Prank Your Loved Ones With Best Fake blocked text Message

Fake blocked text message

Fake blocked text message are made in everyday life for a variety of reasons. It could be a joke to send false caller ID text messages to buddies. Sending anonymous text messages could save you a lot of headaches. You may require fake text messages for a variety of reasons. We’ll show you how to send a variety of bogus SMS messages in this article in today’s discussion at toolspond.

You’re familiar with the situation. Someone texts you, and you don’t want to be rude, but you also don’t know what to say because what they’re saying isn’t particularly fascinating. Send them this phony fake blocked text message instead of texting a bunch of “hmms” and “okays”!


Steps to be taken to send a Fake blocked text message

The term “fake caller-ID text message” refers to a text message received from a number the recipient does not recognize. It can be compared to an anonymous text message that you can use to make a prank on your pals or anyone else you choose. There are two great free online options for sending anonymous SMS text messages from different numbers on a computer.

How to send Fake blocked text on windows or mac

When you need to send a free anonymous SMS text message using a fake number on Windows or Mac, Send Anonymous SMS is the place to go. It only takes a few steps to send a Fake Caller ID text message. Go to for the first step.

Replace the SMS sender’s phone number with the faked number, as well as the recipient’s country, phone number, and false text message content. Now to send the free anonymous SMS text message using a false number, click the “SEND SMS!” button.

You’ve now sent a fake blocked text message to the desired number. What if you wish to prevent text messages that are sent to you? To stop getting text messages from people you don’t want, you can send them a false error or blocked text message.

How to send Fake blocked text on iPhone

Have you ever neglected to send a critical text message to someone? By deceiving your friends, you can make them believe you received the message of their dreams. You may create and share lifelike iPhone text conversations using the most advanced online fake text composer, Fake iPhone Text Messages, and the intuitive yet stunning Fake SMS Maker for iPhone. Here are step-by-step instructions for setting up your text chat.

  • Step 1: For iPhone users, use the Fake iPhone Text Messages web browser.
  • Step 2: You can customize the facts about your phony blocked text message, such as the internet generation you’re using, such as 3G or 4G, and the time you want to send it.

How to send Fake blocked text on Android

Same as iPhone, there are dedicated services made for the sole purpose of sending a fake blocked text message and making fake blocked text message for Android users. It’s simple to use, with only a few steps required to start a message chat.

  • Open Android Fake Text Message by going to
  • Type in the contact’s name and choose a contact color, then add incoming and outgoing text and customize your text conversation’s advanced settings.
  • To build a fresh phony text message discussion for your Android phone, click “CREATE IMAGE.”

Ways to Create Fake blocked text message

One of the most common techniques to make phony error messages is to use the “Syntax Error” message. Copy and paste the following text into a text editor to accomplish this:

The following is an example of a Fake Blocked text message syntax:

  • [msgerror] Due to spam, this recipient has blocked your phone number. For additional information, please contact your mobile carrier.
  • Error Code: E-1301: The recipient has blocked your phone number.
  • “This message cannot be sent” &message percent blocked/
  • T-mobile has error message blocking enabled.
  • Block email text messages at&t [errormessage]
  • Error 112: You have been blocked by this user.

Of course, you can create your own fake blocked text message. Simply open a text editor and type anything you want. Always remember that the key to making a convincing fake blocked text message is to make it appear as genuine as possible.

Some of the out-of-the-box ways to cover your mischief

Make use of SpoofCard.

The first option is to make use of a service such as SpoofCard to send a fake blocked text message. You can choose any number to appear on the other person’s phone with SpoofCard. You can also select the type of call (voicemail, text, or call). If you only need to make a one-time call, this is a perfect solution.

Use a SIM card that isn’t listed or registered.

You may make a fake blocked number out of an unlisted or unregistered cell phone to send a fake blocked text message. To begin, contact your carrier and explain that you wish to register the SIM card in a different phone under someone else’s name. Simply insert the SIM card into your phone and dial the new blocked number once they’ve registered it and sent you the new number.

FAQs on Fake blocked text message

When you text a blocked number, what message do you get?

Your text messages will be delivered as usual, but if an Android user has blocked you, your messages will not be transmitted. It’s similar to an iPhone but without the “delivered” notification (or the lack thereof) to let you know when anything has arrived.

Is it possible for SMS messages to be blocked?

Yes, Text Messages Can Be Blocked By Programs
Both iPhone and Android users have options for preventing text messages from reaching their phones. If your text message was not delivered, it’s conceivable that the recipient blocked your phone number using one of these options.

Is it possible to know if someone you’ve blocked has viewed your message?

Their message never gets through if you’ve blocked them. So you won’t be able to read anything. As a result, no read receipt will ever be issued.

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