Here are 2 Super Easy Ways to Reset PS5 Controller

How to Reset PS5 Controller


What is a PS5 and “How to Reset PS5 Controller”?

You must know this to answer “How to Reset PS5 Controller.” The PS5 5, also known as PlayStation, is a gaming console with a strong emphasis on next-generation technology. Sony, its parent company, will launch this gaming technology in 2020. The best feature of this gaming console is its ability to display high-level graphics on the system, making it appealing to the user while playing. It also has different characteristics, such as live streaming and various applications, but it does not support CDs.

The question “How to Reset PS5 Controller” is undoubtedly due to technical faults or manufacturing problems. Anyways as a user, if you want to know the procedure, then you are at the right place to have the complete information about it. This section will give some particular approaches to getting it done quickly. Although, it is usually recommended that you should reset your console within certain intervals of time.

Why should we Reset the PS5 controller?

There are no specific reasons. Although it is usually recommended, some reasons may compel us to do it. However, when the user resets the controller, it returns to the state it was in unboxed. All of the default settings will revert the controller to its previous state. There are various types of reset options, and further down, you will get an idea of how it is supposed to be done.

Reasons that make the Reset option a mandate?

As mentioned above, to answer the question “How to Reset PS5 Controller,” we should know what some potential reasons for that procedure are:

1.) Disruptions During the Pairing of Device and the Controller

The PS5 console and its controller might not have the compatibility they should have. Not this problem can be due to some internal issues, or maybe it is a short-term problem. In both ways, it affects the pure connection, which makes the user reset it repeatedly. It can be a Bluetooth problem too. If you want to know “How to Reset PS5 Controller,” keep reading.

2.) Bluetooth Not Working

Bluetooth problem is one of the most common causes that affect the connection between the controller and the device. Bluetooth is like a pairing link for both the device and part. Losing connection there is losing the Bluetooth pairing would only facilitate problems during the game time. The user might have no idea how to pair the device with Bluetooth, which can have a solution quickly.

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3.) Manufacturing Defect

The user must use an authentic and proper model to make the perfect combination of the device and the controller. However, suppose a gaming user has any manufacturing defect on his playing console or the controller. In that case, he will end up in a situation where customer service becomes their only option. Also, the user must use genuine products. For example, duplicate controllers cause a problem with an actual gaming console of the PS5; however, there isn’t a compatibility issue with the original ones.

4.) Software Issues

Software issue is something that the user can’t do anything about it. However, they could visit a service center, or maybe they could switch to a new version of the PS5 console or buy a new one. It can remove the problem, but if you seek “How to Reset PS5 Controller,” follow the full write-up.

Here is “How to Reset PS5 Controller” for good?

The essential thing to know here is that a PS5 controller can have 2 different types of Reset methods:

1.) Hard Reset

How to Reset PS5 Controller? Here is 1 Super easy Method to do it

The Hard reset is one of the most used methods among the user as it resets the controller to its default settings. A conventional method like Hard Reset can be suitable to answer How to Reset PS5 Controller”. Following are the steps to do it:

  • The first thing to do is to check whether the cables are intact or if there is any problem with the device? Or check any updates that are missing.
  • Then turn off the console and the controller to eliminate any virtual connection.
  • Use a pin or an ejector tool to press the button in the hole at the back of the controller.
  • Press it for 5 seconds
  • Link the controller to the PS5 system with the included cable, then press the PS icon to pair it again.
  • If the hard reset doesn’t work, go for a soft reset.

2.) Soft Reset

How to Reset PS5 Controller? Here is 1 Super easy Method to do it

The soft reset is a method in which the user is supposed to rest the controller from the PS5 console. Following are the steps to clear the question “How to Reset PS5 Controller.”:

  • First of all, the user must select the controller that is supposed to have reset
  • Then unplug the controller from the central console
  • The PS button on the controller, the user must click it
  • Click the PS icon once more to access the Control Center list once you’ve reached the Home page.
  • Go for the Accessories options on that list which is at the end of the gaming screen
  • Hit the controller that you are interested in
  • Pick the Turn-Off option. It should now switch off the controller and switch off the indicator light.
  • Now turn on the controller as usual or recommended by the Console instruction chart.

FAQs on “How to Reset PS5 Controller”

Why is Hard Reset often recommended?

The Hard reset is one of the most used methods among the user as it resets the controller to its default settings.

What can be the significant reason for a reset?

Disruptions during the Pairing and fundamental problems with Bluetooth are the significant reasons.

What if neither of the resets works?

Then the user is recommended to visit an official outlet to correct any problem.


Playstation 5 5 is a gaming console focused on next-generation technology. It has unique features such as live streaming and various applications but does not support CDs. The ability of this gaming console to display high-level graphics on the system is its best feature. Now that you know the answer to “How to Reset PS5 Controller”, go for some game time and have fun. The controller might need to be returned to the support center for maintenance if, by chance, conducting the reset techniques doesn’t solve the problem.

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