doordash, Postmates is not so user-friendly here for the user.
  5. Cost of the service: Postmates has a delivery charge that varies from 0.99 dollars to 3.99 dollars for their partners. It also charges 5.99 dollars to 9.99 dollars for the merchants that do not work with Postmates.
    DoorDash costs around 1 dollar to 8 dollars depending upon the type of service and location. Hence, DoorDash offers a cheaper service. However, these two services have a subscription plan for 9.99 dollars per month with a free delivery service of over 12 dollars.

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In between Postmates vs DoorDash, which service works as a partner to more restaurants and retail stores?

DoorDash works with more retail stores and restaurants than Postmates.

Which service has the better customer support in between Postmates vs DoorDash?

Postmates offers better customer support in between these two services. Postmates offers email support, telephone support, and personalized support as a part of customer support.

In between Postmates vs DoorDash, which is comparatively cheaper?

DoorDash is a comparatively cheaper option here.


Postmates vs DoorDash is a comparison between two of the well-known shipping services. Here, both services have their fanbase based on price, delivery locations, type of service, user-friendly application, customer support, and many more.

DoorDash is the better option for most users. In DoorDash vs Postmates comparison, the difference-maker is the availability of service. For DoorDash, the service is available in more cities than Postmates.

DoorDash works as a partner with more restaurants and retail stores than Doordash. Therefore, DoorDash has significant advantages here in comparison to Postmates vs Doordash. 

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