Practical Solutions for ASMT 2115 USB Device

asmt 2115 usb device

ASMT 2115 USB device acts as an intermediate device board to connect USB to SATA. It is used to connect old hard drives that have a SATA port to the PC. ASMT 2115 USB device driver is required on Windows to get this adapter device working correctly, which could be problematic for some users. The user tries to connect their SATA storage device to the computer, and it doesn’t show up the way it should. Either the device doesn’t work at all, or it shows up in windows as a secondary external storage device. These problems can be solved with a driver update or little system teaks.


ASMT 2115 USB device

Users who plug their ASMT 2115 USB device experience unexpected behaviors. Sometimes, the operating system doesn’t recognize the device or identify it but doesn’t assign a drive letter. These issues arise due to outdated or incompatible drivers. Most USB devices these days are plug-and-play devices that work right on the go. They do not require any additional driver installations. Still, some legacy devices need extra support to work correctly. Here we provide the necessary steps to get the required drivers installed, follow accordingly.

ASMT 2115 usb device driver windows 7 samsung ssd

ASMT 2115 USB device drivers are necessary for drives that use the SATA port at the drive end and the USB port at the system end. Samsung is one of the leading producers of transistor-based Solid State Drives (SSD). SSDs are much faster than HDDs and store data differently than HDDs. They require their driver software to work according to the SSD’s data storage format. On Windows, users need not worry about these drivers as most of these are preinstalled or are installed on the fly when the device is plugged in.

If you are on an older version of Windows, such as Windows 7, and have a slightly different kind of SSD, such as one with an ASMT 2115 USB interface, you might need to install some additional device driver. You could go to the manufacturer’s website (Samsung in this case) and download the driver and then install it manually.

ASMT 2115 USB device firmware.

A firmware is a low-level device software that is installed on the device by the manufacturer itself during the manufacturing process. Firmware is responsible for the device’s low-level (hardware level) functioning. Each device has its own specifically designed firmware. The slightest error in the firmware could cause the device not to work. Firmwares are engineered by the device manufacturers themselves and can be updated as per the device’s functioning.

If you wish to update the firmware of your ASMT 2115 USB device, download the latest firmware available from its vendor’s website. Many free tools are available on the internet that could flash the new firmware on your device, such as ChipGenius, ChipsBank, etc. Make sure you use the right tool and firmware as a bit of error in this process could potentially break your device.

Checking Device Manger

  • Right click on the start menu.
  • Select Device Manager from the menu.
  • Device Manger window would appear.
device manager
  • Scan for Hardware Changes in the Device Manger.
  • right click on the Unknow/uninstalled drivers to be updated or intalled.
  • Select update/install drivers.
  • A device driver installer window would open.
  • click on ‘ Search Automatically for updated driver software.’
  • The process would take some time and would find and install compatible drivers.
installing driver for asmt 2115 usb drive
1. right-click on the uninstalled device. 2. search and install the driver automatically

Ensure that you have an active internet connection when performing the above steps. The Installation process looks across the web for compatible drivers so. It is essential to have an active link to the repositories. If, for some reason, the Device Manager couldn’t find the compatible driver, you could look across the web to find the driver and install it manually. But always download drivers from a reliable and trusted source as malicious drivers can cause severe damage.

Device not detected

If your device doesn’t show up in the My computer’s Devices and Disks section, ensure it is connected correctly. If it still doesn’t show up, there might be chances that your Operating System will not detect the ASMT 2115 USB device. In this situation, try the following steps to get the device noticed.

  • Open Device Manager.
  • Scan for Hardware Changes in the Device Manger.
  • Expand the Disk Drive tab.
  • Right click on the unsupported disk and click on uninstall.
  • Reboot your computer and it should now be detected a new device.

NOTE – Make sure that you do not uninstall your primary disk.

Device not detected

Unassigned Drive letter

If you plugged in your ASMT 2115 USB device driver and it shows up and works just fine, but it doesn’t have a drive letter assigned to it, then follow the given steps.

  • Right click on start button.
  • Select Disk Management to open it.
  • If the drive is listed but doesn’t have any letter assigned, right click on it.
  • Select Change drive letters and path.
  • A window would apper, click on Add.
  • Select the capital alphabet of your choice and click OK.
demonstration of drive Letter assignment
demonstration of drive Letter assignment

ASMT 2115 USB device change with command prompt

In the above section, we saw how to assign a letter to a disk volume using Disk Management. Now we see how to do the same with Command Prompt. If a letter is not transferred to the disk, then the disk doesn’t show up in the system, hence follow the commands to assign the letter using cmd.

  • Open start menu and type cmd.
  • right click on it and select Run as Administrator.
  • Type diskpart in the shell.
  • Diskpart utility would run.
  • type list volume in the utility shell.
  • A list of available volume would appear, look for the unassigned volume and remember its volume number.
  • Enter select volume <volume-number>.
  • Enter assign letter=<any_letter_not_in_use>.
  • Now the volume as successfully assigned the letter. system should recognize it now.
ASMT 2115 USB device change with command prompt

Change power management settings

If the workarounds provided till now did not work on your ASMT 2115 USB device, try these few other things in the Device Manager to fix the issues.

  • Open Device Manger.
  • Open the Universal Serial Bus controller.
  • In the list right click on USB Root Hub and click Properties.
  • Device properties window would open, select the Power Management tab.
  • Uncheck the box the says “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power“.
  • Click on OK.
  • reboot your system.

FAQs on ASMT 2115 USB Device

What is the complete form of USB?

It stands for Universal Serial Bus.

When did the USB standards come out?

It came out in the January of 1996.

What is the theoretical transfer rate limit of SATA?

The Theoretical limit for SATA is 600 Megabytes per second.


We saw that an ASMT 2115 USB device has USB support that can connect the disk drive with SATA interface to the computer through the USB. Both interfaces are different in their means. They have other signals and protocols. Hence, to the device work seamlessly without any issues, the operating system requires compatible drivers. This article provided you with practical knowledge to do all the driver updates and a few other solutions to get your ASMT 2115 USB device working.

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