Open Dental Vs Dentrix: Choose Best Dental Management

Open Dental vs Dentrix

Open Dental vs Dentrix comparison is between two well-known software for dental management. Both these software are used for dental practice anywhere with just a set-up. Here is a comparison between these two software to find out the best between them.

Both the software are readily available for the user with Linux, Windows, and macOS. The pointwise comparison is as follows:


What is Open Dental and where it is used?

open dental

Open Dental is a tool used for a dental practice. It is affordable, easy to use, and anyone from anywhere can use it. With this open-source software, it is easy to work with the necessary and useful charts required for different types of dental practice.

This Open Dental chart helps manage proper care to the patient, treatment requirements, prescribed medicines, further appointments in the future, notification, and many more. 

This Open Dental software is beneficial for the patients and the dental professional in maintaining the records of a patient’s treatments, future care, payments, and many more. For example, the professionals can give a soft copy of the prescription to the patients instead of a hard copy. It also helps the user and the professional to keep the information of the patient safe and secured.  

Why is Open Dental more useful in the comparison of Open Dental vs Dentrix?

open dental contact page

Open Dental and Dentrix both software provide similar benefits to the user. In comparing Open Dental vs Dentrix, we will look upon the facts for which Open Dental is considered the best. Those are as follows: 

  1. Simplicity: Open Dental is simple to use. All the features are easy to understand, the ledger is also simple for the user to deal with. Payment options are also straightforward. In Dentrix, these features are a bit complicated, and the user finds it a little difficult to use than the other software. Hence, Open Dental is ahead in comparison to Open Dental vs Dentrix in terms of simplicity.
  2. Easy customization: Open Dental is not only easy to use but also easy to customize. The user has the option to customize the options as per their choice. The customization is also easy in Dentrix. However, the user prefers Open Dental more in terms of customization. Therefore, in terms of customization Open Dental goes ahead in the comparison of Open Dental vs Dentrix. In Open Dental, it is easy to pay and avail of some additional features if it is not available to the regular user.
  3. Customer Support: The customer support of Open Dental is better than any other software in the same category. To report and fix any problem is easy here in Open Dental. On the other side, Dentrix does not have this type of top-rated customer support for the user. Hence, Detrix is way behind in the comparison between the software of Open Dental vs Dentrix. Open Dental allows the user to ask for any support or ask for any query if they need it. They also mark it for future use. The user can also opt for training on any particular option.
  4. Easy to communicate with patients: The dental professionals or the executives from any hospital can communicate with the patient with ease. Open Dental allows the professionals to keep a record of the patients. If the same patient asks for any other type of treatment apart from dentistry, Open Dental will be useful for this purpose too. Its messaging and email system is worth it for the patient and the professionals. All those features are more or less available in Dentrix. However, Dentrix neither has this level of support nor offers this type of quality to the user. Hence, Open Dental is a more advanced software in the comparison of Open Dental vs Dentrix.
  5. Cost: Open Dental comes with a yearly plan of 169 dollars per month. After the first year, the user needs to pay 119 dollars per month. However, for Dentrix, the professionals need to pay 248 dollars per month. Hence, Open Dental is cheaper in between Open Dental vs Dentrix.

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All about Dentrix and its usefulness in the field of dental practice


Dentrix is a dental management software that helps dental professionals and the health sector work efficiently. There are thousands of dental professionals that use this software daily. For dental professionals, this software is also easy to practice on their own.

As a whole, this software allows the working professionals and executives to work on a complete system. With the help of precise data and time-oriented work, this software offers professionals the to work efficiently over the decades. 

Why do Professionals Consider Using Dentrix over Open Dental?

Professionals Consider Using Dentrix over Open Dental

There are many reasons for the user to opt for Dentrix as their first choice dental management software in the comparison of Open Dental vs Dentrix. Those are as follows:

  1. Integrating with other software: To work more efficiently, this software allows the user to integrate with many third-party apps. Those apps are easy to use and customize. To connect with the patients, those third-party apps work great. In Open Dental, integrating with third-party apps is not that user-efficient. Therefore, Dentrix is a better choice in between Open Dental vs Dentrix software.
  2. Seamless operation: Dentrix is known for seamless operation for the user. It allows the user to work with ease as compared to Open Dental. Although Open Dental is software full of features, it still lags at times. This type of lagging is not observed in Dentrix that much. The features are easy to navigate in Dentrix. Hence, Dentrix is also a better choice in the comparison of Open Dental vs Dentrix.
  3. Color-coded layouts: Dentrix comes with color-coded charts, layouts, and other billing systems. Those are easy to read and easily catch the eye of someone. Unfortunately, in open Dental, this facility is not as good as Dentrix.

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Open Dental vs Dentrix FAQ

Here are a few questions we hear often when comparing Open Dental vs Dentrix.

Q: In between Open Dental vs Dentrix, which software provides better customer support?

Ans: Open Dental offers better customer support to the user in between this two software. 

Q: Which software is better in terms of integrating with other third-party applications?

Ans: Dentrix is a better software when it comes to integrating with other third-party software. 

Q: In between Open Dental vs Dentrix, Which one is more costly?

Ans: Dentrix is costlier in between this two software. 


In this article, we have compared two dental management software based on their features. Open Dental is more efficient, user-friendly, simple, and full of features. Open Dental also provides better customer support than Dentrix. Therefore, Open Dental is a more useful software for professionals and patients. 

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