“The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached” What are the 5 Greatest reasons that trigger it?

Fixed The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached


What does this message”The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached” mean?

Most of the time, these messages pop up while making a call, so whenever you call somebody, you might face a disruption in connection with the other person. A long list of reasons causes this problem, for instance, if you have not paid your mobile bills. During a call, the user gets an audio message on the mobile while you are making a call. As a result, if you own a handset and are experiencing this issue, keep reading because this write-up may benefit you.

Where do we hear this Message”The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached”?

As mentioned above, this message is usually heard whenever you are trying to have a phonic conversation with a person located at a different place. The other person might be in some situation where the call is frequently disconnected during a conversation. It might also be the caller’s problem; however, if both have connection issues, “The Subscriber cannot Be Reached” will become a usual red flag, and the user might get frustrated by that. Sometimes, this text is displayed to the person trying to contact the number that has been temporarily disconnected.

What are the contributing factors to this concern?

As per the information, there can be an extensive list of the reasons that facilitate the issue:

1.) Poor Network Coverage

Most of the general population looks for a solution to their unique, highly specialized cellular signal troubles because poor cell mobile signal is a frequent problem. Geographical separation or obstructions between your phone and the closest mobile network, localized poor coverage brought on by concrete structures or destructive interference, and more can be the main reason. Metallic elements and your home’s walls make it difficult for cellular signals to flow across. Looking out an apartment window might give you two or three bars of Service.

Poor Network Coverage

2.) Number not in Service

In most cases, you might hear the message”The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached,” especially after trying to call the same person multiple times. It s an indication that you will be unable to communicate with the owner of the number you have been attempting to contact because their network is down, or a big reason would be the change in the number of that person you are trying to connect.

3.) Your Number might be Blocked

While you can do nothing to get the block on your number lifted by their wireless carrier or via their phone, there are a few ways to verify that the contact has been blocked. The individual can now potentially make a phone call. There is a contrasting part to this. The number you have trying to connect might have landed on your block list, making it an overseen issue. However, the user can confirm it by a different method.

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4.) Mobile Dues aren’t paid Off

It can be a silly mistake since all phone users are always liable to pay off their phone bills before the deadline. If the caller or receiver fails to recharge their account after a particular time, the incoming call deadline will wear out, and there will be no connection. Due to this, the user might hear the message”The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached.”

5.) Problems with the Handset

It can be a severe issue since, if the calls are getting disconnected or you hear this message frequently, “The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached,” it might sometimes have something to do with your device. Now, the best thing to do while checking your device is to go for a service and repair the affected parts if there are one in the machine.

6.) Pranking the Caller

All the causes mentioned above are legitimate; however, there is one that is 100% intentional. The receiver might prank you by saying the same message, “The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached,” to confuse or deceive you. That can be a perfect prank, or the receiver might not want to converse with the caller.

What are some possible remedies to tackle this problem?

There are a few things that you can do to avoid this audio “The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached” or correct it:

1.) Port to a New network Connection

This strategy is one of the most convenient ways to handle this problem because switching network providers might have a significant impact. For example, if you use a network provider with a low connectivity rate in that location, you will not get the efficiency you are hoping for. On the other hand, if you change your network provider and discover a better one with a high connectivity rate, your connection problem will get resolved.

Port to a New network Connection

2.) Troubleshoot your Device

A conventional method is used to troubleshoot the device to resolve this issue. However, this strategy is less successful than the preceding one. Perhaps a reset or changing the network connectivity speed from 4G to 3G and vice versa would help. There is no assurance that this will be a permanent or lasting solution to your problem; flaws in your equipment may also exist. Choosing a service center is usually a good idea.

3.) Relocate yourself to a Different Place

It is the most basic way a user may employ to improve connectivity by shifting themselves to a different location. Payment failures cause most connection difficulties. Thus verifying the due dates will be advantageous to the user. Aside from that, you should always select a network provider with the best connectivity in your region. “The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached” will not bother you after this.

FAQs on The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached

What is the most common reason for the audio message that we frequently hear, “The Subscriber Cannot Be Reached?”

The usual reason is the poor network coverage of a particular area.

How should we port our number?

Firstly, enter an SMS prompt to the provider you want
Secondly, Wait for confirmation
Thirdly, provide your identification
At last, your number will get changed after verification.

How to contact the Service provider?

Visit the official website of the network provider
Click on “Contact Us”
Get the Toll-Free Number
Correct your problem

In The End

“The Subscriber cannot be reached” will pop up on your mobile phone while making a call. This message is usually heard when you are trying to have a phonic conversation with a person located at a different place. Sometimes, this text is displayed to the person trying to contact the number that has been temporarily disconnected. If you own a handset and are experiencing this issue, keep reading because this post may be able to help you. All the approaches mentioned above will help to get over this problem.

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