Zoho vs Pipedrive: Comparison Between two Business Solution Software

Zoho vs Pipedrive

Zoho vs Pipedrive is two useful tools that helped to grow business for different types of organizations. Business organizations prefer both these Customer Relationship Management software to improve their business.

In this article, we are going to have a close look at both this software. We also compare both of them based on their advantages and drawbacks.


All about Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM(Customer Relationship Management) is the first choice for many business professionals. There are a lot of benefits that this application offers to the users.

It has cost-effective plans that help many small and business enterprises grow their business efficiently. Apart from that, this business CRM can integrate with a wide range of applications that are useful for all types of business.

Zoho enterprise offers one of the useful B2B solutions for the users. With some helpful features like artificial intelligence, pipeline management, marketing automation, and collaboration, this platform offers a lot to the users.

Zoho CRM price plans

zoho pricing

Zoho CRM comes with four different plans. Those are Standard, Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate plans.

Here the Standard plan is the cheapest, whereas the Ultimate plan is the costliest. The user can opt for either the monthly or annually paying option. By choosing the annually paying option, the user can save up to 34%. 

Zoho CRM: Why does it provide better results?

Zoho Customer Relationship Management service helps different types of business organizations with their advanced features. Here are some reasons to choose Zoho in comparison to Zoho vs Pipedrive.

  1. Cost: Zoho offers its services within a lower price range than Pipedrive. In Zoho, the price plans come in between 12 dollars to 55 dollars. However, in Pipedrive, all the plans come in between 12 dollars to 99 dollars. Hence, Zoho CRM is a little bit cheaper for the user. Both Zoho and Pipedrive offer a free trial to the user. From the price point of view, Zoho does a decent job in between Zoho vs Pipedrive.
  2. Integration with other software: There is a wide range of software that can be integrated with Zoho. On the other hand, Pipedrive also offers a lot of application integration. Those are Google Drive, Gmail, Calendar, Zapier, MS Outlook, DocuSign, etc. For Zoho, the number of application integration is more than Pipedrive. Hence, in comparison to Zoho vs Pipedrive, Zoho does a better job here.
  3. A better way to save time with automation: With the automation of Zoho CRM, the user can do their work within less time and effort. This will be most helpful for the task where the user needs to perform repetitive tasks.
    Therefore, the user can pay attention to other tasks. As a result, the workflow of the work is maintained, time and cost will be saved. However, these features are not available on Pipedrive. 

What is Pipedrive and how it works?


Pipedrive is another business solution for any business organization and professionals. With the pipeline management system, the user can access the sales report of their organization.

This sales report is highly beneficial for the organization for decision-making and other tasks. Features like contact and calendar synchronization, email integration, data storage all are available here. Pipedrive allows their user to increase their sales with those built-in features.

Pipedrive price plans

pipedrive pricing

Pipedrive offers some plans for users with different features. Those are Essential, Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise plans.

There are both monthly and yearly paying options. However, there is an add-on option with those plans. The user can save a percentage of money by opting for a yearly paying option.

Why do the users must opt for Pipedrive instead of Zoho?

There are many reasons to opt for Pipedrive. Here are some of those reasons to go for Pipedrive in between Zoho vs Pipedrive. Those are as follows:

  1. User-friendly: If we compare Zoho vs Pipedrive, then both are user-friendly. However, for most of the users, Pipedrive seems to be more user-friendly. In Pipedrive, it is easier to customize the settings than Zoho. All the function processes and working methods in Zoho are not straightforward. Hence, a part of the users prefers Pipedrive for its simplicity.
  2. Availability of features: In Zoho, some features are not available for all the plans. Instead of that, higher plans have those features. These are contact synchronization, email integration, customizable reports, calendar synchronization, open API, data storage, sales pipelines, user limits, customer support, etc. However, in Pipedrive, these features are available for all the plans.
  3. Customer Support: Pipedrive has a reputation for its customer support service. In the case of making big decisions in business, customer support plays a vital role. In Pipedrive, customer support is available 24 hours every single day of the week. However, in Zoho, customer support is available only on weekdays. The user with a premium plan can have customer support on the weekdays.
  4. The benefit of creating reports: With Pipedrive, it is easy to create fully customizable reports. For different types of business, reports, unique decision-making, and other secrets could be different. It will help those businesses to make better decisions next time and correct the previous mistakes. However, in Zoho, such report customization is not available. 

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Zoho vs Pipedrive FAQ

Here are a few questions we hear often when comparing Zoho vs Pipedrive.

Which is the cheaper option in between Zoho vs Pipedrive?

Zoho is a cheaper option in between these two apps. 

In between Zoho vs Pipedrive, which provides more customer support to the user?

Pipedrive has the best customer support due to 7 days a week customer support. Whereas for Zoho, the customer support is for the weekdays only. However, the user might opt for 7 days a week plan by paying more.

Which platform is a better option in terms of features in between Zoho vs Pipedrive?

Pipedrive offers a lot more features than Zoho. Those are such as email integration, contact synchronization, etc. 


As per those features, Pipedrive is the better option. Although, it is a costlier option in between Zoho vs Pipedrive. However, Pipedrive provides some of the unique features that help to grow a business seamlessly.

Although Zoho is not far behind, compared to Zoho vs Pipedrive, Pipedrive offers a lot more than Zoho. Apart from that, in terms of customer support and app support, Pipedrive is ahead of them. 

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