BullGuard Update is Stuck: 3 Easy and Instant Fixes

BullGuard Update is Stuck

In 2018, there were over 80,000 cyberattacks per day. To protect our devices in this environment, it is imperative to have advanced internet security software. While there are thousands of options to chose from, only a few of those are reliable. BullGuard is one such company.

Like with any other software, even BullGuard users are bound to face issues. One of the more common complaints heard in forums is that the BullGuard update is stuck. Regularly updating security software is essential. So, it is advisable to resolve the issue quickly.

In this post, you will find everything you need to know about the cause of the problem and the easy solutions for fixing it.


A Brief Introduction to BullGuard

Before we dive deep into the BullGuard update is stuck problem, it is better to get some background information about the company. Of course, if you already know, you can always skip to the next section.


BullGuard is an award-winning cybersecurity company that provides comprehensive internet security and privacy solutions. They have a range of products internet security, mobile security, identity protection, an easy-to-use VPN, and BullGuard Small Office Security. They mainly cater to consumers and small businesses and help them protect their data, identity, and privacy. As a free trial is available, it is worth checking out.

How to Update BullGuard?

For you to face or resolve the update problem, you need to know the manual update process. All it takes is two straightforward steps.

  1. Open the BullGuard application.
  2. Click on the “Update” button from the top right-hand corner.

BullGuard Update is Stuck: What is the issue?

BullGuard update is stuck

BullGuard is extremely popular with over 50 million users worldwide and is known for delivering excellent service. But even such premier products are not above a few flaws. Over the years, many users have faced some technical errors and issues. Unfortunately, the BullGuard update is stuck as one of the more commonly encountered problems, especially with BullGuard Antivirus.

What is the big deal about this problem? Does it really matter?

Yes, this update problem needs your attention, and it has to be resolved as soon as possible. BullGuard Antivirus has the capability to protect your device against advanced malware, viruses, and online threats. But it needs to be constantly updated to keep everything safe and secure on your device. If the BullGuard update is stuck for some reason, it will not protect your device.

When faced with an issue, the error message often encountered is “BullGuard not connecting to the server” and “Antivirus not working.” Some common reasons for the problem are as follows,

  • Weak internet connection.
  • Incomplete installation of BullGuard.
  • Presence of third-party security software on your device.
  • Change Windows update settings.
  • Computer infected with malware.

3 Easy Fixes for the BullGuard is Stuck Problem?

While the reasons may be complicated for the update being stuck, the solutions are nothing but simple. In most cases, one of the following fixes ought to work in resolving the issue. They don’t take too much time, and you don’t need any technical expertise to try them.

Fix 1: Restart your device

While this might sound too simple, sometimes restarting your device is enough to resolve the issue. This is usually the case when the BullGuard update is stuck because of some temporary files or cah2che. Since it is quick and easy to do, it is better to try this fix first. Then, if you are lucky, the problem is fixed without needing anything else.

Fix 2: Check internet connection

If you have a weak internet connection, you will not be able to install updates for BullGuard. You usually get a “BullGuard not connecting to the server” error message in this case. First, check if your device is linked to a stable internet connection. If not, follow the steps to rectify the issue.

  1. Type the RunD||32.exe InetCpl.cpl, ResetlEtoDefaults” command in the Windows search field.
  2. Next, press the Enter button on the system control panel.
  3. If the internet issue persists, your ISP might be blocking the DNS server.
  4. Contact them for instant resolution.

Fix 3: Reinstalling BullGuard

Sometimes the program settings are changed when you update Windows services. You usually get a “BullGuard Antivirus not working” error message. You can fix this issue by uninstalling & reinstalling the BullGuard antivirus software on your computer. This solution works even in the case of broken or incomplete installation of the software.

control panel
  1. Go to your system Control Panel.
  2. Under Programs, click on “Uninstall a program.”
  3. Select the BullGuard Antivirus and click on the “Remove” button.
  4. Once the removal process is done, restart your computer.
  5. Now, download and reinstall the software from the official website.

More often than not, one of these fixes is enough to resolve the BullGuard update is stuck problem. But if none of the above solutions works, it is better to contact their customer support team. Their technical experts can help fix the issue for you.

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BullGuard Update is Stuck: What is the issue?

BullGuard needs to be constantly updated to keep your device safe from viruses, malware, and online threats. Unfortunately, if the BullGuard update is stuck for some reason, it will not be able to protect your device.

BullGuard Update is Stuck: How to fix this issue?

There are few fixes to help you resolve this issue, including restarting your device, checking your internet connection, and reinstalling the software.

Are there any alternatives to BullGuard?

There are quite a few alternatives like VirusTotal, Systweak Antivirus, BitDefender, etc.

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