BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite: Comparing 2 Popular SME tools

BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite

BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite is a comparison between similar types of software. Both are used in social media marketing. Here BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite comparison is done to give the user a proper view of both software. All though they work in advancing digital marketing, there is still some difference. In BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite, each one has pros and cons. Those are discussed as follows.


All about the BuzzBundle


BuzzBundle is an SME tool that makes it easier for the user. It is helpful to create social media posts, generate traffic, and make more advanced social media engagements for the beginners of the startups. Through this tool, it is easier to post social media posts on different social media platforms simultaneously. BuzzBundle is that SMM tool that has a lot of built-in useful features. For social media management and direct marketing management, not too many software come closer to the level of BuzzBundle software. By discussing the advantages and disadvantages, we can conclude the comparison of the BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite debate.

Advantages of BuzzBundle: 

  • Easy operation: With BuzzBundle, it is easier to create, post, manage and handle multiple accounts by the same user from a single dashboard. Therefore, it will save time and workload at the same time.
  • More social media site connectivity: Some of the mainstream social media platforms are connected with BuzzBundle. Hence, the user can make posts directly to those platforms and generate traffic. Those are such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Web traffic generation will be simpler, effortless, and less time-consuming for the user.
  • Free plan: BuzzBundle comes with a free plan as well as paid plans. The free plans will be beneficial for those people who cannot afford the paid plans.
  • Easier report generation: BuzzBundle helps to generate reports of the competitors. BuzzBundle analytics also helps the user to create new ideas and strategies for better marketing of their products.
  • Some useful features: BuzzBundle has important options like brand monitoring software. It helps users to work more efficiently. It has keyword lists that are equally helpful for the user.
  • VPN support: In BuzzBundle, the users can take benefits from proxies and VPNs to make their connection safe. It will also provide securities to the user. Apart from that, the user can hide his identity and location with those proxies and VPNs easily.
  • Schedule post: Schedule posts on various social media platforms are available on different software. BuzzBundle has it too. With this feature, you can schedule posts at a particular time when you want them to be hosted on those social media sites.
  • Compatible with different OS: Integrated workflows of this tool make it easier for the user. It is compatible on PC with operating systems like Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • It will help to integrate with SEO PowerSuite or Link-Assistant Ecosystem if the user previously used those.

Drawbacks of BuzBundle:

  • Fewer resources: The BuzzBundle is not too easy for beginners. There are also few resources for the proper use of this tool.
  • Restriction on some social media: There are limitations for some of the giants in social media. Instagram, Pinterest is social media platforms that are not connected with the BuzzBundle. However, some other platforms allow users to post on different websites.
  • Costly: It has paid plans. A One-time paid plan costs around 200 dollars. It is expensive for some users and startups.
  • Backdated UI: This BuzzBundle has a UI that is not the most updated one. As a result, it will cause problems at times.
  • Do not support mobile or web: You cannot use it on mobile or web browsers as there is no opportunity for this in BuzzBundle.

All about Hootsuite


Hootsuite is another software that makes digital marketing easier. It allows the user to post different marketing posts on different social media sites to generate more audiences. As a result, digital marketing becomes much more easy and efficient. Hootsuite comes with both free and pro versions. There is also a mobile app for Hootsuite to use when you are neither in your office nor at home. Schedule post is easier with Hootsuite. Here we need to give the user proper information regarding both sides of this software to clarify the BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite debate.

Advantages of Hootsuite:

  • Easy: Hootsuite is easy to use. Its navigation is also simple and user-friendly. 
  • Organized: As per the users, Hootsuite is pretty organized software, and it is also reliable at the same time.
  • Compatible with mobile: The user can use it either on a Desktop on mobile. It world on both devices. Hootsuite helps to schedule and publish social media posts with ease.
  • Unlimited analytics: Hootsuite has unlimited analytics. It will help the users a lot. The users can create and export reports easily and effectively.
  • Time saver: For startups and small businesses, Hootsuite helps save time as there is no need to send lots of messages every day. Instead of that, you can send it once or twice a month.
  • Helps to make future plans: Hootsuite helps the user to plan new strategies for the future. Hootsuite has free resources for beginners. This will help them to turn into experts. 
  • Customer support: Hootsuite also has a quick responsive team. They are quick responses when you need them.

Drawbacks of Hootsuite:

  • Ordinary outlook: Hootsuite is simple in outlook. As it has only Grey, Black, and White colors here. Other software uses different types of colors, animations, etc. However, those are absent here in Hootsuite.
  • Bugs in Hootlet Owl: Hootsuite uses Hootlet Owl, which helps to schedule and post on browsers like Firefox and Fly for Chrome. However, it has bugs and creates problems at times.
  • No preview option: Hootsuite does not provide a preview option about how the post will look when it appears on different social media platforms. It is the downside of this software as the user can change their post by checking the preview section.
  • Lack of transparency: Hootsuite lacks transparency. It is supposed to do multiple posts on different social media platforms at the same time. However, some users mentioned that they faced issues where the posts were made separately at times.

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In this BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite debate, all those topics are discussed above. However, both are ahead at some point and fall behind at some point. In BuzzBundle, securities are the positive side. Whereas in Hootsuite, quick response customer support is a plus. Hence, the BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite comparison is not one-sided. Still, Hootsuite will be the winner here. Users can choose any one of those by following this BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite comparison.


Q: BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite; which one has a mobile app?

Ans: Hootsuite has a mobile app.

Q: BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite; which software has a quick response support team?

Ans: Hootsuite offers a quick responsive support team.

Q: BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite; which one has the benefits of VPNs?

Ans: BuzzBundle has the benefits of VPNs.

Q: BuzzBundle vs Hootsuite; which software comes with brand monitoring features?

Ans: BuzzBundle comes with brand monitoring features.

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