[Fixed] Microphone Picking Up Output Audio

microphone picking up output audio

In Windows 10, Users are reported to have their Microphones picking up output audio of the system. Usually, microphones do not include the system audio. They are supposed to catch the external audio. Picking up the system audio against the user’s direction could be problematic. For users who use the Microphone for work, this additional audio might be annoying. For example, users perform live streams, conduct or organize online meetings or professional video editors, etc. This situation could occur for many potential reasons, such as incompatible driver malfunctioning, misconfiguration of hardware, and inappropriate system tweaks or settings.


Microphone picking up output audio windows 10

Suppose your Microphone is picking up system audio output after a windows update. In that case, the new update might have caused some configuration issues or driver conflicts that lead to this issue. To resolve this issue, users might have to update the drivers or run some troubleshooter to get their Microphones working correctly. The first thing to do in this scenario is to update the drivers.

Updating device driver

Follow the steps below if your Microphone picks up output audio windows 10.

  • Right click on the start menu.
  • Select Device Manager from the menu.
  • Device Manger window would appear.
  • Scan for Hardware Changes in the Device Manger.
  • Under the sound, video and game controller.
  • Right click on the audio device and click on properties.
  • Under the drivers tab.
  • A device driver installer window would open.
  • click on ‘ Search Automatically for updated driver software.’
  • The process would take some time and would find and install compatible drivers.
Going to device manager
microphone picking up output audio windows 10
Device audio Properties

Ensure that you have an active internet connection when performing the above steps. The Installation process looks across the web for compatible drivers so. It is essential to have an active link to the repositories. If, for some reason, the Device Manager couldn’t find the compatible driver, you could look across the web to find the driver and install it manually. But always download drivers from a reliable and trusted source as malicious drivers can cause severe damage.

Run troubleshooters

In windows, troubleshooters are a great way to detect and eliminate issues. Run these troubleshooters to stop the Microphone from picking up output audio windows 10.

Audio troubleshooter

  • Right-click on the sound icon at the bottom right of the taskbar.
  • click on troubleshoot sound problem.
  • A troubleshooter window would appear.
  • If the troubleshooer suggests to disable sound enhacement, do it.
Troubleshoot sound problems
audio enhancements
headphone properties
Uncheck Enhancements

Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

Microphone picking up output audio issue could be resolved by running the Hardware and Device Manager troubleshooter. Follow the following steps to run the troubleshooter.

  1. Right click on the start button.
  2. click on Settings.
  3. Open Update & Security.
  4. Open the Troubleshoot tab with the wrench icon.
  5. Under the find and fix other problems.
  6. Look for Harware and Devices and select it.
  7. Click on Run the troubleshooter.
  8. If any issue is found, do as according to the troubleshooter.

Recording Audio troubleshooter

If the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter did not solve the Microphone picking up output audio issue. Then try running Recording audio and troubleshooter. Follow the following steps to run the troubleshooter.

  • Follow till the step 5 of the previous section.
  • look for Recording Audio and select it.
  • Click on Run the troubleshooter.
  • If any issue is found, resolve accordingly.
Windows Troubleshoot properties

Disabling stereo mix

If Updating the device driver and troubleshooting did not resolve your Microphone picking up output audio issue, then try disabling the stereo mix if it is not already disabled from the sound control panel. Follow the provided steps.

  • Right click on start menu.
  • Open settings.
  • Open System settings.
  • In the Sound tab, under Related settings.
  • Click on Sound control panel.
  • Under the Recording tab of the panel window.
  • Disable the Stereo mix if it is endabled by right clicking on it.
Sound Recording microphone
Disable Stereo mix if enabled.

Set up microphone

Setting up the Microphone for Cortana might help users resolve the Microphone picking up output audio windows 10 issues. The setup would reinstall the device and detect any problems related to it. Follow the procedure provided below.

  • Open the start menu.
  • Type microphone setup in the search bar and hit Enter.
  • A setting window would open.
  • Under microphone seciton, click on Get Started.
  • A troubleshooter window would open, select “Cortana can’t hear
  • Complete the truoubleshooting process accordingly.
Troubleshooting has completed
After Troubleshooting

Microphone picking up output audio windows 10 Discord

Discord is a communication platform reasonably popular among gamers. Users who stream their gaming content online use discord to connect with their audience. In such a case, if the Microphone starts to pick up the gaming or system audio output, then the viewership of the streaming content could be in danger. Follow all the procedures given below and then open the discord application and change some settings to resolve this issue.

  • Open the Discord application.
  • Open discord settings panel.
  • Under the APP SETTINGS, select Voice & Video.
  • In this setting set your output device to Default if not already.
  • Again, In the input device set it to the microphone device you are using currently.
Microphone picking up output audio windows 10 Discord

Why is my mic picking up game audio?

The most probable answer to this question is that you have “stereo mix” enabled in your sound settings. Because of that, your system might be mixing the input of your Microphone with the system audio output. The disabling stereo mix might help resolve this issue. Another possible reason is outdated or corrupted drivers, install the latest compatible driver for your microphone device, and the issue should be resolved. Another possible reason microphone picks up output audio is that you might have plugged your microphone device into an extension port to another device such as a keyboard or a hub.

Microphone picking up output audio that my headset is receiving

It is a situation when the system puts the output audio back into the Microphone’s input, causing the user’s an audio and system audio to scramble up. Take a look at this setting in the sound control panel to stop your Microphone from picking up output audio.

  • Right click on the sound icon on the bottom right of taskbar.
  • click on sound settings.
  • In the right hand side open sound contol panel.
  • Under the Recording tab, right click on your microphone device.
  • Open properties then open the Listen tab.
  • Make sure that the box that says Listen to this device is unchecked.
Microphone picking up output audio that my headset is receiving

FAQs on Microphone Picking Up Output Audio

What is meant by streaming?

Streaming refers to the method of delivering multimedia content to the consumer in real-time over the internet.

What does stereo mean?

When sound is conveyed by multiple channels separately, it is called stereo: Left and right speakers, for example.

What do you mean by rollback driver?

When the current version of the driver is uninstalled, and the previous version is reinstalled, it is called a rollback driver.


We saw that Microphone picking up output audio in Windows 10 is a different kind of problematic issue. People who share their screen during an online representation or streamers who stream their gaming content or professional studio workers can be really annoyed by this problem. In this article, there are more than one hacks to employ, that could resolve this issue for the users without having to change their hardware setup.

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