New Features in xResolver 2.0: Best Resolver for Xbox and PlayStation Users


Online gaming has been growing consistently over the last decade. With nearly a billion online gamers, it has led to players from all over the world playing together. Video games like PUBG, Fortnite, Minecraft, Counter-Strike, etc., are popular online games.

If you want to know more about the person you are playing with or against, you can use platforms like xResolver to find their IP addresses and location.  This tool is handy for games where players come from different countries.

Read on to find out more about xResolver and the various features they offer for gamers.


What is xResolver?


xResolver is a tool that can give you the IP address of a player provided you know their Gamertag and vice versa. It is a highly sought out tool among the online gaming community as it can help verify the location and authenticity of the player. It caters primarily to Xbox and PlayStation users.

Define: Gamertag is your alter ego in the Xbox gaming world, and it includes an alias, an optional avatar, and some info to represent you.

While there are multiple ways of getting the IP address of a gamer, using a tool like xResolver is the easiest and quickest method of all. You do not need to have any technical skills or experience to do this. The tool has nearly a hundred thousand users because of its ease of use and extensive database.

A new updated version has been released, xResolver 2.0, with new features in addition to the existing resolver. Adding miscellaneous features like IP storage, phone lookup, IP logger, etc., it has edged ahead of its competitors like OctoSniff and Xboxresolver. Furthermore, all these features and tools are available directly on their website without having to make some downloads or installations.

This tool is great for keeping yourself safe and secure among online gamers. This resolver tool is not illegal, and neither is finding someone’s IP address without their consent.

Features of xResolver

Gamertag and PSN Username Resolvers

They offer both Xbox and PlayStation resolvers. For Xbox users, you have the Gamertag to IP address resolver, and for PlayStation users, you have Username to IP address resolver. Having millions of Gamertags and usernames in their database is one of the biggest advantages of their resolver.

Gamertag and PSN Username Resolvers

They get this information by scraping the internet with thousands of bots for Gamertag or username and IPv4 information. Their AI engine has the ability to match it with a specific user. They claim there is nothing illegal about their practices as IP addresses are not private. Thousands of entries are added to the database daily.

Using a resolver is very simple and takes less than a minute. Just type the Gamertag or username of the player into the field and click on “Resolve” to get the IP address. Similarly, you can find the Gamertag or username from the player’s IP address.

Geo IP Lookup

Geo IP Lookup

Do you want to find out the location or the time zone of a player? You can do it with the Geo IP Lookup Service. This service gives you access to all the information that is available on an IP address. The internet service provider (ISP) of the IP address provides all the required data. Using a Premium Service, they provide this information to you. You need to add the IP address into the field and click on “Lookup” to find the required information.

IP Logger

With IP Logger, you can create custom links that can be sent to people to get their IP addresses. These custom links can help you get the full IP address, Geo IP information, and browser and operating system information. They will also be adding new functionality that lets you detect incognito mode.

IP Logger

Define: IP Logger is a URL shortener that tracks the IP address and location of the people clicking on your link.

Creating a new IP Logger is a simple process, type a new nickname, choose a logger type, and click on “Create New.”

You can create pages on xResolver to store the data collected with the custom links. The number of pages and results allowed depends on your plan. Free users can create 1 page with a maximum of 10 results. Premium users can create 10 pages with a maximum of 100 results on each page. If the limit is crossed, the oldest results get deleted.

PSN Username Checker

This new feature is a great addition for PlayStation users. With the PlayStation Username Checker, you can check if a username is available. Allowing you to instantly check if a username is available before starting the registration process helps avoid going back and forth. In addition, you can save a lot of unnecessary time and effort by simply typing your desired username into the field and checking.

IP Storage

This feature will help you safely store and organize IP addresses. Add them to the storage, type in the IP address, and add a short note. Then, you can view the stored IPs on the same page. While free users can store up to 25 IPs, there is no limit for Premium users. But if the account is inactive for more than 3 months, then the stored data will be deleted.

Blacklisting Your IP Address

Blacklisting is an exclusive feature (it needs to be purchased separately purchased) that will prevent users from resolving Gamertag or Username on xResolver. If you purchase a blacklist, your data will be kept out of the hands of their scrapper and their databases. You can only blacklist one username and Gamertag with each purchase.

Getting Started with xResolver

xResolver premium access

There is both a free version and a premium version of xResolver. You need to sign up to gain full access. To sign up, all you need to do is select a username and give your email id. Premium Access offers a lot of additional features. It costs $7.99/mo, and you can pay via credit cards, debit cards, or CashApp. There is no yearly subscription, and you need to renew it monthly. It is definitely one of the best resolvers and is very popular among gamers.

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What is xResolver?

xResolver is a tool that can give you the IP address of a player provided you know his Gamertag and vice versa.

Can I store IP addresses on xResolver?

Yes, with the IP storage feature, you can store and organize IP addresses.

Are there any other alternatives to xResolver?

Yes, there are a few other resolvers like psnresolver, OctoSniff, Xbox Resolver, etc.

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