iContact vs AWeber: Choose the Best Email Marketing Software

iContact vs AWeber:

iContact vs AWeber is the comparison between two of the highly-rated email marketing software. They both help to improve the business and marketing strategy with their web-based services. Here is the comparison as follows:


What is iContact, and Why do Professionals Give it so Much Importance?


iContact is an essential tool for professionals. In the case of business of any form, it is useful and highly rated by the users.

With the help of this email marketing software, the organization can easily reach thousands of clients with ease. It takes a leading part in the growth of the business as well. Professionals can set their marketing strategies based on this software. 

Why is AWeber doing a great job in growing business?


AWeber is also an email marketing software that is considered as one of the leaders in this field. Over the past two decades, it is doing a decent job in this field.

Apart from that, AWeber is helping thousands of clients every single year all around the world. It has an excellent reputation in the market. AWeber is working with more than thousands of partners to provide better services to the user.

Sending an email, working with a large number of contacts is easy with this software. The users can integrate this software with the other partnering software of it easy to get better results every time. Generating sales and develop relationships with the customers is easy with the help of the tools of this software. 

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Reasons to consider iContact over AWeber:

In comparing iContact vs AWeber, there are many reasons to consider iContact as the better option between these two software. Here are some of those reasons as follows:

  1. Easy and user-friendly interface: iContact has a more user-user-friendly interface between these two software. However, the user interface is not complicated in AWeber.
    If we compare between iContact vs AWeber, then iContact is slightly better as per most of the users. In iContact, it is easy for the user to set up an email list, update contact.
  2. A variety of pictures, templates, and themes: iContact allows users to use a wide range of themes, templates, and pictures. Template creation is simple and also easy to use. If the user creates a few templates, then they can reuse those or edit those in the future.
    On the other hand, there are limited themes and templates in AWeber software. In AWeber, the user can not customize the themes as iContact.
  3. Updating the email list: Updating the email list and exporting is easy here in iContact. The user can add contacts one by one at a time or an entire list at a time. In iContact, it is easy to update, schedule, and send emails to the targeted users. For busy users, the pre-loaded emails work perfectly fine.
  4. Marketing strategy improvement: In iContact, they provide a lot of marketing strategies with the help of different strategies. They also help the user to improve their marketing strategy with the help of many useful tips.
    Hence, communication with the subscriber will be easier. These features are not available in AWeber. Hence, in comparison between iContact vs AWeber, iContact is the better choice.
  5. The number of subscribers: iContact is suitable for business organizations, professionals, entrepreneurs, and other industries where the number of subscribers is very high. Whereas AWeber is more suitable for users with fewer subscribers.

Why AWeber is the better option than iContact?

AWeber has some useful features which make the AWeber a better option between that two software. Those are as follows: 

  1. Mobile device compatibility: AWeber is compatible with devices based on Android OS as well as iOS. In the case of iContact, it is compatible with only Android devices.
  2. Customer Support: AWeber has a helpful customer support team. If the user faces some issues with this software, the customer support team will always help out.
    Customer support is available as email support, chat support, and 24×7 live support all are available. iContact also provides good customer support to the user.
    However, 24×7 live support is not helpful here. Therefore, if we compare iContact vs AWeber in terms of customer services, then AWeber is a better option.

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  3. Training: AWeber provides training to the user. It is helpful for most of the users to develop skills in this software with their homework-based training.
    However, the training of iContact is not that easy to learn. Therefore, in terms of training, AWeber is the better option in between iContact vs AWeber.
  4. Least number of errors: In iContact, editing email results in bringing it to the top of the email list. However, for AWeber, those are not seen.
    Email customization in AWeber is easy, and there are multiple options. However, in iContact, there is limited email customization. In iContact, some editing tools are hard to navigate.
    Therefore, AWeber is a better choice here in comparison between iContact vs AWeber.

  5. Cost: AWeber comes with two different price plans. One is a free plan, and another one is a Pro plan. Pro plan costs the user around 16.15 dollars per month.
    For iContact, there are three different price plans. One is for free, and the other two Standard and Pro plans. The standard plan starts at 15 dollars per month, and the Pro plan starts at 30 dollars per month. In both plans, the upper limit of the subscribers is 1500.
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    As the number of subscribers is increasing, the price of both plans will also increase. Hence, iContact is a costly software. Whereas AWeber is a cheaper option in between iContact vs AWeber.

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In between iContact vs AWeber, which software is for more subscribers?

iContact is suitable for more subscribers than AWeber.

Which one is the cheaper option in between iContact vs AWeber?

AWeber is the cheaper option in between this two software. 

In between iContact vs AWeber, which software is more user-friendly?

iContact is more user-friendly in between these two software.


In a comparison of iContact vs AWeber, it is clear that both software is highly rated, and both are as per the industry standard. However, iContact provides some of the features which are comparatively more helpful to the user.

Therefore, iContact is the better option in between iContact vs AWeber as per this discussion. Although, the criteria or requirements for selecting any one software may vary depending upon the individuals.

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