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Arsenal MKG

Any real estate agent or broker knows the key to their success is clients, clients, and more clients.

Did you know?

More than 80% of real estate agents failor quit in their first year.

The most common mistake they make is not generating enough leads and not following up with clients. This is where platforms like Arsenal MKG come in. Both young and experienced real estate agents face difficulty when it comes to generating and maintaining leads. Over-saturation is a real problem.

Arsenal MKG is an application that offers to solve your problems. But before you take a plunge, read on, find out more about them and see if they suit your needs.


What is Arsenal MKG?

Arsenal MKG is a lead generation and CRM application specifically created for real estate agents, brokers, and realtors.

Arsenal MKG

Arsenal MKG uses customized marketing systems to generate anywhere from 20 to 100+ exclusive qualified leads every month for you. They also have a complete CRM system to help you manage and nurture those leads. With their social media automation tools, you will be able to build a solid online following and gain leads.

Is it necessary?

Cold calling, print advertising, and good old meeting while walking the dog have generated leads for decades. But with most of the world going online, it isn’t brilliant to still rely only on them.

Now, every prospective buyer or seller is looking for agents and brokers online. It is important to create an active and distinctive digital presence to stand out among the crowd.

You need to tap into new markets, grow your business, and generate new leads by leveraging social media. But for someone with no such experience, it cannot be very comforting.

So, Arsenal MKG promises to deliver a plug-and-play kind of system where you can use its lead generation templates, automated follow-up, etc., on your platforms and profiles.

Did you know?

Businesses using marketing automation to nurture prospects see a 451% increase in qualified leads-HubSpot

Features and uses

  1. Create and customize Facebook, Instagram, and email ads for lead campaigns from their templates.
  2. You can create your own customizable landing pages from their library to generate leads.
  3. Arsenal MKG system integrates with your websites, Facebook, and Instagram to make it easier for you to manage.
  4. You can manage the budget and scheduling of social media advertising through Arsenal MKG.
  5. Use Arsenal’s CRM to send a text or mail automatically upon receiving a lead.
  6. Use custom follow-up drip marketing campaigns to nurture lead relationships.
  7. They have also recently released a mobile app to track, text, and call your leads when you are on the go.
  8. You can integrate Arsenal MKG with your own CRM platform using Zapier.
  9. They also offer training in how to use social media for generating leads.

Define: Drip marketing is a strategy where prospective customers are sent marketing material regularly, by email and social media, over a period.

Marketing Funnel with Arsenal MKG

The marketing funnel usually describes the entire journey of a person from a lead to a buyer. This process can take any amount of time depending on the effectiveness of the strategies used.

With Arsenal MKG, it becomes considerably easier and simpler to run a campaign to transform a lead into a buyer.

Attracting leads by creating campaigns

Arsenal MKG offers pre-built Facebook and Instagram Ads for listing, open house, and buyer leads, which you can then customize. They have several different templates for ads you can copy and paste without changing much.

Facebook ad template

Before launching the campaign, all you need to do is fill in the campaign name, home price, and target location and attach the listing image. Then decide where you want the lead to go (Facebook page, your website, messenger bot, etc.) after opting in.

You can manage the budgeting and scheduling of Facebook ads from the Arsenal MKG platform. You need to select the daily budget, campaign duration, and target location. They help with Facebook and Instagram ad targeting to ensure your ad reaches the relevant audience. They also offer tried and tested copy for ads that are guaranteed to deliver results.

Launching the campaign creates a Facebook ad, tracking and messenger bots, Instagram ad, custom conversion events, landing page, and a 12-month email and SMS follow-up. All this happens automatically without you needing to do anything.

Generating leads

Interested people can click on the ads or the landing page to get listing details by filling in their contact information. Once they fill in their details, they become your lead in the Arsenal CRM.

landing page

You will instantly get a notification on the Arsenal MKG mobile app, and the lead will get a text and email.

Nurturing and converting leads

As an additional feature to convert leads faster, they can transfer to a Facebook messenger bot after submitting their details. The messenger bot has a conversation with the leads about their requirements when you are not available.

Arsenal MKG can automatically send texts and emails to leads for an entire year over regular intervals to nurture a relationship and potentially convert them into customers. They offer pre-built personalized emails that you can customize. If the lead replies to them, you will get notified on the mobile app and will be able to have a conversation.

You can organize the leads on the platform by their status (cold, warm, hot, settlement, pre-qualified, etc.) and tag (buyer or seller) to create custom campaigns for them.

Repeat customers and loyalty

Leads that have converted into customers are a valuable resource. They are likely to work with you again and can also advocate for you. So, it is necessary to keep them in the loop.

You can use drip campaigns in Arsenal MKG to stay on customer’s minds. The emails and campaigns used for this are also pre-built and can be customized.

Another great feature of the application is the broadcast feature. It allows you to send text/mail to all the buyers or sellers regarding a new listing or open house.

Note: You can import leads from other sources into the Arsenal MKG platform.

Pricing and plans

You can sign up on the Arsenal homepage by choosing a plan. Arsenal MKG offers 4 plans, each offering a different number of leads per month.

  1. 20-30 exclusive leads ($399/mo)
  2. 50-60 exclusive leads ($599/mo)
  3. 100+ exclusive leads ($799/mo)

They also offer a free starter plan. You need to fill in personal contact information to sign up.

Sign up details

Should I use it?

The real estate business is highly competitive, and you need to offer the best service to stay alive. Arsenal MKG offers to reduce the burden of prospecting and nurturing leads. The automated marketing campaigns offered by them are a lifesaver for both the young and experienced real estate agents and brokers.

Unlike other CRM and lead generation platforms out there, this was built exclusively for the real estate sector. You don’t need to trust this post blindly. You can try out their application and ask them to show you the results, or as they say in the real estate world, “Show me the leads.”

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What is Arsenal MKG?

Arsenal MKG is a lead generation and CRM application.

What is the cost?

The price ranges from $399 to $799 depending on the plan.

Are there any alternatives to Arsenal MKG?

Yes, there are quite a few like kvCore, Boom Town, Market Leader, etc.

Is it only for real estate professionals?

Yes, it was created specifically for them.

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