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secureage apex review

Secureage apex is an AI-based antimalware engine that scans the system for malicious activities of the programs. It used Deep Learning Artificial Intelligence techniques to protect the system from malware attacks. Secureage is a well-known firm in the field of Antimalware and data security. Cybersecurity has become the topic of concern among all computer users these days, with the advent of growing threats like ransomware and malware hijacks. People want to keep their data secure even more nowadays. In such a scenario, software like secureage apex could help provide antimalware services even against threats like zero-day attacks.


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Home screen of Securage antivirus

Secureage apex is not a consumer-grade program itself, and it is an engine. It is part of the Secureage Security Suite. It is an underlying technology that makes the security suite workable. You can download the Secureage SecureAPlus from their website for free. The SecureAPlus is free to use for all users. However, premium plans are available according to the user’s use case and the number of devices synchronized. You can download its home edition from the official website

secureage apex
Download page for SecureAPlus home edition.
Steps are shown on the webpage after downloading the Installer.
Steps are shown on the webpage after downloading the Installer.

Zero Day Attack

A zero-Day Attack is a kind of security threat that is not anticipated, and no one is ready for it. That is why it is called a zero-day attack. Any security vulnerability can show up at any time without any presumption. It takes time for the developers and security engineers to develop the security patch against the vulnerability and then roll it around to the world. The latest example of the Zero-day attack is the Apache Log4j Vulnerability that shook the cybersecurity world. AI-based Antimalware engines are efficient against Zero-day attacks as they can scan for malicious code at the execution level.

How Securage apex works

Secureage apex makes use of deep neural networks to make itself capable of detecting malicious code at the execution level. First, an AI deep learning neural network model is created then the model is trained using a roster of all the available public malware. Due to this training of large data sets of available malware, the AI starts to recognize patterns of malicious code execution. When any program matches the pattern of malicious execution pattern, the software alerts the user or stops the implementation of that program.

Is secureage apex safe?

The straightforward answer is Yes. Secureage apex is safe to install and use on your system. It is antimalware software. Its job is to protect your PC from threats and vulnerabilities. There is no need to be concerned about secureage apex harming your system or data in any way. It only scans the data for viruses and monitors the CPU code executions for real-time security purposes. Sometimes its background processes may conflict with other antivirus software, but that is not likely to happen usually. Users can use a secureage apex engine without any safety concerns.

Secureage Apex customer review

The SecureAPlus program, which uses the secureage apex engine at its core, is a highly rated antimalware software over the Internet. Users seem to leave a good review about the program on several online forums. User experience and speed of operations are the head points in many good reviews. There are some mixed reviews, such as users saying about not being able to pause a scan in the middle, etc. But overall, most of the reviews regarding secureage apex are positive, and reviewers seem to recommend this application to others.

Is secureage apex a threat?

Is secureage apex a threat?

Some users reported that other security software detects the secureage apex process like a malicious process. This could happen due to the conflicts between the two methods. The artificial intelligence engine runs in the background process and keeps an eye on the code execution at the machine level. Due to this, another antimalware program detects this as a security threat. The conclusion is that no matter what other antimalware suggests, secureage apex is not a threat. It is the program that scans for possible threats. There is no need for users to be concerned about the AI engine being a threat.

FAQs on Secureage Apex

What is log4j vulnerability?

A recent vulnerability found in the java logging utility could provide backdoor access to the attacker.

What is a security patch?

Changes or up-gradation in the software codebase to assess the vulnerabilities are called security patches.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a kind of computer malware that encrypts all the user data and demands some form of ransom in cryptocurrencies to decrypt it back to normal.


Securealge apex is a sophisticated Artificial Intelligence based engine that scans the system for viruses and malware. It provides additional features such as network security and VPN services as well. The AI at the core of antimalware is what makes it so unique. It could provide security against the Zero-day attacks, threats that are not predefined or anticipated. The secureage is undoubtedly not a threat to the system in any way as some users reported it to be. The conclusion is that it is a tremendous antimalware program and is one of its kind, and users should consider using it.

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