[Fixed] Windows 10 Restart Without Warning

Windows 10 Restart Without Warning

Does your windows 10 restart without warning? You were on the verge of completing your college or school or office assignment or playing the last level of the game, but crap! The system turned off out of the blue and a black screen appears. It keeps turning on and off every few minutes, which is not done manually. Do you have no idea what is causing it? But a more predominant question than this is, HOW TO FIX IT?

If your windows 10 restart without warning and you have landed on this page for fetching the answer to the above query, then you are in luck. You will get to know the diverse reasons causing this malfunction, and how to repair it instantly.

windows 10 restart without warning


What does restarting the computer mean?

It refers to closing down all the background software that is running. Which is usually the job of Shut Down. But the difference between these two is that the computer turns off but does not power up in the latter. While in the former, the system does power up itself.

What causes Windows 10 restart without warning?

There are numerous reasons accountable for making this inconvenience. We will first discuss these now and then talk about the available solutions.

  • Recently upgrading with new version.
  • Changes in sophisticated settings.
  • Malwares or viruses.
  • Loads of background apps and memory usage.
  • Corroded hard drive.

Fixing: Windows 10 Restart without waring:

The following are the various steps you can undertake to resolve this issue.

  • Type “system” in search area of Task Bar. Then click on Advanced settings. Move to Startup and recovery. Now uncheck the check box for “Automatically restart”. Hit ok/apply, then Exit.
rerestart-uncheck auto restart
  • If you screen appears blue, then check the fans. It may be due to over heating. Check whether the fans are working properly, and do not use the system for a too much long time.
  • When this occurs after a few days of updating your system, then enter inside the safe mode, and uninstall the new updates.
  • Do a deep antivirus scan for malwares and software virus.
  • Find in the Properties panel whether your computer is 64 bit or 32 bit. Then in Register Edit, fetch :
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> software -> Microsoft -> Windows, right click on it to create a new key with the name “Update”. Do a secondary click on this and then click on new. Next, click on key and rename the new file as “AU”. Do another right mouse click. Next, select Dword 32bit (or) Qword (64 bit) and rename the newly created file as “NoAutoRebootWithLoggedOnUser”. Change its value of data change from 1 to zero, and save it.
Auto restart fix - r6
  • Turn off the the PCI value and set Minimum Power state to less than 5, in Processor power management, Change Advanced Power Setting, Change plan settings, which will be in power settings.
  • Got to settings. Choose Update and Security -> Recovery. There will be two options available to you. The first one will be “KEEP FILES” while the second one will be “REMOVE EVERYTHING”. If you select the first option, then the necessary data like word documents, pdf, sheets, images, videos etc. will stay on your laptop and all the other applications and software you installed will be removed permanently. But if you select the second option, your system will become as new as it was during its first day, without anything in it.
Restart this pc
  • Update your drives and use the latest updates for your system.
  • If you are a tech genius, you can try removing a RAM stick from inside the core of the CPU.
  • Open EVENT VIEWER from task bar. Select System -> Filter Curent log. Type : 41,6006, 6008, 1074 , in the input field which asks for logs to be filtered. Then select OK -> apply. You will see the various apps or softwares which may be the reason for causing the nuisance.

Special Cases

Windows 10 random crash and restart

The intervention of bad malware and pirated antivirus can cause your windows 10 to restart without warning. From all the antivirus, Kaspersky antivirus has caused this issue mostly.

Dell laptop windows 10 restarts randomly

There are a variety of reasons that can cause this annoyance of windows 10 restart without warning in dell laptops. They are :

  1. Hardware fault
  2. Improper power supply
  3. System over-heating
  4. Damaged charging subsystems.

Windows 10 laptop, when gets 100% disk usage, restarts without warning

There is a limit to how much a device can operate its applications installed in it, including the background processes. You may need to “END TASK” the unnecessary software like antivirus or games. If this did not work, then you may need to replace the hard drive which is causing the malfunction.

FAQs Related to Windows 10 Restart Without Warning

How to restart your computer?

Hold down the keys Ctrl+Alt+Del, together. A blue screen will pop up from which you have to click on the Power icon at the bottom. And then choose restart.

After restart, the device is not turning on?

You can repair your Windows after entering the safe mode. If the repairs didn’t work out to be effective, you can opt for Recovery.

What is a restart loop and how to resolve it?

It is a consequence due to few malfunctions in the device driver. I can be restored to normal by entering in the safe mode and changing the settings for automatic restart or boot and also by recovery. If repairing manually didn’t work, you may need to replace the corroded hard drive.

Winding Up

Everyone wishes to have an uninterrupted system in which they can work smoothly. We hope that the recommendations mentioned above will be helpful. You can ping us or provide us with your valuable feedback below.

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