Tap Provider V9: What is it? Is it Important to Uninstall it?

Tap Provider V9

Tap Provider V9 annoying you? Don’t worry! Get your problem solved and gain some brains here.

Windows being windows. You can literally find a tonne of services and features but can’t make any use of it. Today we are going to talk about a program, rather a service named Tap Provider V9. We will first understand what it is and then discuss a few issues the annoyed users face and fix them. So without any delay, let’s get started.


What is Tap Provider V9

Basically, Tap Provider V9 is an adware program. Few engineers also describe it as a virtual network interface used by KMSpico to activate offices using a fake KMS server. These are usually the malicious content that enters your device through various terminals. These kinds of contents are usually spread into your system via the usage and installation of free software. Thus, it is very crucial to learn the correct procedure for installing free software.

Tap Provider V9

Basically, this type of program annoys the device user to a tough extent by showcasing pop-ups, unknown installation of applications and programs, installation of antiviruses, etc., countless times. This mainly disturbs the user and annoys them. As a result, they get frustrated and do not focus on their work.

The programs that support ads are usually malicious and are generally not regarded as malware. Tap Provider V9 starts generating many ads, and it will quickly get onto your nerve as it explodes the screen with the countless number of annoying ads.

Is Tap Provider V9 a virus?

It is really confusing as TAP-Windows Adapter V9 is not a virus. Instead, it is a driver used by the VPN services to connect with the servers. Now it is crucial to understand which one is good for our device and which is bad. Many users get mistaken into thinking that TAP-Windows Adapter is also a virus and end up deleting it.

So yes, Tap Provider V9 is actually a virus and can cost you a big amount of deal if not dealt with it in the initial stages.

Tap Provider ads

But again, when you try to deal with the Tap Provider, you will also have to deal with TAP-Windows, which is not a virus but a crucial service for our VPN servers. We will discuss more of dealing in the further components.

How does Tap Provider V9 spread?

Now, the main cause of the entry of these kinds of malicious programs into your system is through free software.

Whenever you download free software that uses your connectivity, these programs are also installed into your system. It becomes more of a “To gain something, you have to lose something” kind of a deal. Especially when you download free software that allows them to modify your network systems, like free VPN Softwares, free network management software, etc., this program of Tap Provider V9 is very likely to get installed.

But there is a catch! In 97 percent of cases, they first ask you if you want to install the program or not. The users usually don’t know about the annoying program, and thinking it is a system requirement to run the free software, they tend to install the program. As a result, they end up being frustrated.

Tap Provider pop p

Above is an example. This free software named OpenVPN Technologies creates a pop-up asking whether to install the Tap Provider V9 or not. Now here, people get mistaken thinking it is a system file and end up installing it. Not only once, but the free software program keeps sending you these pop-ups to install the program.

In the next segment, you can fix this.

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How to stop these installation pop-ups

If you have not installed Tap Provider V9 but are only facing these kinds of annoying pop-ups for installation, you can follow these steps to fix it.

Here, you can either delete and stop using the free software or follow the below steps.

  1. Go to this link: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/download/adwcleaner/ and download the AdwCleaner application. (Dont worry it is fully safe and does not give you any problem)
  2. Once downlaoded, run the application as adminitrator. The tool will start to update the database if required.
  3. Now click on the Scan button. Now dont worry, it may take a few minutes as well, depending upon many factors.
  4. Once finished left click on the logfile button. This will open a window which contains logs of your scans. Now click on the Scan Tab and open the latest scan that you have done.
  5. This will open the log data of the recent scan and now you can review them. If you are facing the issue of Tap Provider V9 due to the fixed software, then this will also appear over in there.
  6. Now you will see a Clean button. Click on it.
  7. Now the tool will ask for your permission to close the programs and restart the computer. Click OK both the times

As soon as the device starts, you will see a copy of the logfile report. If you want to save this, you can open the tool, go to log files, click on the cleaning tab, and double-click on the log file at the top of the list. Now copy and paste the components of the logfile report you see during startup and save it. If not, you can move on.

This method will surely cure your pop-ups.

How to uninstall the program and block the ads?

Now there are three ways to remove the program.

1. Using control panel

  • Open control panel on your device and navigate to Programs.
  • Now click on uninstall a o program.
  • From the list of programs, select the suspicious program that may be causing this ads and uninstall it.

Now, this method may not work for many users. However, you can try the other given methods.

2. Resetting the affected browser.

Now many times, the Tap Provider V9 affects the browser and not the entire desktop. This can be fixed by resetting your browser and its settings.

For google chrome,

  • Press alt+f and go to settings
  • Now choose advanced and slide down till you find the option of reset
  • Now select the reset button.

This will reset your browser, and the problem will be fixed.

For other browsers, locate and navigate yourself to the advanced settings. You will find the reset option there.

3. Fixing using safe mode

Make sure the device is shut down. Now turn on the infected computer or laptop.

  • As soon as the BIOS screen disappears, keep pressing the f8 key repeatedly, till the Advanced Option mnu shows up.
  • If you see the Windows logo, restart the pc again and do the same thing.
  • Since you wont have your mouse cursor, use the arrow keys to navigate through the options.
  • Now from the options, choose safe mode with networking and press Enter
Advanced Option menu
  • Now wait for Windows to load with safe mode.
  • Once opened, Press Win+R keys together to open the run function.
  • Now in the command box, type the following command: explorer http://www.spyware-techie.com/removal
  • Your system may ask you to confirm if you want to run SpyHunter software. Click Ok.
  • Now perform a full system scan through SpyHunter.
  • Once the malicious things are detected, click on Fix threats option. It will ask you to register the software. Once registered, it wil also protect you from further malicious activities.

This is one of the best ways to fix issues regarding Tap Provider V9. Not only this issue, but this method can also cure other malicious activity going on in your device. Moreover, if you don’t find SpyHunter on your device, you can download it from here: https://www.spyhunter.com and then try the solution.

Bonus Solution

You can also fix this by processes tab

  • Click Ctrl+Shift+Esc and this will open the Processes Tab of the task manager
  • Now check and find out the processes being run through the Tap Provider V9 through the description of the processes and the CPU Usage.
  • Then select all the items adn click on end process.

This is a temporary fix to the problem.

The best way to fix this problem is to uninstall the cause, which may be free software, and then run a full pc scan.


Can I delete the TAP-Windows adaptor if it is installed?

It is recommended you do not uninstall that. However, if you do not use VON, then you may proceed with the step. The chances of the problem being fixed here are not more than 60%.

Is the AdwCleaner tool safe to download?

Yes, it is completely safe to use, and once you are done with the issue, you can delete all the files related to the tool.

Can I run the SpyHunter Software without going into safe mode?

Yes, you can run it, but the safe mode ensures that the processes do not go wrong in between.

Final Thoughts on Tap Provider V9

So in simple words, Tap Provider V9 seems to be an adware threat. Now the ad links may be hazardous and may lead to your privacy being exploded. Also, the ads may promote many different things, including illegal things. Now many people keep on disabling the program temporarily and keep it in their system. It could turn out to be highly fatal. Thus, eliminating the program from the device is very important for every user if they contact such a program. Do let us know your thoughts on this. Ciao!

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