5 Amazing Ways eRestaurant Software Transforms Restaurant Management


In the last decade, a lot of restaurants have gone online. From making reservations to managing inventory, all the processes involved in running a restaurant have embraced simple software solutions.

Whether big or small, if you want to increase your sales and profits, you need to look towards solutions like eRestaurant. These software suites have revolutionized the way we manage restaurants.

This post goes into detail about eRestaurant and how its features have transformed the restaurant industry.


What is eRestaurant?

eRestaurant is an end-to-end restaurant management suite offered by Altametrics. The software provides the solution for everything, including accounting, employee and inventory management, business intelligence, and order in one place.

eRestaurant by Altametrics

This product developed by Altametrics, an enterprise software company, can help you save time and increase sales. With a wide range of features to optimize your food costs, schedule your workforce, and gain insight into your operations, it is an ideal tool for making smart business decisions.

It is suitable for every restaurant, from small bistros to large multi-restaurant empires. eRestaurant counts reputed restaurants and franchises like Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, etc., among its 100,000+ customers all over the world.

5 Ways eRestaurant Will Transform Your Restaurant Management

There are multiple facets involved in managing a restaurant. With eRestaurant, all of them become simpler, better, and easier to handle. You can see below how the platform changes the way you operate your restaurant.

eRestaurant profile page

Back Office

The back office is the engine room or the operating system that powers everything in the restaurant. It includes scheduling, inventory, accounting, food costing, compliance, etc. Optimizing your back office with the right solution can help you save costs and increase profits.

Forecasting: The platform has a built-in forecasting system that generates accurate forecasts predicting customer counts, sales, product mix, etc. Forecasting is automated and uses historical trends to make predictions. You can even optimize the work schedules of your staff based on demand forecasts.

Variance and food costs: You need to ensure proper measurement and control to decrease food costs. With AI-generated variance reports, get accurate food costs. The platform can cut ordering costs with the help of usage data and system-calculated forecasts by item. You can easily access reports and track and reduce waste by eliminating over-portioning and theft.

Scheduling: Maintain conflict-free schedules by streamlining the process with one simple workflow.  You are immediately informed of all tardiness and violations. With automatic scheduling, you create a perfect schedule in minutes. Increase accountability by configuring preventative measures.

Reporting: Essential reports on labor law compliance, variance, scheduling, inventory, and food safety are easily available in one place. The information is updated in real-time and will help you recognize trends quickly and make the necessary adjustments. You can also compare different locations by easily switching between single-site and multi-site reports.

Workforce Management

Your workforce is your most important resource. The way you manage them determines your success. eRestaurant offers a ton of features to help ease your burden of handling the workforce, including scheduling, payroll, and compliance.

Scheduling: You can generate intelligent schedules quickly by updating availability, swapping shifts, and dragging and dropping shifts with ease. The platform’s scheduling system includes metrics like jobs, pay rates, availability, time off, and skill level to automatically create a schedule with breaks.

Timeclock: It has a gamified clock dashboard that displays warnings and countdowns for employees to prevent labor law violations. Proper break schedules are enforced to prevent overtime, and any violation is automatically recorded within the system. The platform prevents time theft and ensures a manager authorizes the end-of-shift clock-outs. The system also includes advanced technology like biometric scanning and geolocation.

Mobile app: Employees can view the schedule right after publication and request time off or shift swaps via the app. This helps managers get updated immediately when they must approve any schedule changes or requests. Daily activity report published on the app helps monitor labor performance in real-time and improve communication.

Labour law compliance:  The system has built-in labor law enforcement that is futuristic, comprehensive, and flexible. You can set locality-specific labor laws to prevent labor law violations and penalties before they occur.

Food Management

Optimizing food usage and reducing costs is essential for any restaurant. This platform provides a lot of tools to manage your resources properly.

Ordering: The system of ordering has been reinvented to maximize efficiency and improve accuracy. You can connect your order with your food distributors’ delivery calendar, catalog, and invoices and apply historical usage and forecasting to build cost-effective inventory orders. Always know what stock you have and use AI-based warnings for your critical ingredients.

Inventory: Reduce inventory count time by 75% with voice search and bar code scanning. Analyze usage of ingredients with intuitive reports. With visual reporting tools, get variance insights that allow for an immediate reaction from managers and supervisors. You can use recipe management wizards to add item conversions and two-way navigation between raw ingredients and menu items.

Prep labels: Reduce waste management by optimizing prep schedules, so the employees know exactly how much to make and when. To ensure you never run the prepped product, receive immediate alerts on the prepped amounts and sales. The prep module is built on the just-in-time concept to ensure food quality and safety.

Business Intelligence

To sustain a business in the long run, it is important to analyze what happened, why it happened, and what you can do about it. It would be best if you had actionable insights to grow your business and avoid reporting mistakes.

Reports: Quickly build meaningful and actionable reports with metrics that are critical to running your business. Relevant reports are readily available for every module that can be viewed, shared, and exported. You can compare items and store performance across geographies, promo groups, and custom groupings.

KPI: Use industry-leading analysis tools that provide relevant, timely, and comprehensive data from multiple sources. You can have the KPIs of your business on the dashboard ready to be shared.

Loss prevention: Always monitor your business with this platform to avoid theft. It is essential to gain a detailed insight into cashier performance. Users can swiftly spot theft after being notified of an outlier from your daily summary report.

Large Enterprise Solutions

Although there are many software solutions for managing restaurants, there are none when it comes to serving large restaurant companies with numerous branches globally. eRestaurant offers many additional features that make it a perfect fit for restaurants of any size.

Due to its high scalability, the platform can be deployed at scale all over the world. You can customize the platform to your unique business needs without changing anything.

They provide ERP integration with Oracle, SAP, Workday, Peoplesoft, SAGE, Microsoft, etc., and can handle large amounts of data with their state-of-the-art architecture.

Erp integrations with eRestaurant

Even if your business spans countries, they make sure you are labor law compliant. With in-house trainers, they can train thousands of people. Their consultants also help you maximize your ROI in the shortest amount of time.

Getting Started

You can schedule a free demo before you make a purchase. Just fill out contact information book a demo.

If you want to contact the sales team to make a purchase, click on “Sign Up” at the right-hand corner of the home page. Fill out basic information about the company and a message detailing your requirements and wait for them to contact you.

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FAQs on eRestaurant

What is eRestaurant?

eRestaurant is an end-to-end restaurant management suite offered by Altametrics.

Can eRestaurant integrate with other applications?

Yes, you can integrate with multiple different applications like third-party POS systems and accounting software with Any Connector.

Are there any other alternatives to eRestaurant?

There are other restaurant management softwares like MarketMan, Toast, Upserve, etc.

In The End…

With hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, eRestaurant is undoubtedly the premier restaurant management suite. Whether you are a small café or a mega-popular franchise restaurant, your needs will be taken care of by the platform. It is a comprehensive software that can handle everything from ordering to accounting. You can always try out the free demo to see if it suits your needs.

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