6 Stunning Patches for Apple Pay Services are Currently Unavailable

apple pay services are currently unavailable


Some features of Apple Pay Services

Do you know about “apple pay services are currently unavailable?” Before that, Apple Pay could connect automatically with point-of-sale technologies to start cashless payments, often known as “tap to pay” interactions. Users and sellers frequently give it excellent ratings. Some vendors say transfers using tap to pay are up to two times as quick as those using more conventional techniques.

Using electronic circuit chips like credit and debit cards, Apple Pay employs an EMV mode of transactions. Everywhere that allows contactless cards are compatible with Apple Pay. Businesses will take Apple Pay if they see the wireless payments icon or the Apple Pay sign next to viewers at the register. To know more about the error “apple pay services are currently unavailable,” you must go through this section.

Why are we getting this message “apple pay services are currently unavailable?”

Fix apple pay services are currently unavailable

It indicates that Apple Pay is unavailable during the installation of an Apple ID or even when subscribing to an Apple Card. The problem is observed whether using Apple Pay Cash, connecting a Card to Apple Pay, completing a payment using Apple Pay, or enrolling for Apple Pay or Pay cards. The reasons for this can be multiple, but a major one is a faulty internet connection.

These 4 reasons aid the issue “apple pay services are currently unavailable”

1.) Server Disruption

A server interruption or subpar performance is a server crash or downtime. The app servers are made to distribute data and handle requests made by clients through a local network or via the web. This server disruption can result from dropping connections, and frequent internal system crashes. However, it takes time to repair this issue.

2.) Faulty Internet Connections

Slow internet can harm disbursement via the application if an application attempts to assist a client in finding a solution as rapidly as possible. A simple financial transaction might drastically slow down your internet speed, provided you do not have a reliable internet connection. Therefore, broadband speed can have the most significant impact on Apple pay services. Ultimately, slow internet means the red flag “apple pay services are currently unavailable.”

3.) Updates are unavailable

Older pay services may seriously compromise a user’s privacy, which affects anything from the platform’s productivity to the safety of their information. In addition, a flaw in one piece of software might affect the entire operating system. It is because the Apple Pay services may incorporate certain other operations using complicated systems. So missing updates means creating problems during use.

4.) In-app misconfiguration

In-app misconfiguration

Sometimes the issue “apple pay services are currently unavailable” may arise due to some restrictions on your iOS device. It can be blocked and even missing the updates that are mandated. But the solution to this problem is easy to apply.

5.) Incorrect credentials

Apart from all the other reasons, this one is quite common. Users might face this issue whenever they make a mistake in login credentials or payment details. Although, it sometimes crashes without any reason. However, this article discusses some best approaches to fix the issue.

6 ways to fix “apple pay services are currently unavailable” easily?

1.) Update Details

  • Open the settings and choose the wallet choice.
  • Your added bank details will be visible on display. 
  • Scroll to the “Transactions” section and click “Email.”
  • Select the email account that you wish to use to make payments.
  • Update your email address by pressing the “Enter New Email Address” buttons. 
  • Remove addresses by selecting “Edit” and
  • “Done” from the menu.

2.) Restart the Device

  • A forced restart enables reboot and resets of underlying services on apple devices. Additionally, it downloads security software, password managers, and other programs.
  • Some customers experiencing difficulties paying for services using Apple Pay have indicated that this has fixed their problems.
  • Go for the power key and hold down the power key and home buttons at the same time till the Apple logo displays to do a reboot.
  • It will fix “apple pay services are currently unavailable.”

3.) Retype your bank details

  • You will need to retype your card or bank details to the Application if Apple Pay is still not repaired at this time despite the radical correction. The actions listed below can add your payment options to Apple Pay again.
  • Choose Wallet and Apple Pay in the list in the Options menu by opening it. Tap the payment system you wish to eliminate right away. At the bottom, select “Disable this card.”
  • To verify your choice, enter the password.
  • After reboot, launch the Wallet application by tapping the “+” in the display.
  • Then scan the card using the app. By clicking the icon, you may also physically input the details.
  • Follow the directions provided by the bank to link details.

4.) Reconfigure the settings

  • Navigate to Transfer or Restart iPhone, Reboot, and then Reconfigure all Settings in the application.
  • All device configurations should be reset after users access the passwords to verify their selection.
  • If the smartphone does not reboot instantly after that little phase, follow the instructions to hard reboot it.
  • It should fix the Apple Pay Pay issues because users can reconfigure Apple Pay in the App settings as they see fit after a reboot.
  • This way, you can fix the “apple pay services are currently unavailable” issue.

5.) Login Again

  • Resign into the Apple ID if you’re still experiencing issues accessing Apple Pay. 
  • Access the Settings app, then select Apple ID and Sign out.
  • If you enter your password again and click the “Turn Off,” your Apple ID will be deactivated.
  • In addition, to restart, connect it to a power adapter and link it to the internet.
  • Sign back into your account and go to the Settings; you should no longer experience any challenges using Apple Pay.

6.) Disable VPN

Disable VPN

Switch off the VPN on your iPhone. The Apply Pay component may not function correctly if the smartphone is configured to connect to the web using a VPN since it needs the iPhone’s physical address to transfer funds. In this case, deactivating the iPhone’s VPN might resolve the issue. It can fix “apple pay services are currently unavailable.”

FAQs on “apple pay services are currently unavailable”

What is “apple pay services are currently unavailable” apple card activation?

The notification states that Apple Card services are no longer available. Deactivation is because of the missing Apple Card details in the Apple Pay Wallet application.

Will a change in the network solve the issue?

The problem might be limitations on the network (for example, a network might be limiting access to a resource required for Apple Pay). Trying a different network could fix the issue.

Is there any easy fix to this issue?

If the problem continues, the phone’s damaged iOS might be a cause. It is solvable by restoring the iPhone to its factory defaults.


The following time you notice “Apple Pay Services Are Not Available Right Now,” take note.  You may just read this piece to cross the reasons and potential remedies off your list. You must not miss any actions; otherwise, talking to the customer center will become mandatory.

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